Dragon Ball Legends QR code: Scan and Generate

Are you interested in redeeming the dragon ball legends QR code in 2023?

Most people are fascinated by earning the Chrono crystals and Dragon Balls. The freebies can redeem lots of dragon ball legends QR codes. To the world of mobile gamers, the DB legend QR code was introduced as a popular anime franchise. Ranging from brilliant graphics to core building mechanisms, the game had everything that gamers expect from an action-oriented game. Dragon ball legends are action-based anime gameplay, the game includes fights and a card-based strategy. The game is valuably presented in 3D animation that makes you live in an anime world. Here the players accumulate their friends as fighters and fight as a team. They get a reward for the same. And Even at the time of the anniversary, gamers get Dragon ball legends QR code. That is an exchange in the form of rewards to maintain the game’s progress. 

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Best 4 steps to Generate Circle QR codes?

In an era of a paperless world, Quick Response become the chariot wheels in every sphere. Generate Circle QR codes From money transfers to sharing textual materials QR is the mediator. QR codes become the lifeline of every sector of the economy. QR codes help to ensure an ideal work ecosystem. It helps to provide aesthetic branding for any task. Circular QR codes are etching the functional space. The creativity gets versatile with the coming up of circular QR codes. Circle QR code transparent background enhances the dynamism of the work. Circular QR analyses the information in a two-dimensional matrix. 

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How to create QR code business cards?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, traditional business cards may no longer be enough to effectively network and connect with potential clients or customers. With the help of QR code technology, you can now create a business card that not only looks professional but also offers an easy and efficient way for people to access your contact information or social media profiles. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a QR code business card using a QR code business card generator. We’ll also cover important topics such as how to add Instagram and LinkedIn QR codes to your business card, whether QR codes on business cards are a good idea, and much more. So, let’s get started on creating your very own digital card QR code.

How to Choose a QR Code Business Card Generator

1.      Customization options: Look for a generator that offers a wide range of customization options, such as the ability to add your company logo, change the color scheme, and adjust the size and shape of the QR code.

2.      Ease of use: Choose a generator that is user-friendly and doesn’t require any special design skills. It should be easy to navigate and allow you to create a business card with minimal effort.

3.      QR code functionality: Make sure the generator can create a functional QR code that can be scanned and read by any QR code scanner app.

4.      Compatibility: Ensure that the generator is compatible with the type of business card you want to create, whether it’s a physical or digital card.

Decide on the Information You Want to Include on Your QR Code Business Card

1.      Basic Contact Information: Include your name, job title, phone number, email address, and physical address.

2.      Social Media Profiles: Adding your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, can make it easier for potential clients or customers to connect with you online.

3.      Call-to-Action: Consider adding a call-to-action, such as “Scan the QR code for more information,” to encourage people to scan your QR code.

4.      Logo and Branding: Incorporating your company logo and branding elements can help reinforce your brand and make your business card more visually appealing.

5.      Once you’ve decided on the information you want to include, you can begin designing your business card with a QR code business card generator. Be sure to keep in mind the compatibility and customization options offered by the generator you choose, as discussed in the previous section.

Decide on the Information You Want to Include on Your QR Code Business Card

1.      Basic Contact Information: Include your name, job title, phone number, email address, and physical address.

2.      Social Media Profiles: Adding your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, can make it easier for potential clients or customers to connect with you online.

3.      Call-to-Action: Consider adding a call-to-action, such as “Scan the QR code for more information,” to encourage people to scan your QR code.

4.      Logo and Branding: Incorporating your company logo and branding elements can help reinforce your brand and make your business card more visually appealing.

Add Your QR Code to Your Business Card

1.      Generate your QR code: Use a QR code business card generator to create your QR code. Be sure to select the appropriate type of QR code, such as a vCard or website link, depending on the information you want to convey.

2.      Download your QR code: Once you’ve generated your QR code, download it in a high-resolution format that is suitable for printing.

3.      Add your QR code to your design: Use your preferred design software to add your QR code to your business card design. Be sure to leave enough white space around the code to ensure it can be easily scanned.

4.      Test your QR code: Before printing your business cards, test your QR code using a QR code scanner app to ensure it works properly.

Print Your Business Cards

1.      Choose high-quality paper: Select a high-quality paper stock that is durable and will make your business cards stand out. Consider using a matte finish for a sleek look or a glossy finish for a more vibrant look.

2.      Use a professional printing service: While you can print your business cards at home, using a professional printing service will ensure high-quality printing and accurate colors. Look for a printing service that specializes in business cards and can provide samples of their work.

3.      Double-check your design: Before printing, double-check your design for any errors or typos. Ask a friend or colleague to review it as well to ensure it looks professional and error-free.

