15 Best Fun-Filled Things to Do in Medford, Oregon

things to do in medford oregon

Are you ready for a fun-filled adventure in Medford, Oregon? Nestled in the heart of the Rogue Valley, Medford offers a plethora of activities and attractions that cater to all ages and interests. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend getaway or exploring the city today, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best things to do in Medford. Get ready to experience outdoor beauty, cultural treasures, and culinary delights in this vibrant city!

  1. Explore the Crater Lake National Park: Embark on a scenic drive to Crater Lake National Park, just a short distance from Medford. Marvel at the breathtaking views of the deep blue Crater Lake, hike the surrounding trails, or take a boat tour to Wizard Island.

  2. Visit the Rogue River: Experience the beauty of the Rogue River by taking a scenic boat tour or enjoying a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure. You can also hike along the riverbanks and admire the stunning natural scenery.

  3. Discover the Historic Jacksonville: Take a trip back in time by exploring the historic town of Jacksonville. Stroll along the charming streets lined with well-preserved 19th-century buildings, visit local shops and art galleries, and learn about the town’s gold rush history.

  4. Taste Wine in the Rogue Valley: Explore the renowned wineries of the Rogue Valley and indulge in wine tastings. Experience the flavors of the region, meet local winemakers, and enjoy the scenic vineyard landscapes.

  5. Visit the Rogue Valley Mall: Shop ’til you drop at the Rogue Valley Mall, the largest shopping center in the region. Browse through a variety of stores, catch a movie at the cinema, or dine at one of the many restaurants within the mall.

  6. Take a Hike in the Table Rocks: Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an adventure in the Table Rocks. These unique geological formations offer beautiful trails with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Keep an eye out for diverse plant and animal species along the way.

  7. Attend a Performance at the Craterian Theater: Catch a live performance at the Craterian Theater, a historic venue in downtown Medford. From concerts and plays to dance performances and comedy shows, the theater offers a variety of entertainment options.

  8. Explore the Kid Time Children’s Museum: If you’re visiting Medford with kids, the Kid Time Children’s Museum is a must-visit destination. The interactive exhibits and hands-on activities will keep children entertained and engaged for hours.

  9. Enjoy the Medford Jazz Festival: If you’re lucky enough to be in Medford during the annual Medford Jazz Festival, be sure to attend. Experience the vibrant atmosphere, enjoy live jazz performances, and immerse yourself in the music and culture of the region.

  10. Visit the Harry & David Country Village: Delight your taste buds at the Harry & David Country Village. Sample gourmet treats, browse through unique gift items, and learn about the history of this iconic gourmet food company.

  11. Play Golf at Centennial Golf Club: Golf enthusiasts can tee off at the Centennial Golf Club. This beautiful course offers challenging fairways, scenic views, and a relaxing atmosphere for a day of golfing.

  12. Discover the Southern Oregon Historical Society: Immerse yourself in the rich history of the region at the Southern Oregon Historical Society. Explore the exhibits that showcase the cultural heritage, artifacts, and stories of Southern Oregon.

  13. Visit the Rogue Valley Family Fun Center: Have a fun-filled day with the family at the Rogue Valley Family Fun Center. Enjoy go-kart racing, miniature golf, batting cages, bumper boats, and arcade games.

  14. Explore the Vogel Plaza: Take a leisurely stroll through the Vogel Plaza, a vibrant outdoor space in downtown Medford. Relax on the benches, enjoy the public art installations, and soak up the lively atmosphere.

  15. Attend the Medford Art Walk: If you appreciate art, don’t miss the Medford Art Walk. Explore the downtown galleries, meet local artists, and admire a diverse range of artwork including paintings, sculptures, and mixed media creations.

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Things to Do in Medford, Oregon for Adults

Medford offers several activities tailored specifically for adults. From wine tasting in the Rogue Valley to exploring historic Jacksonville and attending performances at the Craterian Theater, there are plenty of adult-focused experiences to enjoy in Medford things to do in medford oregon.

Things to Do in Medford, Oregon on This Weekend:

If you’re visiting Medford on a weekend, there are numerous exciting activities to engage in. In addition to the aforementioned options, you can visit the Rogue River, take a hike in the Table Rocks, or attend the Medford Jazz Festival.

Free Things to Do in Medford, Oregon Today:

For those seeking free entertainment or budget-friendly options, Medford offers several attractions that won’t cost you a dime. Explore the Vogel Plaza, visitthe Southern Oregon Historical Society, or take a self-guided tour of historic downtown Medford for free.


What are the best things to do in Medford, Oregon on this weekend?

Some great options for this weekend in Medford include exploring the Crater Lake National Park, visiting historic Jacksonville, and attending the Medford Jazz Festival (if it’s happening during your visit).

What are some fun things to do in Medford, Oregon?

Medford offers a range of fun activities, such as exploring the Rogue River, taking a hike in the Table Rocks, and attending performances at the Craterian Theater.

Are there any specific things to do in Medford, Oregon for adults?

Yes, adults can enjoy wine tasting in the Rogue Valley, exploring historic Jacksonville, and attending performances at the Craterian Theater.

What are some free things to do in Medford, Oregon today?

You can explore the Vogel Plaza, visit the Southern Oregon Historical Society, or take a self-guided tour of historic downtown Medford for free.

Can you recommend any outdoor activities in Medford, Oregon?

Absolutely! Outdoor enthusiasts can visit the Crater Lake National Park, hike in the Table Rocks, or enjoy the scenic beauty of the Rogue River.

Is there a museum in Medford, Oregon?

Yes, the Southern Oregon Historical Society is a notable museum that showcases the history and cultural heritage of the region.

Are there any family-friendly activities in Medford, Oregon?

Yes, families can enjoy visiting the Kid Time Children’s Museum, exploring the Rogue Valley Family Fun Center, and attending the Medford Art Walk.

Can you recommend any shopping spots in Medford, Oregon?

The Rogue Valley Mall and the Harry & David Country Village are popular shopping destinations in Medford.

Are there any annual festivals or events in Medford, Oregon?

Medford hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, including the Medford Jazz Festival and the Medford Art Walk. Check the local events calendar to see what’s happening during your visit.

Can you recommend any live performance venues in Medford, Oregon?

The Craterian Theater is a notable venue in Medford that hosts a variety of live performances, including concerts, plays, and dance shows.


Medford, Oregon, offers a diverse range of exciting activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re exploring the city today or planning a weekend getaway, there are plenty of fun-filled things to do in Medford. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, wine tasting, and attending live performances, Medford has something for everyone. Make the most of your time in this beautiful region and create unforgettable memories.

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