Top 9 Most-Emerging Tourism Technology Trends In 2023

Tourism Technology Trends

Prior to discussing the latest tourism technology trends in the travel industry in the running year; let?s start a natural conversation – Think about spending your one day – Without Technology and Equipment! It seems quite impossible. Doesn?t it? Right! We literally forget how to live without our mobile phones and gadgets. This statement remains unchanged even when we travel. Whenever we need to move from one place to another, the very first thing we do is ? take out our mobile phones and start scrolling the best options available for us. From direct bookings from airlines to hassle-free accommodation, we usually end up using the latest fintech innovation and other alternative payment methods, right?

Let?s peer into the future- take a look at some latest technology trends in the tourism industry that are emerging this year.

A-List Of 9 Tourism Technology Trends In Travel Industry For 2022

1.   Travel APIs

There are many travel APIs available on which you can send and receive data of the destination properties that are listed on those connectivity APIs. No doubt, backed with data power, such travel APIs are the backbone of the travel and tourism industry. The modular design of these interfaces helps travellers to customise their booking journey with a lot of ease by managing room availability, accommodation booking, prices, and many more things in a few minutes.

2.   Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Interactive ads with engaging information are augmented reality experiences that are revolutionising the travel industry like never before. These AR and VR technologies and  travel tech trends have boundless potential in introducing more interactive elements in the search results of travellers? mobile phones. In the crux, virtual reality is a powerful marketing tool that offers virtual tours to satiate the wanderlust of travellers.

3.   IOT Things

Reap the rewards by delivering a safe, superior customer experience- Using the Internet of Things (IoT). The primary benefit to add IOTs here is- it leverages the travel industry by saving energy costs and delivering a better guest experience. Connected guest?s room appliances, wearable devices, wireless inventory trackers, biometric cyber security scanners, etc. are some examples of IoT things that we will use in 2022.

4.  Ultra-High-Speed WiFi

Now, coming up too ? the high-speed internet. The best wireless travel is what frequent travelers always wander for. A poor WiFi or internet service can lead to bad online reviews for the hospitality and travel industry. As travellers are leaner to search out a destination where they can enjoy a faster internet speed. Amazingly, tourism technology trends keep upgrading every year but the need for faster internet is going nowhere. It remains a hotshot requirement of all time.

5.   Voice Searches & Voice Control

With products like Google?s Home, Apple?s Siri, Amazon?s Echo, and Microsoft Cortana, voice recognition has become the next-gen travel trend to include in 2022. Imagine how high-quality, multi-lingual interactions offer a huge potential to convert random multi-culture visitors to liable guests of a property. That?s why marketers always pen down this while discussing the travel tourism technology trends.

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6.   Big DATA

Although Big Data should lead the chart by offering endless information about the competitors and travelers to businesses. Hotels can pinpoint to spot the market gap between rival competitors and themselves. So that they can anticipate the future demand by optimizing the pricing strategies and doing the target marketing with a lot of precision. Travel companies that believe in the potential of technology trends in the tourism industry use cookies and other third-party technologies to collect technical data.  

7.   Cyber Security Practices

Now, where is DATA, then obviously, there must be high chances of facing vulnerability associated with it i.e. DATA Breaches. For decades, the hospitality and tourism industry have been remaining on the radar of intruders and cybercriminals. Hackers send fraudulent communications using tactics together with deceptive emails, websites links, telephones, and text messages to businesses and high-profile organisations. They can steal confidential personal data for instance login credentials, bank account details, credit card numbers, and other corporate information.

Hence, it?s better to be updated and upgraded with all the latest cyber security practises at all times.

8.   Robot Technology

Robots are one of those interesting technology trends in travel and hospitality industry that offer tourist attractions advantageously. No matter, if hotels and other tourism organisations use them as the receptionist and informational providers or in-room assistants. Robots provide 24/7 support in extremely swift response time. The hospitality and travel industries want to lead the way by offering a memorable trip to the tourists. They should add this quirky and futuristic technology to surprise their travellers.

9.   Contactless Payment Options

Amid the Covid-19 virus and its ever-changing variants coming these days, the demand for contactless payment options has been raised these days. A secure, fast, and hygienic manner accepting and processing credit card payments is getting popular day by day. Regarding the present global health situation, it is a must to go for an extremely convenient, fast, and secure payment method. So it?s better to delve into bespoken smartphone payment applications and end up adopting any of them.


It is excellent that new technology trends in the travel and hospitality industry offer sustainable business transformations like never before. It makes tourism businesses run smoothly and efficiently. If you want to upgrade your travel and hospitality business, then contact our technical assistant today! We at Shoocal are best known to deliver hospitality technologies to hotels, restaurants, and other travel businesses.


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