15 Best Fun-Filled Things to Do in Ithaca, NY

Things to Do in Ithaca,

Are you seeking a destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and exciting activities? Look no further than Ithaca, NY. Nestled in the heart of the Finger Lakes region, Ithaca is renowned for its stunning landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and endless recreational opportunities. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this charming city has something to offer everyone. In this article, we’ll explore the 15 best fun-filled things to do in Ithaca, NY. Get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of this captivating city.

  1. Explore the Gorges at Robert H. Treman State Park: Begin your adventure by exploring the breathtaking gorges at Robert H. Treman State Park. Hike along the scenic trails, marvel at the waterfalls, and cool off with a refreshing swim in the natural pools.

  2. Discover Cornell University’s Botanic Gardens: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at Cornell University’s Botanic Gardens. Stroll through the diverse collection of gardens, including the stunning Cascadilla Gorge Trail, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

  3. Visit the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art: Art enthusiasts should not miss a visit to the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. Admire its impressive collection of over 35,000 artworks, ranging from ancient to contemporary masterpieces.

  4. Take a Tour in the Finger Lakes: Embark on a tour through the picturesque Finger Lakes region. Discover the award-winning, indulge in tastings, and savor the flavors of the local.

  5. Explore the Sciencenter: Perfect for families, the Sciencenter offers interactive exhibits and hands-on activities that engage both kids and adults. Discover the wonders of science through exciting displays and experiments.

  6. Enjoy Waterfront Activities at Cayuga Lake: Take advantage of the stunning Cayuga Lake by engaging in various water activities. Rent a kayak, paddleboard, or boat, and spend a day exploring the lake’s pristine waters.

  7. Experience the Ithaca Farmers Market: Visit the Ithaca Farmers Market to experience the vibrant local culture and indulge in fresh produce, artisanal goods, and delicious food from local vendors.

  8. Take a Walk along the Ithaca Commons: Explore the Ithaca Commons, a pedestrian-friendly area filled with charming shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. Enjoy shopping, dining, and live entertainment.

  9. Discover History at the History Center in Tompkins County: Delve into the rich history of the region at the History Center in Tompkins County. Learn about the area’s heritage through engaging exhibits and educational programs.

  10. Enjoy Live Performances at the State Theatre of Ithaca: Catch a live performance at the State Theatre of Ithaca, a beautifully restored historic venue that hosts a variety of shows, including concerts, plays, and comedy acts.

  11. Hike to the Top of Taughannock Falls State Park: Embark on a scenic hike to the top of Taughannock Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the eastern United States. Enjoy panoramic views of the gorge and surrounding landscape.

  12. Visit the Museum of the Earth: Uncover the mysteries of our planet’s history at the Museum of the Earth. Explore fascinating exhibits featuring fossils, minerals, and interactive displays that bring Earth’s story to life.

  13. Explore the Cayuga Nature Center: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at the Cayuga Nature Center. Take guided hikes, visit the animal exhibits, and learn about local wildlife and conservation efforts Things to Do in Ithaca.

  14. Experience Farm-to-Table Dining: Indulge in the farm-to-table culinary scene in Ithaca. Explore the city’s diverse range of restaurants that prioritize locally sourced ingredients and enjoy a unique dining experience Things to Do in Ithaca.

  15. Take a Scenic Drive along the Cayuga Lake Trail: Enjoy a leisurely drive along the Cayuga Lake Trail, where you’ll pass by breathtaking vineyards and . Stop along the way to taste the region’s renowned Things to Do in Ithaca.

Things to Do in Ithaca, NY for Adults:

Ithaca offers a plethora of activities catered specifically to adults looking for a memorable experience. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Visit the local breweries and distilleries to enjoy craft beers, spirits, and tastings Things to Do in Ithaca.

  • Attend a live music performance or a comedy show at one of the city’s entertainment venues.