4.      Consider a QR code on both sides: If you have additional information you want to share, consider adding a QR code to both sides of your business card. This can be a great way to showcase your portfolio or share more about your business.

Are QR Codes on Business Cards a Good Idea?

1.      Easy access to your digital information: By scanning your QR code, your contacts can quickly and easily access your digital information, such as your website, social media profiles, or portfolio. This saves them the time and effort of manually typing in your information and helps ensure they get to the right place.

2.      Increased engagement: QR codes can make your business card more engaging and interactive, which can help you stand out from the competition. By offering a unique experience to your contacts, you can increase their interest in your business and encourage them to connect with you.

3.      Versatility: QR codes can be used for a variety of purposes, from directing contacts to your website to sharing your contact information. This versatility makes them a valuable tool for businesses of all types and sizes.

How to Add Instagram and LinkedIn QR Codes to Business Cards

1.      Generate Your QR Codes

The first step is to generate your Instagram and LinkedIn QR codes. You can use a QR code generator like QR Code Generator or QR Code Monkey to create your custom codes. Simply enter your Instagram or LinkedIn profile URL, and the generator will create a unique QR code for you.

2.      Design Your Business Card

Once you have your QR codes, it’s time to design your business card. You can use a graphic design tool like Canva or Adobe Spark to create a professional-looking card. Make sure to leave space for your QR codes, and decide where you want to place them on the card.

3.      Add Your QR Codes

To add your QR codes to your business card, simply insert the images into your design. You can use PNG or SVG files to maintain the image’s quality. Make sure to test your codes to ensure that they are working correctly before printing your cards.

4.      Print Your Business Cards

Once you have your design ready, it’s time to print your business cards. You can use an online printing service like Vistaprint or Moo to print your cards. Make sure to choose a high-quality paper stock and printing option to make your business cards stand out.

In conclusion, adding Instagram and LinkedIn QR codes to your business cards is an excellent way to connect with potential clients and customers. With these simple steps, you can create a professional-looking business card that showcases your social media profiles and makes it easy for people to connect with you online.

In conclusion, creating QR code business cards is an innovative and effective way to promote your brand and share your contact information digitally. With the help of a reliable QR code business card generator, you can easily create a professional-looking business card that includes a personalized QR code. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can design, add your QR code, and print your business cards with ease. Additionally, including social media QR codes such as Instagram and LinkedIn can help you increase your online presence and make it easier for potential customers to connect with you. Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that while QR codes on business cards are a good idea, it is crucial to ensure that the information included is relevant and up-to-date.


1. What is a QR code business card?

A QR code business card is a traditional business card that includes a QR code on it. The QR code can be scanned using a smartphone camera to access information about the person or business. This can include contact information, social media profiles, or a link to a website.

2. How do I create a QR code business card?

To create a QR code business card, you will need to use a QR code generator. There are many free and paid QR code generators available online. Simply enter the information you want to include in the QR code, such as your name, company, phone number, email address, and website, and the generator will create a QR code for you. You can then add the QR code to your business card design.

3. How do I add a QR code to my business card?

Once you have created your QR code, you can add it to your business card design using a graphic design tool such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. You can also use online design tools such as Canva or Vistaprint to create your business card and add the QR code. Simply upload the QR code image and place it in the desired location on your business card design.

How small can a QR code be?

How small can a QR code be – Do you remember the recent time you had been out for dinner at a restaurant? You must have been asked to scan a QR to access the menu. Or you must certainly have seen small white and black checked boxes at shops to make contactless payments. What are those patterned barcode-like stickers? Yes, very righteously guessed, they are the QR (Quick Response) Codes.

With the advancement of technology, QR Code has taken a much more giant leap and made things easily accessible, and convenient to use because of its outstanding features such as quick readability, prompt actions and touchless payments. This was when brands and businesses started seeing QR Codes as a powerful marketing tool. Ever since the people in the market started chit-chatting regarding QR Codes, almost all ventures have wanted to upgrade their working tactics wherein they can introduce QR Codes in their business to gain access to an easy and convenient type of payment scheme or give a piece of detailed product information to their customers.?

How big or small QR Codes can be??

The size of the QR Code matters concerning where the Qr Code is to be displayed. Before further escalating the discussion, how small can a QR code be? Consider gaining knowledge about the history, types, uses and characteristics of Qr Codes.

Types of QR Codes

Before we delve into further discussion, let us first take a look at the types of QR Codes. There are two basic types of QR Codes. 

  • Static QR Code 
  • Dynamic QR Code

Static QR Code

This type of QR code can be created using any free QR generator tool. The major function of a Static QR code is that it is created only for a short period of 14 days. After the completion of this period, the QR Code lapsed and becomes inaccessible. 

The major catch of these types of codes is that once this type of QR is generated, one loses the ability to change any information saved in that QR Code.

