A Check-list Of 6 Future Hotel Technology Trends Roaring In 2023

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Future Hotel Technology Trends – A million-dollar truth is the competition in the hospitality industry is fierce, and hoteliers need to proactively work on ever-changing technological advancements better than their competitors. Smart and sustainable hotels with robot staff, over-the-top VR and AR, and unique guest experiences have become an integral part of the industry. With that in mind,

Think about your USP. What unique technological experience you are offering to your guests?

Upgraded amenities, embedding with future technology in hospitality industry are touch-points luring the new guests. So what to do next? How to upgrade and provide top-notch accommodation services? Don?t stress though, this blog post will showcase to you the 6 latest future hotel technology trends that let you go ahead in this customer-focused sector with a bang. To thrive on the same page for the next 4 minutes.

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The 6 Hot Future Hotel Technology Trends In 2022

Being a hotelier, you must always be in a state of flux which hotel technology trend to follow, which do not. As there are hundreds of hospitality marketing articles available on the internet to make you confused. Relax, here is a compact checklist of the 6 hottest trends for hospitality technology to go for. So, enthuse your guest using these most-emerging trends in today?s date, stated below:

1. Head-On APIs

Start with APIs! Booking.com API, Google Hotels API, Tripadvisor API, Guesty, Expedia Connectivity API, etc. are some popular integration examples for hotels and accommodation owners. Apart from these, several other head-on APIs are available to connect guests to hotel management, booking, operations, price quotes and reservation terms, guest experience, review and rating, and property management. You can use them or can also customize specific enterprise APIs for your hotel business.

Leading a pack, aligning your business using multiple APIs is a bit of advice you can start with.

2. Embrace the SaaS Services

Secondly, focus on SaaS-based point of sale systems (POS), sales, property management system(PMS), marketing systems, and guest service platforms (guest engagement). These SaaS applications & services are best-tailored to install on-site equipment, handle maintenance, compliance, hardware, etc., with a lot of ease. As the cloud business is embracing day by day, Software-as-a-Service (Saas) model is being preferred by most of the successful hoteliers. Coz, it has been proven that the horizontal SaaS applications can leverage the hospitality landscape to bring down costs and also to drive up efficiency.

Remember, on-premise legacy systems in hotel IT departments are no longer live. So make sure you?re paving your way towards the implementation of Saas Solutions to increase productivity ASAP.

3. In-Room Guest Stay Experience

As today?s guests are tech-savvy. They want more and more latest technological choices in the hotel room. It?s never been truer than guests coming to hotels for a unique, pleasant experience. Recent studies showcase that around 72% of guests are more prompt to return to a hotel that serves technology for room entertainment. So make sure that being a smart hotelier, you are serving them – the trip of a lifetime, and let them repeat the bookings again & again. Add more value by the latest LIVE TV streaming services like Hulu Plus Live TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, etc.

4. More OTAs Connections

Don?t limit yourself to only relying on direct bookings coming from your website. Go for third-party distribution channels, i.e. OTAs. Here, OTA is an abbreviation of Online Travel Agency. Some of the commonly used OTA examples are Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Priceline, OpenTable, Booking.com, TripAdvisor Inc, etc. You can easily go and list your hotel on multiple online distribution channels available on the internet. Once you?re listed then Congratulation! You are on a roadmap to reach out to more guests using the future hotel technology in hospitality industry. The more OTAs connection shall bring you the more revenue, for sure.

5. Cyber-Security Practices

The flip side of increased usage of the internet of things and other third-party applications is your business is more prone to vulnerability. It has been witnessed that hotels are easy targets of intruders to prompt security threats. A smart decision apparently, to deploy and configure up-to-date cyber security solutions for your hotel. You can opt for hiring cyber security professionals to help follow the needs and vulnerabilities faced by your organization. Best practice to keep sensitive information safe by using any updated tool/software such as firewalls, antivirus programs, anti-malware software, etc.?

6. Big DATA

Within hospitality management, the term- Big data is commonly associated with guest behavior, interactions, and feedback. It is game-changer hotel technology that sparks storms of creativity in any industry that it touches. Using Big Data insights, the hotels and hospitality industry can multiply profits by leaps and bounds. As it helps in forecasting analytics, better expense management, and greater customer satisfaction.


Although the global crisis has changed the guest?s behavior and communication towards hotel staff and management. It makes sense to adopt these future hotel technology trends to revolutionize your guest list. These advancements broadly positively affect the hospitality industry. Do you want to get that WOW factor in your hotel? We at Shoocal provide AI-powered ROI CRM best designed for catering to the all needs of restaurants and hotels. Need help in installation? We are happy to assist you.

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