15 Best Fun-Filled Things to Do in Frederick, MD

Things to Do in Frederick, MD

If you’re looking for a fun-filled destination with a mix of history, culture, and outdoor adventures, Frederick, Maryland, has got you covered. Located just outside of Washington, D.C., this charming city offers a plethora of activities to suit all interests. In this article, we’ll explore the 15 best things to do in Frederick, including options for adults and activities for this weekend.

  1. Visit the National Museum of Civil War Medicine Explore the fascinating history of medicine during the Civil War at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Discover the tools, techniques, and stories of medical professionals during one of the country’s most challenging times.

  2. Explore Historic Downtown Frederick Take a leisurely stroll through Historic Downtown Frederick, filled with beautifully preserved buildings, boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history.

  3. Gambrill State Park Escape to the outdoors at Gambrill State Park, where you can hike through scenic trails, have a picnic, or enjoy breathtaking views from the overlooks. This park offers an opportunity to reconnect with nature and unwind.

  4. Enjoy Local Craft Breweries Frederick is home to several craft breweries, offering a wide selection of locally brewed beers. Take a brewery tour, sample different brews, and experience the thriving beer scene in the city.

  5. Carroll Creek Park Relax and unwind at Carroll Creek Park, a beautifully landscaped urban park. Stroll along the creek, admire the public art installations, and enjoy the serene ambiance.

  6. Visit the Monocacy National Battlefield Step back in time at the Monocacy National Battlefield, where an important Civil War battle took place. Explore the battlefield, visitor center, and learn about the historical significance of the area.

  7. Explore the Delaplaine Arts Center Immerse yourself in the local arts scene at the Delaplaine Arts Center. Browse through galleries showcasing works of local artists, participate in workshops, and engage with the vibrant artistic community.

  8. Take a Ghost Tour Embark on a ghost tour of Frederick and discover the city’s haunted history. Join a guided tour and hear intriguing stories of paranormal activity and supernatural occurrences.

  9. Cunningham Falls State Park Spend a day surrounded by nature at Cunningham Falls State Park. Hike the trails, cool off in the swimming area, or have a picnic by the picturesque Cunningham Falls.

  10. Frederick Keys Baseball Game Catch a Frederick Keys baseball game at Nymeo Field. Enjoy America’s favorite pastime, cheer on the home team, and indulge in classic ballpark snacks.

  11. Explore the Frederick Historic Sites Frederick is filled with historic sites and landmarks that are worth exploring. Visit the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, Rose Hill Manor Park and Children’s Museum, and other notable sites to learn about the city’s past Things to Do in Frederick.

  12. Baker Park Spend a day at Baker Park, a beautiful urban park featuring walking paths, sports fields, a lake, and a stunning bandshell. Enjoy a picnic, play frisbee, or attend a live music performance Things to Do in Frederick.

  13. Weinberg Center for the Arts Catch a live performance at the Weinberg Center for the Arts, a historic theater that hosts a variety of shows, including concerts, plays, and dance performances Things to Do in Frederick.

  14. Frederick County Wineries Indulge in a wine-tasting experience at one of the wineries in Frederick County. Sample a variety of wines, learn about the winemaking process, and enjoy the scenic vineyard views Things to Do in Frederick.

  15. Frederick County Farm Markets Visit the local farm markets in Frederick County and experience the bounty of the region. Explore the stalls filled with fresh produce, homemade goods, and artisanal products.

Things to Do in Frederick, MD on This Weekend:

If you’re visiting Frederick on the weekend, consider attending the First Saturday event in Downtown Frederick, where shops, galleries, and restaurants stay open late, and live music fills the streets. You can also check the event calendar for local festivals, art shows, and concerts happening during your visit.

Things to Do in Frederick, MD Today:

For immediate activities in Frederick, head to Historic Downtown and explore the shops and restaurants, visit the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, or take a stroll along Carroll Creek Park.

Fun Things to Do in Frederick, MD:

Frederick offers a wide range of fun-filled activities. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone. Explore historic sites, enjoy the arts scene, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty surrounding the city.

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Things to Do in Frederick, MD for Adults:

Frederick provides adults with plenty of options for entertainment. Sample craft beers at local breweries, enjoy live performances at the Weinberg Center, or embark on a ghost tour to uncover the city’s haunted past.

Free Things to Do in Frederick, MD Today:

If you’re looking for free activities in Frederick, visit the Delaplaine Arts Center, stroll through Historic Downtown, or spend time at Baker Park, enjoying its amenities and natural beauty.


Are there any hiking trails in Frederick, MD?

Yes, Gambrill State Park and Cunningham Falls State Park offer scenic hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts.

Can I visit the National Museum of Civil War Medicine for free?

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine has an admission fee, but they occasionally offer free admission days or discounted rates for special events.

Are there any art festivals in Frederick, MD?

Yes, Frederick hosts various art festivals throughout the year, including the Frederick Festival of the Arts and the Frederick Craft Beer Festival.

Can I bring my own food to Carroll Creek Park?

Yes, you can bring your own food and have a picnic at Carroll Creek Park. It’s a great spot to enjoy a meal amidst the tranquil surroundings.

Are there any wineries near Frederick, MD?

Yes, Frederick County is home to several wineries where you can indulge in wine tastings and enjoy the scenic vineyards.

Are there any historical walking tours in Frederick?

Yes, you can join a historical walking tour in Downtown Frederick to learn about the city’s rich history and architectural heritage.

Can I attend live music performances at Baker Park?

Yes, the bandshell at Baker Park hosts live music performances during the summer months, providing a delightful experience for visitors.

Are there any ghost tours available in Frederick, MD?

Absolutely! Frederick offers ghost tours that take you through the city’s haunted history, sharing chilling tales and legends.

Can I visit the Frederick County Farm Markets during weekdays?

Yes, the farm markets in Frederick County are often open during weekdays, offering fresh produce, local products, and a chance to support local farmers.

Are there any museums dedicated to local history in Frederick?

Yes, in addition to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, you can also visit the Frederick County Historical Society Museum and the Museum of Frederick County History to learn more about the local heritage.


Frederick, MD, is a vibrant and historic city that offers a wide range of fun-filled activities for visitors of all ages. From exploring the rich history and cultural attractions to enjoying outdoor adventures and indulging in local experiences, Frederick has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or planning a day trip, this charming city will captivate you with its unique charm and abundance of attractions. Embrace the spirit of Frederick and create unforgettable memories as you immerse yourself in its diverse offerings.

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