Dynamic QR Code

This type of QR Code requires an active subscription. But, it comes with many advantages such as it gives access to change data and information behind the QR Code, unlike Static QR Code.

Moreover, they are just only editable but also trackable.

What size and shape should a QR Code be?

The size of the QR Code depends upon one major thing: where you want your QR Code to be printed. If it is on business cards, at restaurants or if it is meant for product information then it has to be minor, lest if they are supposed to be printed on hoardings then the maximum size of the QR code has no bar. But it has to be taken care of so that the pixels stay clear on enlarging.

What is the smallest QR Code Size?

Different sizes and shapes can be used when it comes to keeping the minimum and maximum size and shape of the QR Codes. By employing uniquely sized and shaped QR Codes, you may distinguish your organisation from the other products that likely adopt standard sizes and shapes to appeal.

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Minimum Size of the QR Code 

The QR Codes were formulated keeping in mind the distance-to-size ratio which usually is 10:1. This is to say that the optimal distance of a QR code scanner from a QR code is 10 times the width of the QR code.

The minimum size of QR Codes can easily be generated using the most miniature or the smallest QR generator, which is available on various free websites that let you generate a QR Code be it of minimum size or maximum. 

The point worth considering and taking into account is that the minimum size of a QR Code is 2 cm x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in). 

This is to be adopted as the most standard or minimum size of the QR Code, however, it can be lesser than 2 x 2 cm. But, it is advisable to keep it at least as mentioned above.

Micro QR Code

Micro QR code was yet another invention of Denso Wave which was designed to be smaller and more compact. The minimum size QR code or Micro QR code is 11 x 11 modules. 

Maximum Size of the QR Code 

Just like there is no limit to many things such as getting innovative, becoming prosperous, having a different and unique perspective, and introducing something new in the tech market, similarly, the maximum size of the QR Code has no bar but one thing that has to be considered is you will have to use high-quality images so that the pixels do not get too blurry. 

Unless your QR Code is too informative or complex, it is advisable to keep the minimum or smallest size of the QR Code to 2 x 2 cm

What is the Smallest QR code Size for Print?

For printing, even, yet again, cutting the long story short, unless the data or information behind the QR code is complex, it is advisable to stick to the same format of 2 x 2 cm. 

Size of smallest barcode

The size of the barcodes used to be different in line with their shapes and uses. They came in shapes such as rectangular, square, vertical and horizontal. They were adaptable in size. Their symbol size could be as small as 2.5mm which is counted as the smallest among all 2D barcodes. 

One of the most important things that have to be considered is the scanning distance, it is taken into account concerning the minimum or the maximum size of the QR. 

Are you still confused about the QR codes and their minimum and maximum size? We, at Shoocal, are a one-stop destination for all your problems. We would be happy to serve you 24*7.

small can a QR code be

How to create a QR Code for payment

QR Code Payment – What is QR Code and How does it Work? 

All of us have come across the phrases, ?Scan QR Code, Scan to Explore, Scan to Pay, Scan to See Menu.? But what do these phrases signify? Yes, these are QR codes. Like any other invention, the invention of create a QR Code too was not much talked about in its infancy. Back then, little did we know, we would be surrounded by QR Codes in the smallest of shops to the grandest of restaurants, from making small or big payments to surfing through the menu at restaurants. When it started getting popular, people had multiple questions, “How to create a QR code for payment?”, “How to use QR Code?”, “How to scan QR Code?” , “How to generate QR code?, “How to create Google Pay QR Code?”, etc.

After much research, years later down the lane, people came to know that the QR (Quick Response) code was developed in the year 1994 (absolutely astonished) by Denso Wave a Japanese Automative Company that triumphed in flabbergasting and alluring the netizens because of its features like swift readability, prompt actions and touch-less payments and that is how to create a QR Codes made its way to the tech-market and became the talk of the town.?

Before we shift our gears to embark upon the discussion of how to create a QR code for payment, we must first be acknowledged of how create a QR Code works and how to scan a QR code (read our article to know more).

How do QR Codes Work

QR codes come with the advantage that they can be scanned from both papers as well a screen, and comes in handy, unlike barcodes.

On scanning the QR code, the black-white boxes and patterns are decoded by the software on a smartphone which is then converted into a string of characters. The actions such as confirming payment information, verifying geolocation, opening a browser link, etc then take place.

QR Codes work only with two most important requirement

  • A smartphone or tablet with an in-built Camera
  • Barcode Scanner to scan QR codes

Over time, it has become even easier to scan QR codes via smartphone or tablet camera. All you need to do is;

Open Camera ? Place the phone towards QR Code Scanner ? Do not hit the click button ? Undertake the operation that pops on the screen

Are you too looking for a cashless medium of accepting and making payments?

