15 Best Fun-Filled Things to Do in Lynchburg, VA

things to do in lynchburg va

Lynchburg, VA, is a charming city nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, offering a wide range of exciting activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or a relaxing weekend getaway, Lynchburg has something to offer. In this article, we will explore the 15 best fun-filled things to do in Lynchburg, including activities for adults and suggestions for this weekend. Let’s dive in and discover the vibrant and enriching experiences that await in Things to Do in Lynchburg.

  1. Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre: Kickstart your adventure by visiting the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre. Experience the thrill of snowboarding, skiing, and tubing on the synthetic slopes, perfect for all skill levels.

  2. Percival’s Island Natural Area: Escape into nature at Percival’s Island Natural Area. Enjoy hiking and biking trails, fishing spots, and picturesque views along the James River Things to Do in Lynchburg.

  3. Legacy Museum of African American History: Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of African Americans at the Legacy Museum. Explore exhibits, artifacts, and stories that highlight the contributions and struggles of the African American community Things to Do in Lynchburg.

  4. Amazement Square: Bring out your inner child at Amazement Square, a hands-on children’s museum featuring interactive exhibits, a climbing wall, a rooftop maze, and educational activities for all ages Things to Do in Lynchburg.

  5. Poplar Forest: Visit Thomas Jefferson’s retreat, Poplar Forest, and take a guided tour of the meticulously restored neoclassical mansion. Explore the grounds and gardens surrounding this architectural gem Things to Do in Lynchburg.

  6. Point of Honor: Step back in time at Point of Honor, a stunning Federal-style mansion showcasing Lynchburg’s history. Take a guided tour and learn about the prominent families who once resided here.

  7. James River Heritage Trail: Enjoy a scenic hike or bike ride along the James River Heritage Trail. This 10-mile trail offers beautiful views of the river, lush forests, and diverse wildlife.

  8. Lynchburg Community Market: Stroll through the Lynchburg Community Market, one of the oldest continuously operating markets in the country. Sample local produce, artisanal goods, and handmade crafts.

  9. Blackwater Creek Trail: Explore the serene Blackwater Creek Trail, a 3.5-mile multi-use trail that winds through natural landscapes, providing opportunities for walking, jogging, and biking.

  10. Maier Museum of Art: Delve into the world of art at the Maier Museum, located on the Randolph College campus. Admire a diverse collection of American art, including works by renowned artists.

  11. Historic Sandusky: Discover the history of Lynchburg at Historic Sandusky, a restored 19th-century plantation. Take a guided tour and learn about the Civil War and its impact on the region.

  12. Lynchburg Hillcats Baseball: Catch a thrilling baseball game at City Stadium and cheer on the Lynchburg Hillcats, a minor league team affiliated with the Cleveland Guardians.

  13. Riverside Park: Relax and enjoy the outdoors at Riverside Park, featuring picnic areas, walking trails, a skate park, and breathtaking views of the James River.

  14. James River Float Company: Embark on a memorable river adventure with James River Float Company. Rent a kayak, tube, or paddleboard and glide along the scenic James River.

  15. Academy Center of the Arts: Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene of Lynchburg at the Academy Center. Attend live performances, art exhibitions, and workshops showcasing local and national talent.

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Things to Do in Lynchburg, VA for Adults:

Lynchburg offers several exciting activities tailored for adults. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sample Craft Beer: Explore the local craft beer scene by visiting breweries such as Apocalypse Ale Works, Three Roads Brewing Company, and Bold Rock Hard Cider. Enjoy a tasting flight and discover unique flavors.

  • Take a Ghost Tour: Embark on a spine-chilling ghost tour of Lynchburg’s haunted sites. Learn about the city’s eerie legends and ghostly tales as you explore its historic streets after dark.

  • Attend a Concert or Live Performance: Check out the concert schedule at venues like the Phase 2 Club or the Academy Center of the Arts. Experience live music, theater performances, or stand-up comedy shows.

  • Go on a Food Tour: Indulge in the culinary delights of Lynchburg by joining a food tour. Explore the city’s best restaurants, sample local specialties, and learn about the vibrant food scene.

