Best 4 steps to Generate Circle QR codes?

In an era of a paperless world, Quick Response become the chariot wheels in every sphere. Generate Circle QR codes From money transfers to sharing textual materials QR is the mediator. QR codes become the lifeline of every sector of the economy. QR codes help to ensure an ideal work ecosystem. It helps to provide aesthetic branding for any task. Circular QR codes are etching the functional space. The creativity gets versatile with the coming up of circular QR codes. Circle QR code transparent background enhances the dynamism of the work. Circular QR analyses the information in a two-dimensional matrix. 

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How small can a QR code be?

How small can a QR code be – Do you remember the recent time you had been out for dinner at a restaurant? You must have been asked to scan a QR to access the menu. Or you must certainly have seen small white and black checked boxes at shops to make contactless payments. What are those patterned barcode-like stickers? Yes, very righteously guessed, they are the QR (Quick Response) Codes.

With the advancement of technology, QR Code has taken a much more giant leap and made things easily accessible, and convenient to use because of its outstanding features such as quick readability, prompt actions and touchless payments. This was when brands and businesses started seeing QR Codes as a powerful marketing tool. Ever since the people in the market started chit-chatting regarding QR Codes, almost all ventures have wanted to upgrade their working tactics wherein they can introduce QR Codes in their business to gain access to an easy and convenient type of payment scheme or give a piece of detailed product information to their customers.?

How big or small QR Codes can be??

The size of the QR Code matters concerning where the Qr Code is to be displayed. Before further escalating the discussion, how small can a QR code be? Consider gaining knowledge about the history, types, uses and characteristics of Qr Codes.

Types of QR Codes

Before we delve into further discussion, let us first take a look at the types of QR Codes. There are two basic types of QR Codes. 

  • Static QR Code 
  • Dynamic QR Code

Static QR Code

This type of QR code can be created using any free QR generator tool. The major function of a Static QR code is that it is created only for a short period of 14 days. After the completion of this period, the QR Code lapsed and becomes inaccessible. 

The major catch of these types of codes is that once this type of QR is generated, one loses the ability to change any information saved in that QR Code.

Dynamic QR Code

This type of QR Code requires an active subscription. But, it comes with many advantages such as it gives access to change data and information behind the QR Code, unlike Static QR Code.

Moreover, they are just only editable but also trackable.

What size and shape should a QR Code be?

The size of the QR Code depends upon one major thing: where you want your QR Code to be printed. If it is on business cards, at restaurants or if it is meant for product information then it has to be minor, lest if they are supposed to be printed on hoardings then the maximum size of the QR code has no bar. But it has to be taken care of so that the pixels stay clear on enlarging.

What is the smallest QR Code Size?

Different sizes and shapes can be used when it comes to keeping the minimum and maximum size and shape of the QR Codes. By employing uniquely sized and shaped QR Codes, you may distinguish your organisation from the other products that likely adopt standard sizes and shapes to appeal.

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Minimum Size of the QR Code 

The QR Codes were formulated keeping in mind the distance-to-size ratio which usually is 10:1. This is to say that the optimal distance of a QR code scanner from a QR code is 10 times the width of the QR code.

The minimum size of QR Codes can easily be generated using the most miniature or the smallest QR generator, which is available on various free websites that let you generate a QR Code be it of minimum size or maximum. 

The point worth considering and taking into account is that the minimum size of a QR Code is 2 cm x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in). 

This is to be adopted as the most standard or minimum size of the QR Code, however, it can be lesser than 2 x 2 cm. But, it is advisable to keep it at least as mentioned above.

Micro QR Code

Micro QR code was yet another invention of Denso Wave which was designed to be smaller and more compact. The minimum size QR code or Micro QR code is 11 x 11 modules. 

Maximum Size of the QR Code 

Just like there is no limit to many things such as getting innovative, becoming prosperous, having a different and unique perspective, and introducing something new in the tech market, similarly, the maximum size of the QR Code has no bar but one thing that has to be considered is you will have to use high-quality images so that the pixels do not get too blurry. 

Unless your QR Code is too informative or complex, it is advisable to keep the minimum or smallest size of the QR Code to 2 x 2 cm

What is the Smallest QR code Size for Print?

For printing, even, yet again, cutting the long story short, unless the data or information behind the QR code is complex, it is advisable to stick to the same format of 2 x 2 cm. 