With evolution surprising us daily, it is of no astonishment that we are on the verge of becoming cashless completely without even noticing it. Now, we have to brace ourselves because we have to keep up with the trends. It is of utmost importance that we keep on upgrading our business tactics, strategies and ethics regularly to give tough competition to the competitors. Hence, if you decide upon going cashless for the inflow and outflow of money in your business then you must have indeed considered create a QR code to make and accept payments.?

But, how do you generate a QR Code for Payments?

To create a QR codes for payment you will have to undergo a few steps until you are all set to enter the cashless world. Here, we have jotted down a few ways through which you can be a step closer towards the digital world.?

(1) Generate a QR Code

The Internet has absolutely made the world smaller and has brought all of us closer. Just like you have landed on this page, it is equally easy to create a QR code, yes, also for payment. Many free applications allow you to generate a QR code for payment. All you must do is follow the steps mentioned.

? Open the QR Code Generator Tool

? Copy the link of the page you want to have a QR code of

? Paste it into the QR Code Generator Tool 

? You shall see an option to print the QR code. (Copy or Print it)

(2) Scan the QR Code

Open the Camera or Scan QR code option on your phone. Scan the QR Code that you see on your screen. You will be directed to the payment page. And, you are good to go. 

(3) Collect hard money. Get it loaded in your linked bank account

Once you have successfully undertaken the above-mentioned steps, you will see that the money has been deposited in your linked bank account. 

The best about scanning QR codes for payment or any other operation is that it doesn’t need any application to be installed to undertake the procedure. Anyone with a smartphone can scan and make a UPI Payment or receive one.

Generate QR Code to accept payment or pay via Google Pay

Google Pay for Business gives you a feature to accept or make payments to Google Pay users. For the same, both parties must have UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Code generated. Create a QR code only when you have installed the Google Pay application on your smartphone. UPI is a system that allows multiple banks to work together across various banks and help the customer to complete the task of making or accepting payment under one roof.?

Step 1: Google Pay for Business app on your smartphone

Step 2: Click on QR Code and copy the checkout link

Step 3: Paste the checkout link and try to scan it from your smartphone

Step 4:Once the action succeeds, download the QR Code (for free) 

Step 5: Print the QR and put it wherever you want your customers to pay it via debit card, credit card, Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Square Pay, Paytm, etc.

Google Pay QR Code scanning to make or accept payment is one of the fastest-growing technologies. If you still have not considered getting your personalized create a QR Code for Google Pay or UPI Payment, surely you are missing out on something really big.?

It is yet not late, consult Shoocal to get your own personalised create a QR Code for Payments. We shall be at your service 24*7 and will be happy to serve you.

How to scan QR code on Samsung

Ever since the internet kept on flourishing, it did not miss a chance to leave us in awe. Bringing the world closer with one click and getting the thing done in a micro-second is nothing new for the netizens. Yes, rightly guessed, it goes for QR Codes as well.

Before we look into how to scan a QR code on Samsung, it is of supreme importance that we learn why it is important to know how to scan a QR Code on smartphones, QR code scanning, and its history. In the era, where we do not have time to make small or big transactions through a tedious process or exchange detailed information on a website, application or any such thing is exactly where the QR (Quick Response) Code made a leap. However, it was still a question of how to scan a QR Code.

Every time, some new technology crawls in, businesses do not fail to upgrade their game to keep up with the trends besides giving tough competition to their competitors. Similarly, when the QR codes entered the market and became the talk of the town, businessmen, restaurant owners, application developers, masterminds behind startups, etc were completely amped up to introduce QR Codes in their organizations.

People fancied the QR Code because of its quality of universalities such as prompt readability, quick response, and touch-less actions.

Before we escalate the topic of how to scan a QR Code on Samsung, take a quick read and try to answer this question, ?Do not QR (Quick Response) codes resemble the very famous Japanese Pac-Man 99 video games? maze (pathway)???

Yes, right?

Now, that we have caught your attention, try to reflect upon this thought;

Is QR code new in the market?

Well, to your surprise, QR Codes or Matrix Codes also known as Two Dimensional Codes were developed by Japanese automotive company Denso Wave around 1994, with a motto to replace barcodes, and it has only been a couple of years that it has successfully crept into the market and now could be seen at the most minuscule to the grandest of places.

At some point in time, you must have been over-flooded by several questions like, ?How does a QR code work??, ?How to scan a QR code??, ?Do QR codes function from all devices??

Buckle up, because you have landed in the absolute correct place to kill the inquisitiveness of all your questions regarding scanning QR codes on Samsung or any other device.

How to scan a QR Code on Samsung

An advantage of your Samsung Galaxy phone is that you do not need to install any application to scan a QR code on your Samsung Galaxy.

There are multiple ways through which you can scan QR codes on Samsung, we often choose the easiest of them all. Read the full article to find out how to scan QR Code on Samsung Galaxy.

