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QR is a matrix barcode, A machine-readable code that stores a quick link, that you can read by scanning from the camera of a mobile phone. The wave of QR is an expandable and a progressive development. It is for every single resource that demands expansion in a range of targeted audiences. But the challenge is, how to create one?

Be it restaurants, Businesses, or schools there are a plethora of QR codes. We encounter and interact with QR codes daily. It is the most working yet simplest strategy to target your potential client. And make them use your resources right at the moment. You can include any information in a QR and can execute the resources in a matter of seconds. It is used by the small businessman to grab the attention of the customer. From the traditional menu to product description, QR code is used everywhere. Large companies are using QR codes for their distribution channel as they can deliver long information in a patch of QR. This article will give you the right knowledge about the Best QR code generator for Free. And this will solve a major challenge to fighting your competitors.

The market is filled with many innovations and hence QR codes are of different types as per the need of individuals. We will also introduce you to the Best free QR code generator for PDF, the best free dynamic QR code generator, and the Best free QR code generator with a logo.

The Best QR code generator for free are listed below:

These best QR code generators for free will help you to stand out from the competitors. The applications have seamless performance. You can create many QR codes and scan them unlimited times.

1. QRcodeGenerator

It is one of the simple QR code-generating applications with monthly traffic of 2.13 million. The application is free to use. The application includes two varieties of QR codes. If you want to generate a QR code, you are not required to sign up. Wherein it is mandatory to sign-up in case of business or personal branding. The application facilitates you to encode any data, next you can fill out the form of your choice and then you are ready to go.

2. QR code Generator by TEC-IT

The QR code generator by TEC-IT is a cost-free application with a monthly visit of 1.97 million. It is the most trusted application with a variety of features such as QR code for Twitter, wi-fi, email, event, URL, phone number, and SMS.

The application has elite services such as Embed QR code, QR code service API, and QR code maker software. You can create QR for the specific type of Data when needed.

3. CodigosQR

CodigosQR is the best QR code generator for Free and it has monthly traffic of 687k. The application provides you with a Quick QR setup. You would select the type of content, and data and fill in the required field. Here your QR code is ready and you can proceed further. It accepts the simple QR code format for texts, URLs, vCard, codes, and SMS. The QR code generator is very simple and easy to use, you can resize the QR code as well.

Best Free QR code generator for PDF:

The best free QR code generator for PDF is providing a boost to print marketing, infographics, and Advertisements. Here are some best free QR code generators for PDFs:

1. QR code Monkey

All you need to enter the information, that you want to convert to QR. At the top of the panel, you will find the information to select the type of content. Choose the category as PDF and to finish click on Create the QR code option.

2. Logaster QR code Maker

The primary goal of Logaster is to help businesses and startups. They provide a seamless experience for generating QR codes for PDFs. You have to select the type of Information, and the same is encoded in QR.

3. ForQRCode

Select the category of the corresponding type and enter the valid input to encode in QR. It also provides the option to change the color and put in place the resulting QR.

Best Free Dynamic QR code generator

1. QRcodeDynamic

QRcodeDynamic is the best free dynamic QR code generator. The application is most suitable for creating dynamic and customizable QR codes in a matter of a few minutes. It has an array of features that an ideal QR needs.

2. Beaconstac

The application UI is so easy to use and it has integration with google analytics. The application has free and paid plans. The paid plan is for tracking and bulk QR creation. Wherein the free plan is enough for QR creation and optimization.

3. Qrtiger

Qrtiger is an Advertisement free and has data tracking available. The application also facilitates with 24/7 customer service experience. The app holds the feature to create up to 1000 links per second.

Best free QR code generator with logo

1. Visme QR code generator

Visme QR code generator is used for marketing, multimedia, social media, and Business card. Visme QR code generator with logo is one of the best free QR code generators for logos.

2. Deliver

The Deliver application is for its high-security QR code generator for almost all kinds of QR. Financial institutions and banks are using it the most. It also provides motion QR and animation behind the QR.

3. Zebra QR

Zebra QR is for landing pages, by restaurants and business owners. It is a great initiative for contactless menus by creating a custom-tailored menu for bars, cafes, and restaurants.


1. Are the Free QR Code Generators Trustworthy?

The applications and Web for Free QR code generators are safer than you think. The technology is reliable and secure. There is no risk involved in generating a free QR code or using them for various purposes.

2. Do the free QR code Generators Expire after some time?

A QR code has no expiry date, it comes with a Quick link. Until the Link is working, the QR code functions. A QR code has an unlimited scan limit and no expiry at all. For active quick links, the QR will remain active.

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