Size of smallest barcode

The size of the barcodes used to be different in line with their shapes and uses. They came in shapes such as rectangular, square, vertical and horizontal. They were adaptable in size. Their symbol size could be as small as 2.5mm which is counted as the smallest among all 2D barcodes. 

One of the most important things that have to be considered is the scanning distance, it is taken into account concerning the minimum or the maximum size of the QR. 

Are you still confused about the QR codes and their minimum and maximum size? We, at Shoocal, are a one-stop destination for all your problems. We would be happy to serve you 24*7.

small can a QR code be

How to scan QR code on Samsung

Ever since the internet kept on flourishing, it did not miss a chance to leave us in awe. Bringing the world closer with one click and getting the thing done in a micro-second is nothing new for the netizens. Yes, rightly guessed, it goes for QR Codes as well.

Before we look into how to scan a QR code on Samsung, it is of supreme importance that we learn why it is important to know how to scan a QR Code on smartphones, QR code scanning, and its history. In the era, where we do not have time to make small or big transactions through a tedious process or exchange detailed information on a website, application or any such thing is exactly where the QR (Quick Response) Code made a leap. However, it was still a question of how to scan a QR Code.

Every time, some new technology crawls in, businesses do not fail to upgrade their game to keep up with the trends besides giving tough competition to their competitors. Similarly, when the QR codes entered the market and became the talk of the town, businessmen, restaurant owners, application developers, masterminds behind startups, etc were completely amped up to introduce QR Codes in their organizations.

People fancied the QR Code because of its quality of universalities such as prompt readability, quick response, and touch-less actions.

Before we escalate the topic of how to scan a QR Code on Samsung, take a quick read and try to answer this question, ?Do not QR (Quick Response) codes resemble the very famous Japanese Pac-Man 99 video games? maze (pathway)???

Yes, right?

Now, that we have caught your attention, try to reflect upon this thought;

Is QR code new in the market?

Well, to your surprise, QR Codes or Matrix Codes also known as Two Dimensional Codes were developed by Japanese automotive company Denso Wave around 1994, with a motto to replace barcodes, and it has only been a couple of years that it has successfully crept into the market and now could be seen at the most minuscule to the grandest of places.

At some point in time, you must have been over-flooded by several questions like, ?How does a QR code work??, ?How to scan a QR code??, ?Do QR codes function from all devices??

Buckle up, because you have landed in the absolute correct place to kill the inquisitiveness of all your questions regarding scanning QR codes on Samsung or any other device.

How to scan a QR Code on Samsung

An advantage of your Samsung Galaxy phone is that you do not need to install any application to scan a QR code on your Samsung Galaxy.

There are multiple ways through which you can scan QR codes on Samsung, we often choose the easiest of them all. Read the full article to find out how to scan QR Code on Samsung Galaxy.

Scan QR Code on Samsung Galaxy via Camera App

From small shops to gigantic restaurants, from getting the information one is seeking to be able to make payments, everywhere we have been occupied by QR Codes. People of all age who uses any smartphone like Samsung Galaxy or other, need to know how to scan QR codes via camera.

Scanning a QR code on Samsung Galaxy via Camera is as easy as pie and almost gets done in five quick steps.

All you need to do is;

Step 1: Open the camera on your phone

Step 2: Point the camera toward the QR code

Step 3: Do not hit the click button (Remember)

Step 4: Soon shall you see a link to the webpage followed by an arrow

Step 5: Hit the arrow button to get started

The above step guide is not only for scanning QR codes on Samsung but all the other phones as well.

Here is when it gets interesting, Samsung gives one shortcut feature to its users. On double clicking on the power button, directly takes you to the Camera, which means now it is even easier to scan a QR code on Samsung.

Quickest Action

  • Double Click on the Power Button (remember to enable this feature)
  • Place your Samsung Galaxy Phone towards the QR Code
  • Hit the arrow button and you are good to go

Scan QR Code on Samsung via Samsung QR Reader

Where there is technology, glitch remains an uninvited guest. Hence, if your Samsung Galaxy Camera doesn?t respond to the above steps then you may switch to Samsung QR Reader quick action too.