Scan QR Code on Samsung Galaxy via Camera App

From small shops to gigantic restaurants, from getting the information one is seeking to be able to make payments, everywhere we have been occupied by QR Codes. People of all age who uses any smartphone like Samsung Galaxy or other, need to know how to scan QR codes via camera.

Scanning a QR code on Samsung Galaxy via Camera is as easy as pie and almost gets done in five quick steps.

All you need to do is;

Step 1: Open the camera on your phone

Step 2: Point the camera toward the QR code

Step 3: Do not hit the click button (Remember)

Step 4: Soon shall you see a link to the webpage followed by an arrow

Step 5: Hit the arrow button to get started

The above step guide is not only for scanning QR codes on Samsung but all the other phones as well.

Here is when it gets interesting, Samsung gives one shortcut feature to its users. On double clicking on the power button, directly takes you to the Camera, which means now it is even easier to scan a QR code on Samsung.

Quickest Action

  • Double Click on the Power Button (remember to enable this feature)
  • Place your Samsung Galaxy Phone towards the QR Code
  • Hit the arrow button and you are good to go

Scan QR Code on Samsung via Samsung QR Reader

Where there is technology, glitch remains an uninvited guest. Hence, if your Samsung Galaxy Camera doesn?t respond to the above steps then you may switch to Samsung QR Reader quick action too.

Here?s a quick guide and an alternate way to scan the QR code through Samsung QR Reader

Step 1: Swipe down on the main screen of your Samsung Galaxy phone

Step 2: In the quick action menu, you?ll find the Scan QR Code

Step 3: Tap on it, and you?ll be taken to the Camera

Step 4: Point your phone toward the QR Code

Step 5: Once it detects the QR Code, you are good to go

Scan the QR code on Samsung Photo Gallery via Google Lens

Unfortunately, Samsung?s camera and gallery cannot process locally saved images on your phone. Here is when Google?s Lens App comes to your help.

Follow the three-step guide to scan QR codes on Samsung Gallery via Google Lens.

Step 1: Open Google Lens

Step 2: Attach the image that contains the QR code from Gallery

Step 3: Tap the circle to interact with the QR Code

Other alternative ways to scan QR Codes on Samsung are through Samsung Internet and Bixby Vision. The above-mentioned step guides come in handy and are easy to follow.

Here, at Shoocal, we make sure to help you by providing an easy and unique step-by-step guide. Hence, if you land up in any trouble you know whom to contact! Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to connect.

scan qr code on samsung

How to create a QR code for a link

Before we jump on how to create a QR code for a link free, know why it?s indispensable to make a QR code for link. As we know that the internet business is enormous. Each year, millions of new individual or business websites ramp up to anticipate the competitive marketplace of the hospitality industry. The ask for a touchless method to accept payment outstretch the level of ubiquity for convenience and speed. Businesses want to connect with the flourishing bandwidth of mobile wallet consumers that want everything done under one click. The machine-readable technology- QR Code, is a savage for such businesses. It is quick, safe, and beneficial that attracts consumers from all layers of society.

Read the full article to increase your knowledge base for QR Codes. Learn what QR Code is, how to create a QR code for a link, the benefits of having a website with QR code, and how to create a QR code for a link free in a single instance here.

A Complete Guide to Make a QR code for link

What does the QR Code stand for?

It is the abbreviation of Quick Response Code. As you know, it consists of small black and white square pieces designed to store information with excellent storage capacity and quick accessibility. Denso Wave, a leading Japanese automotive company, invented this two dimension barcode technology- QR Code in 1994. Since then, QR Codes have been popularly used for item identification, product tracking, time tracking, document management, and marketing purposes.

How to create a QR Code for a link

Here?s the step-by-step guide on how to generate QR code for a particular website or web page. Have a look:

1.      Select a legitimate QR Code generator website.

Whoops! The internet is penetrated with dozen of QR code generator websites available. Which one to choose? Relax, and check the legitimacy of any platform or website before use. Read the reviews, and scan the user?s feedback. Then only decide which particular QR code generator website to use. It?s essential to check how secure a QR code generator website is; otherwise, some consequential damage may strike.

Searches for how to get QR code for a website generally end up confusing; some reputed QR code generator websites are listed below:

1)      QR Code tiger.com

2)      QR-code-generator.com

3)     Visme

4)     Beaconstac

5)     Logaster

6)     QRStuff

7)     QRCode Monkey

8)     Scanova

9) Delivr

10)   QRickit

11)   ZebraQR

12)   Unitag

13)   Visualead

14)   Shopify?s QR Code Generator

2.      Enter your website?s URL.

Once you nestled the URL of a secure QR code generator website, you certainly drop your website?s URL in the small box toolbar given. Your website?s QR code will generate automatically on one side of this page in a visually appealing graphic. You are just a few steps away from using this tap-to-pay QR code technology.