  • Explore the vibrant nightlife scene in downtown Ithaca, with its diverse range of bars, pubs, and clubs.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the city’s fine dining establishments, which offer a variety of cuisines to suit every palate.

Things to Do in Ithaca, NY on This Weekend:

If you’re looking for activities to enjoy during the weekend in Ithaca, NY, consider these options:

  • Explore the Ithaca Farmers Market, where you can find fresh produce, artisanal goods, and local delicacies.

  • Attend a local festival or event happening during the weekend, such as the Ithaca Festival or the Apple Harvest Festival.

  • Take a leisurely stroll along the shores of Cayuga Lake and enjoy the scenic views.

  • Visit the local art galleries and studios to discover the work of talented local artists.

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Free Things to Do in Ithaca, NY Today:

Exploring Ithaca, NY on a budget is a breeze with these free activities you can enjoy today:

  • Take a hike in one of the many nature preserves or state parks surrounding the city, such as Buttermilk Falls State Park or the Cornell Botanic Gardens.

  • Visit the Johnson Museum of Art, which offers free admission to its extensive collection of artworks.

  • Explore the Ithaca Commons and enjoy the street performances, window shopping, and people-watching.

  • Take a self-guided walking tour of the historic neighborhoods in Ithaca, such as Fall Creek or the South Hill District.


What are some free things to do in Ithaca, NY today?

You can enjoy activities such as hiking in the nature preserves, visiting the Johnson Museum of Art for free, exploring the Ithaca Commons, or taking a self-guided walking tour of the historic neighborhoods.

What are some fun things to do in Ithaca, NY?

There are plenty of fun activities in Ithaca, including exploring the gorges at Robert H. Treman State Park, visiting the Sciencenter for interactive exhibits, taking a wine tour in the Finger Lakes, or enjoying waterfront activities at Cayuga Lake.

What are some things to do in Ithaca, NY on this weekend?

You can visit the Ithaca Farmers Market, attend local festivals or events, take a leisurely stroll along Cayuga Lake, or explore the local art galleries and studios.

Are there any attractions in Ithaca, NY for adults?

Adults can enjoy visiting the local breweries and distilleries, attending live music performances or comedy shows, exploring the vibrant nightlife scene, or indulging in a romantic dinner at one of the city’s fine dining establishments.

Where can I find the best views in Ithaca, NY?

Some of the best views in Ithaca can be found at places such as the gorges in Robert H. Treman State Park, the top of Taughannock Falls in Taughannock Falls State Park, or while driving along the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail.

Can I go hiking in Ithaca, NY?

Yes, Ithaca offers numerous hiking opportunities in its nature preserves, state parks, and gorges. Buttermilk Falls State Park and the Cornell Botanic Gardens are popular destinations for hiking enthusiasts.

Are there any cultural attractions in Ithaca, NY?

Yes, you can visit the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, explore the Ithaca Commons for shopping and entertainment, or attend performances at the State Theatre of Ithaca.

Can I visit wineries near Ithaca, NY? A: Absolutely!

The Finger Lakes region, including Ithaca, is known for its.

Are there any family-friendly activities in Ithaca, NY?

Yes, families can enjoy visiting the Sciencenter, exploring the gorges and waterfalls at Robert H. Treman State Park, or taking part in activities at the Cayuga Nature Center.

Where can I find farm-to-table dining in Ithaca, NY?

 Ithaca offers several restaurants that prioritize locally sourced ingredients and offer farm-to-table dining experiences. Downtown Ithaca and the Ithaca Commons are great places to start your culinary adventure.


Ithaca, NY, is a city that truly has it all—stunning natural beauty, a vibrant arts scene, and a wide array of activities for all ages. Whether you’re exploring the gorges, indulging in farm-to-table dining, or immersing yourself in the local culture, Ithaca offers an unforgettable experience. With this list of 15 fun-filled things to do, along with suggestions for adults and activities happening this weekend, you’re sure to make the most of your time in this captivating city. So pack your bags, plan your visit, and get ready for an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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