Here?s a quick guide and an alternate way to scan the QR code through Samsung QR Reader

Step 1: Swipe down on the main screen of your Samsung Galaxy phone

Step 2: In the quick action menu, you?ll find the Scan QR Code

Step 3: Tap on it, and you?ll be taken to the Camera

Step 4: Point your phone toward the QR Code

Step 5: Once it detects the QR Code, you are good to go

Scan the QR code on Samsung Photo Gallery via Google Lens

Unfortunately, Samsung?s camera and gallery cannot process locally saved images on your phone. Here is when Google?s Lens App comes to your help.

Follow the three-step guide to scan QR codes on Samsung Gallery via Google Lens.

Step 1: Open Google Lens

Step 2: Attach the image that contains the QR code from Gallery

Step 3: Tap the circle to interact with the QR Code

Other alternative ways to scan QR Codes on Samsung are through Samsung Internet and Bixby Vision. The above-mentioned step guides come in handy and are easy to follow.

Here, at Shoocal, we make sure to help you by providing an easy and unique step-by-step guide. Hence, if you land up in any trouble you know whom to contact! Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to connect.

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How To Scan A Digital Menu On Android and iOS?

Clear your doubts regarding various digital menu scanning methods through smartphones.

How To Scan A Digital Menu On Android and iOS? Hotels, bars, and restaurants are rapidly evolving to fit in the labyrinth of the digital world. As the world is getting back on its feet post the COVID catastrophe, they are working to create a safer and cleaner dining experience for their customers. Contactless Digital menus are part of this new approach. 

However, it is a totally new concept and many are still confused about its usage and application. This blog is an effort to address those concerns from a customer?s perspective. We hope it clarifies some of your crucial doubts like how do I scan a digital menu. 

How Do I Scan A Digital Menu On My Android Phone? 

There are two ways to scan a digital menu with an android phone. You can either use the built-in camera app or the Google Lens. There is a slight variation in these two approaches. 

Scanning the QR Code On Android Phone With Built-in Camera 

  • Open up the built-in camera app. 
  • Place it over the QR code in a way that the QR code clearly appears on the screen. 
  • A banner will flash on your screen whenever the device acknowledges the QR code. 
  • Tap the banner and follow the instructions provided by hotel or restaurant management for signing in to their system. 

Scanning the QR code on Android Phone With Google Lens

  • Tap on the Google Assistant app on your android phone. 
  • Click on the Google Lens icon and share your camera access with it (if it asks). 
  • Point your android phone at the code that needs to be scanned. Once the Google Lens acknowledges that code, it will confirm the image with you by showing a preview of the content encoded under it. 
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to see the list of actions you may use in response to the QR code. 

How Do I Scan A Menu On My iPhone? 

The instructions given below will allow you to use your iPhone, iPad, as well as your iPod Touch to scan a digital menu. Please note that these instructions are based on the 13th version of iOS. You may need to check with the Apple team for previous versions. 

Scanning QR Code On iPhone With Built-In Camera

  • Click on the camera app, you may either use the Lock or Home screens or the Control Center for this purpose. 
  • Point the phone at the code to get its clear image on your screen. 
  • As your phone acknowledges the code, it shows a notification on the top of its screen. 
  • Tap the notification and you will get access to the menu encoded in the QR code. 

Scanning A QR Code On an iPhone Using Google Chrome Shortcut

Google Chrome offers a QR code scanner for iOS supported devices. So for direct access, you may download the app from the iOS App Store and get started. 

  • Click and hold the Chrome icon for a few seconds. 
  • As you select the Scan QR Code option, Chrome will open a new window. 
  • Point your device towards the QR code and bring it within the white frame. 
  • As Chrome registers the QR code, either it will open a new tab with the encoded URL or give you an actions list to select from. 

Scanning A Digital Restaurant Menu on iPhone With Google Lens

  • Download the Google app from the iOS app store. The simple, original Google app. 
  • Click the app icon and tap the Google Lens icon from the top right of the search bar. 
  • Give the Google Lens access to the device camera. 
  • Point the device at the QR code for scanning by Google Lens. 
  • Once Google acknowledges the code, it will give you a preview of the content encoded in it. 
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to launch the actions list for interacting with the QR code.

Defining Digital Menu

A digital menu for restaurants is no different from a  normal menu, except that it can be read on your smartphone instead of printed paper. Normally, restaurants using digital menus have a QR code either on the entrance or the table. When you scan the QR code, the menu opens up on your smartphone. So the question that pops up next is if there is any difference between the scanning process of iOS and Android-based phones? Let?s check!

scan a digital menu

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