3.      Customize your QR Code with numerous design possibilities.

Further, there are endless possibilities to make a QR code for link. You may customize its frame, shape, size, and even the color of your choice. You can add your business ?logo? to grab instance access and recognition. There is no rocket science; these customizing features are easy to use. Even newbies can effortlessly draft these trackable black-and-white design techniques in a few minutes without having any extra technical knowledge.

4.      Click ‘Download’ and save the file to your computer or smartphone.

After you finalize your custom QR code for your website or any web page, you may download its file in the standard form like JPEG, PNG, SVG, or EPS file. To avoid any expensive product recall and reprinting, we?ve outlined some checklists to remember. These are:

1.       Test the custom QR Code before you print it.

2.       The minimum size of the QR Code should not lesser than 2 cm x 2 cm; otherwise, it won?t be scanned properly by the QR code scanner.

3.       Only download high-resolution QR code images so they will not get blurred when printed.

Should you need pay for all this? It?s not required. Search how to create a QR code for a link free in your browser, locate your URL, customize the QR code, download the file and save it on your computer or smartphone wherever you want to.

5.      Add the QR code wherever you want.

To establish the trust of your customers, integrate QR codes into your business plan. The list of noble use of QR codes is almost limitless. But it is extensively beneficial for business owners to empower their business digitally in the best possible way, from using QR Codes in interactive print media to pasting them in public places. It all enhances the customers? reach up to the next level.

Benefits of having a website with QR Code

The ability of QR codes in the digital archive is vast to measure. When you create QR code for a website, you open the doors for new people with easy access to your business. From marketing tactics to digital product showrooms, this fantastic technique unlocks worldwide reach with charm. Though these two-dimensional barcodes have become Gen-Z’s first choice when making any digital payment and tracking a web page, you’ll also find that this standardized encoding technique is creating a buzz in the restaurant and hospitality business.

Restaurant owners are ready to serve their guests with their digital menus. To entangle new guests, they bring it up with advanced digital menu software designed for their businesses with a unique QR Code technique. Still in doubt? How to create a QR code for a link or website? We at Shoocal can assist you to the best of our knowledge. Contact us to learn how to get a website with QR code today. We are 24*7 available.

How to create a QR code for a link

Whatsapp QR Code: Significance, Uses, And Application In Brand Promotion

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. The number of users exceeds more than 2 billion worldwide. Thus, creating and adding a Whatsapp QR code will establish faster connectivity on both personal and professional levels. You may leverage the same to spread brand awareness and visibility across various platforms. How? Let?s take the example of Facebook Groups and Marketplace where marketers are linking their Facebook profiles with their personal Whatsapp profiles. The Facebook interface here allows them to showcase their products and services while the Whatsapp profile links allow customers to get in touch with the seller on a one-to-one basis. This inter-platform connectivity works for both sellers and buyers by allowing them better exposure and deals at both ends. The model has worked successfully for thousands since Facebook took over Whatsapp. 

Why Whatsapp? 

Whatsapp is widely accepted and recommended for its easy usage and multi-utility. A single free of cost app allows users to send and receive pictures, audio files, video messages, locations, and documents within a few seconds. You just need a person?s phone number to add them on WhatsApp, it is the reason why this app has been used and preferred by millions for over a decade. 

Its huge customer base presents an opportunity for marketers and allows them to get in direct touch with their target customers using various tools and technologies. The latest addition has been the WhatsApp QR code, which is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

So How does it Works?

WhatsApp QR codes can be used to save contacts, start a conversation chat, and you can even add someone to a group chat by using a Whatsapp QR code scanner. Whatsapp scan has been in trend for quite some time since Facebook gave its users the option to transfer the chat to laptops and desktops using the Whatsapp web scan option. Users who wish to continue their Whatsapp chats on their notebooks or laptops just need to scan their Whatsapp web QR code to connect the mobile version of the app to the desktop screen. It allows them to focus on one screen than jumbling between two different screens just to check or answer messages. Sounds confusing? Let?s understand the ins and outs of Whatsapp scan process. 

The addition of contact to WhatsApp QR code has been made easier with the Scanning QR process. This helps in saving the time of adding a contact in the old way by manually entering the name and number. And it also helps businesses and marketing individuals to start a conversation rapidly without taking the longer route.

How to Use WhatsApp Web Scan Code

Here is a step by step guide to transferring all your Whatsapp chat to your desktop or laptop screen: 

  1. Open Google Chrome or any web browser on your laptop and type www.web.whatsapp.com
  2. It will show you a QR code that needs to be scanned by your phone.
  3. Open WhatsApp on your phone and click on settings
  4. Select the WhatsApp QR code icon displayed next to your name
  5. Tap Scan Code – OK
  6. Put your phone above the QR code to scan
  7. You will see all your Whatsapp messages being displayed on your laptop screen within a few seconds. 