  • Play Golf: Tee off at one of Lynchburg’s golf courses, such as the London Downs Golf Club or Ivy Hill Golf Club. Enjoy a relaxing day on the greens surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Things to Do in Lynchburg, VA on This Weekend:

If you’re wondering how to make the most of your weekend in Lynchburg, here are a few suggestions:

  • Explore the Old City Cemetery: Take a self-guided tour of the Old City Cemetery, one of the oldest public cemeteries in Virginia. Discover the fascinating stories of Lynchburg’s past residents and enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

  • Visit the Lynchburg Clay Festival: If you’re in Lynchburg during the Clay Festival, be sure to check it out. Enjoy exhibits of pottery and ceramics, watch live demonstrations, and even try your hand at creating your own piece of art.

  • Attend a Farmers Market: Start your weekend with a visit to the Lynchburg Community Market or one of the local farmers markets. Browse fresh produce, artisanal products, and homemade treats.

  • Explore the Blackwater Creek Trail: Lace up your hiking boots or bring your bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Blackwater Creek Trail. This scenic trail offers stunning views of the surrounding nature.

  • Attend a Workshop or Class: Check local community centers or art studios for workshops or classes happening on the weekend. Learn a new skill, such as painting, pottery, or cooking.

Free Things to Do in Lynchburg, VA Today:

If you’re looking for free activities to enjoy in Lynchburg today, here are some options:

  • Visit Monument Terrace: Take a walk along Monument Terrace and admire the historical monuments dedicated to Lynchburg’s military veterans. Enjoy the panoramic views of the city from this elevated location.

  • Explore the Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum: Visit the home of acclaimed African American poet Anne Spencer, which has been turned into a museum. Explore the beautiful gardens and learn about Spencer’s life and work.

  • Visit the Lynchburg Art Club and Gallery: Discover local artwork at the Lynchburg Art Club and Gallery. Browse the rotating exhibits featuring a variety of artistic styles and mediums.

  • Take a Downtown Walking Tour: Explore downtown Lynchburg at your own pace by taking a self-guided walking tour. Discover the unique architecture, historic landmarks, and vibrant street art.

  • Enjoy a Picnic in Riverside Park: Pack a picnic and head to Riverside Park, a serene and picturesque location. Relax by the river, soak in the natural beauty, and savor your meal in a peaceful setting.


What are the top things to do in Lynchburg, VA, on this weekend?

This weekend in Lynchburg, VA, you can explore the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, visit the Legacy Museum of African American History, or enjoy a stroll through the Lynchburg Community Market.

Are there any free things to do in Lynchburg, VA, today?

Yes, you can visit the Percival’s Island Natural Area, explore the Blackwater Creek Trail, or admire the art collection at the Maier Museum of Art, all for free today.

What are some fun things to do in Lynchburg, VA?

You can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and biking along the James River Heritage Trail, visit the Amazement Square children’s museum, or attend live performances at the Academy Center of the Arts.

Are there any activities for adults in Lynchburg, VA?

Absolutely! Adults can visit the local breweries, explore historic sites like Poplar Forest and Point of Honor, or enjoy the vibrant arts scene in Lynchburg.

Are there any free events or festivals happening in Lynchburg, VA, this weekend?

Check the local event calendars and websites for updates on free events, festivals, and live performances happening in Lynchburg, VA, this weekend.

Can I take a self-guided tour of Poplar Forest?

Yes, self-guided tours are available at Poplar Forest, allowing you to explore Thomas Jefferson’s retreat at your own pace.

Are there any wineries or vineyards near Lynchburg, VA?

Yes, there are several wineries and vineyards in the surrounding areas, offering wine tastings and beautiful views of the countryside.

Can I rent bicycles for the Blackwater Creek Trail?

Yes, bike rentals are available in Lynchburg, allowing you to enjoy the Blackwater Creek Trail on two wheels.

Is photography allowed at the Maier Museum of Art?

Photography for personal use is generally permitted at the Maier Museum of Art, but it’s recommended to check with the staff or signage for any specific restrictions.

Can I bring my own food to Riverside Park for a picnic?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and have a picnic at Riverside Park. There are designated picnic areas where you can enjoy a meal surrounded by nature.


Lynchburg, VA, offers a delightful blend of outdoor adventures, cultural attractions, and recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages. From exploring historic sites and museums to enjoying the beauty of the James River and immersing yourself in the arts scene, there’s something for everyone in Lynchburg. So, whether you’re seeking a weekend getaway or planning a day of fun-filled activities, this vibrant city in Virginia has plenty to offer. Discover the hidden gems, indulge in the local flavors, and create unforgettable memories in Lynchburg, VA.

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