How To Add A New Contact Using A WhatsApp QR Code Scan through the WhatsApp Camera??

  1. Open the WhatsApp application and click on the camera icon.
  2. Put your smartphone over the QR Code to do the scan
  3. Select Add to Contacts

Note: iPhone 6S and newer version users need to select and hold the WhatsApp icon on the home screen to see the quick action menu. Tap on the Camera icon to open the WhatsApp cam to scan the WhatsApp QR Code.

How Businesses can take advantage of WhatsApp QR Codes? 

There aren?t many platforms that give marketers and businesses the option of starting a direct conversation with their end and target users. WhatsApp has a customer base of more than 2 billion users which makes it a lucrative platform for all kinds of marketing activities. According to Meta, the WhatsApp Business app has an active user base of over 50 million. This app can help you in: 

  1. Catalogue creation, display, and promotion
  2. Creation of business profiles with complete contact details and business description
  3. Quick moderation of enquiries and feedback with standard answers 
  4. Simple yet effective organization of chats and contacts with labels that makes it easy to find them
  5. Ability to send automated messages when you are offline or away from the phone. 

Final Word
Just like all other social media channels, Whatsapp has huge potential to further any cause, business or brand provided you have the right strategy to carry it forward. Apart from using the default QR code generated by the app, you can always generate a customized QR code from a Whatsapp web code generator. The third-party code generators are equipped with several advanced features like tracking, customization, error correction, and multiple formats for downloading the QR code. Either way, it is a simple medium with great potential that deserves to be on top of your list for all valid reasons.

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Guide To Creating A Facebook QR Code In Some Simple Steps

A Facebook QR code will help you connect faster and saves time. Among the most widely used social media platforms, Facebook stands tall with ranks among the top 3 for over a decade now. With nearly 2.5 billion users all over the world, its presence is in the minds of anyone who uses the internet. It is a user-empowering tool that allows them to share, like, and react to social content like videos, anecdotes, stories, news, trends, and whatever is leading the headlines in various segments. It is a new version of television that allows two-way interaction.?

Its wide reach and influence have turned it into an effective marketing and promotional medium. And considering the stats, Facebook is one of the most affordable branding and marketing channels as compared to other advertising mediums.  If you look at the last few years trends, you will note how Facebook has evolved with changing marketing dynamics and kept itself updated with new trends and tools. Facebook QR code is one of the latest additions to its directory. 

A Facebook QR code will help you connect faster and saves time and energy that would otherwise be spent on finding someone. Businesses looking for growth and options to engage audiences through social media use Facebook as their top option to advertise and connect to its users. You may encash these benefits by creating a simple Facebook page QR code.?

Understanding The Meaning Of a Facebook QR Code and how it serves your marketing goals?

When you create a Facebook QR code for a Facebook page, you are giving your target audience a shortcut to reach your page. So, it is a smart tool that can increase the traffic on your business page and get you the required traction from various other sources. It is short, simple, and effective in engaging an audience that will otherwise pass or just skip your promotional efforts.?

How To Create A QR Code Using Facebook QR Code Generator

Steps to generate a Facebook QR code using a third-party QR code generator:

  1. Search for a third-party QR code generator on Google. 
  2. Open the generator you believe will cater for your needs. Most generators enlist different social media platforms to choose from for generating a QR code. 
  3. Select ?Facebook? from that list.
  4. It will further enquire if you wish to create a static or a dynamic code. Choose whatever goes best with your marketing goals. 
  5. Next, you will see a ?Generate QR code? tab, click on it.
  6. Almost all generators give the option to customize the dynamic QR code to your convenience. So, if you have generated a dynamic FB QR code, you may customize it as per your requirement. 
  7. Test the Facebook QR code once before sharing or printing.?
  8. Download it and place it wherever you see fit. 

What?s The Difference Between Static And Dynamic QR Code? 

Static QR Code:

  1. You can create as many as you like
  2. It’s free of any charges
  3. You can scan it as many times as you want
  4. It can be customized to your convenience and preference
  5. Doesn’t come with an expiry date
  6. It can?t be tracked or edited
  7. It doesn?t direct directly to the Facebook page instead lands on the browser page

Dynamic QR Code:

  1. It’s available on a subscription basis
  2. You can track the clicks, scans, and downloads made on your QR code.
  3. The URL can be edited as per your choice.
  4. It saves money on regeneration or re-printing of the QR code 
  5. It directly lands on the Facebook app on your smartphone

Why Dynamic QR Codes Are Better Than Static Codes? 

As the above points clarify, dynamic codes are better in every sense than their static counterparts. They are highly effective if you are running a measurable marketing campaign which is mostly the reason for the generation of Facebook QR codes. Static codes do not have much scope in marketing goals as they fail to provide relevant data or statistics on the reach of code. Also, they fail to serve their basic purpose – landing the user directly on your Facebook profile. So, before you debate between static or dynamic QR codes, here are a few questions you need to ask: 

  • Can you work without tracking the traction your QR code is getting? 
  • Can you identify the points of improvement without relevant data or information? 
  • Can you carry on your marketing efforts without getting sufficient growth and sales? 


QR codes are a fun and simple way to bring traction to your social media profiles. It is a smart marketing tool that can serve specific promotional purposes like events, and special offers, elevating your social media presence, improving brand visibility, and keeping up with changing audience preferences and expectations. It is worth a try and consideration as social media marketing tools are often fairly technical, a little complicated and need some training. QR codes are an exception to those criteria and can serve the purpose without consuming too much of your time, energy or money.

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How To Create Twitter QR Code To Increase Brand Awareness And Engagement?

Twitter QR Code : No conversation on social media is ever complete without Twitter. Deemed as one of the oldest and most successful social media platforms, it has been on top of the list of branding and marketing managers worldwide. It is a widely accepted and appreciated medium of expression which makes it an excellent tool for connecting and engaging target customers. You can now directly connect with a brand to resolve your queries, send feedback, and stay updated with their new offerings.?

The high usage of this app has compelled companies to refine their strategies to keep up with the changing tastes and preferences of their target consumers. Twitter QR code is one of those strategies that has recently surfaced as a bridge between online and real-world experience. Like all other platforms, Twitter has adopted this change and is now offering its users the option of creating their own Twitter QR code. The following paragraph details the process of creating a QR code for a Twitter account and how to use it to establish better engagement with your followers. 

Step By Step Guide On Creating Twitter QR Code

  • Open the Twitter app on your smartphone and tap the profile icon located in the top left corner of the screen. 
  • You will see a QR code icon at the bottom on the right corner of the screen. 
  •  You will see the Twitter QR code flashing on the screen that can be tapped for changing the background colour. 
  • Apart from this, there are a number of sites that offer Twitter QR code generators separately, you can use them as well to create Twitter customized QR code for your company. Most of these generator software offer advanced options like changing colour, adding pictures, or some text to the QR code to give it a unique appearance. So, if you are looking at it as a unique branding strategy, you may want to use such generators to differentiate yourself from your counterparts.?

Steps To Scan A Twitter QR Code

There may be times when you may need to scan a Twitter QR code, so it is equally important to know how to do it the other way round. There are several apps that work as Twitter QR code scanners, but there is a simpler way to do this directly from the Twitter app. Here is a step by step guide: 

  • Open the Twitter app and click on your profile icon. 
  • Click on the QR code icon on the bottom right of the screen. 
  • You will see a scan option right under the QR code, click on it and it will open your mobile?s camera. 
  • Just keep the camera in front of the Twitter QR code you need to scan and it will scan it automatically and direct it to the link embedded in it. 
  • Many sites use Twitter QR codes as login links for their profile or sometimes to direct to their latest offerings, whatever the reason the information for the same will be given next to the QR code. 

How To Use QR Code On Twitter For Better User Engagement? 

There are several ways to incorporate a Twitter QR code into your branding strategies. The best ones are as follows: 

  • For Tracking And Analyzing Twitter QR Code Campaigns: Several QR generator sites also offer analytics modules that can help keep track of the QR code scans, the number of devices used and locations where the code has been scanned. They create assimilated reports that can then be used to analyze the effect of your efforts and see what more can be done to engage customers with your brand. Apart from that, Google Analytics also offers tools for tracking QR code performance and understanding user demographics and behavior. If you don?t wish to associate yourself with some specific site, you can always use Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your campaign and QR code.?
  • Retargetting Users On Other Social Media Platforms: Twitter QR codes can also be used for re targeting users on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. This practice comes in handy when you need to target those users who are potential leads yet to be converted. The data retrieved from the usage of Twitter QR codes can be used to create personalized campaigns to ensure that potential leads are converted into customers.?
  • Include Twitter In The All-In-One Social Media QR Code For Your Brand: Creating separate QR codes for different social media platforms is a troublesome task. It is better to create a single all-in-one social media QR code that works for all the channels. Most online QR code generators provide this service free of cost and you can always use them to avoid the hassle of multiple codes.?

Final Word

QR codes offer an all-in-one solution for different marketing and promotional purposes. If you are into aggressive marketing and need to engage a wider circle of customers in an effective way, no other medium will do it faster than a simple QR code. It allows you to leverage both online and offline marketing mediums in the most economic manner. There is no reason why you should delay adopting one for your own company.

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