Dragon Ball Legends QR code: Scan and Generate

Are you interested in redeeming the dragon ball legends QR code in 2023?

Most people are fascinated by earning the Chrono crystals and Dragon Balls. The freebies can redeem lots of dragon ball legends QR codes. To the world of mobile gamers, the DB legend QR code was introduced as a popular anime franchise. Ranging from brilliant graphics to core building mechanisms, the game had everything that gamers expect from an action-oriented game. Dragon ball legends are action-based anime gameplay, the game includes fights and a card-based strategy. The game is valuably presented in 3D animation that makes you live in an anime world. Here the players accumulate their friends as fighters and fight as a team. They get a reward for the same. And Even at the time of the anniversary, gamers get Dragon ball legends QR code. That is an exchange in the form of rewards to maintain the game’s progress. 

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Best free QR code Generators

QR is a matrix barcode, A machine-readable code that stores a quick link, that you can read by scanning from the camera of a mobile phone. The wave of QR is an expandable and a progressive development. It is for every single resource that demands expansion in a range of targeted audiences. But the challenge is, how to create one?

Be it restaurants, Businesses, or schools there are a plethora of QR codes. We encounter and interact with QR codes daily. It is the most working yet simplest strategy to target your potential client. And make them use your resources right at the moment. You can include any information in a QR and can execute the resources in a matter of seconds. It is used by the small businessman to grab the attention of the customer. From the traditional menu to product description, QR code is used everywhere. Large companies are using QR codes for their distribution channel as they can deliver long information in a patch of QR. This article will give you the right knowledge about the Best QR code generator for Free. And this will solve a major challenge to fighting your competitors.

The market is filled with many innovations and hence QR codes are of different types as per the need of individuals. We will also introduce you to the Best free QR code generator for PDF, the best free dynamic QR code generator, and the Best free QR code generator with a logo.

The Best QR code generator for free are listed below:

These best QR code generators for free will help you to stand out from the competitors. The applications have seamless performance. You can create many QR codes and scan them unlimited times.

1. QRcodeGenerator

It is one of the simple QR code-generating applications with monthly traffic of 2.13 million. The application is free to use. The application includes two varieties of QR codes. If you want to generate a QR code, you are not required to sign up. Wherein it is mandatory to sign-up in case of business or personal branding. The application facilitates you to encode any data, next you can fill out the form of your choice and then you are ready to go.

2. QR code Generator by TEC-IT

The QR code generator by TEC-IT is a cost-free application with a monthly visit of 1.97 million. It is the most trusted application with a variety of features such as QR code for Twitter, wi-fi, email, event, URL, phone number, and SMS.

The application has elite services such as Embed QR code, QR code service API, and QR code maker software. You can create QR for the specific type of Data when needed.

3. CodigosQR

CodigosQR is the best QR code generator for Free and it has monthly traffic of 687k. The application provides you with a Quick QR setup. You would select the type of content, and data and fill in the required field. Here your QR code is ready and you can proceed further. It accepts the simple QR code format for texts, URLs, vCard, codes, and SMS. The QR code generator is very simple and easy to use, you can resize the QR code as well.

Best Free QR code generator for PDF:

The best free QR code generator for PDF is providing a boost to print marketing, infographics, and Advertisements. Here are some best free QR code generators for PDFs:

1. QR code Monkey

All you need to enter the information, that you want to convert to QR. At the top of the panel, you will find the information to select the type of content. Choose the category as PDF and to finish click on Create the QR code option.

2. Logaster QR code Maker

The primary goal of Logaster is to help businesses and startups. They provide a seamless experience for generating QR codes for PDFs. You have to select the type of Information, and the same is encoded in QR.

3. ForQRCode

Select the category of the corresponding type and enter the valid input to encode in QR. It also provides the option to change the color and put in place the resulting QR.

Best Free Dynamic QR code generator

1. QRcodeDynamic

QRcodeDynamic is the best free dynamic QR code generator. The application is most suitable for creating dynamic and customizable QR codes in a matter of a few minutes. It has an array of features that an ideal QR needs.

2. Beaconstac

The application UI is so easy to use and it has integration with google analytics. The application has free and paid plans. The paid plan is for tracking and bulk QR creation. Wherein the free plan is enough for QR creation and optimization.

3. Qrtiger

Qrtiger is an Advertisement free and has data tracking available. The application also facilitates with 24/7 customer service experience. The app holds the feature to create up to 1000 links per second.

Best free QR code generator with logo

1. Visme QR code generator

Visme QR code generator is used for marketing, multimedia, social media, and Business card. Visme QR code generator with logo is one of the best free QR code generators for logos.

2. Deliver

The Deliver application is for its high-security QR code generator for almost all kinds of QR. Financial institutions and banks are using it the most. It also provides motion QR and animation behind the QR.

3. Zebra QR

Zebra QR is for landing pages, by restaurants and business owners. It is a great initiative for contactless menus by creating a custom-tailored menu for bars, cafes, and restaurants.


1. Are the Free QR Code Generators Trustworthy?

The applications and Web for Free QR code generators are safer than you think. The technology is reliable and secure. There is no risk involved in generating a free QR code or using them for various purposes.

2. Do the free QR code Generators Expire after some time?

A QR code has no expiry date, it comes with a Quick link. Until the Link is working, the QR code functions. A QR code has an unlimited scan limit and no expiry at all. For active quick links, the QR will remain active.

How can we Scan a QR Code from a Screenshot?

In the 21st Century, QR codes are almost being used for everything. Scan a QR Code from a Screenshot, Ranging from opening the menu of restaurants to paying the bill. Just focus the camera of your phone on the QR code, and it will automatically open the relevant page. What if you have received the QR code via the message? Or the QR code is the screenshot instead. Marketing, communication, and Finance are cemented with the optimum growth of QR. Even the campaign landing page is integrated with QR. But how a user will scan the QR code from a Screenshot?

Shriek, this is not a limitation anymore!

Before we jump further, you must be giggling with so many questions. How to scan a QR code from a screenshot on iPhone or how to scan a QR code from a screenshot on Android? With the new operating system in the device, the procedure differs from scanning the QR. We will discuss each one deliberately.

Can you scan a QR code from a Screenshot?

There are four major elements for scanning a QR such as position markers, Alignment markers, Quiet zone, and data modules. Each of the elements plays a crucial role in scanning and resulting in the right page. The scanner spots the above-mentioned elements and then it decodes the data stored in data modules. Let us understand how these parameters work while scanning the QR code from a screenshot. The answer is affirmative if you still intend to ask, can you scan a QR code from a Screenshot?

The right method to scan a QR code from a screenshot on iPhone:

Apple has made several advancements on iOS devices to match the growing needs of the QR code. The induction of live text and visual operations has enhanced the systematic approach toward QR. Make sure the screenshot is saved in your apple iOS device and the below-mentioned step will help you to scan a QR code from a screenshot on your iPhone:

  1. Launch the Apple Photos Application on your iPhone
  2. open the Screenshot having the QR on it
  3. To the bottom right corner of your iPhone
  4. Then Tap on the feature named “Live Text Icon”
  5. click the QR portion in the screenshot
  6. The live text feature will automatically scan the QR
  7. And you can witness the result in the form of a link
  8. Copy the link and open it in the Apple Safari application

Note: You can also build up a Siri shortcut in iOS devices after Installing a QR reader from image shortcuts. This will fasten speed and help you execute faster.

The right method to scan a QR code from a screenshot on Android:

The inbuilt google application provides the easiest way to scan a QR code from a Screenshot on Android. The google lens feature can scan the QR and show a valid result for the same. The below-mentioned steps will guide you further in scanning a QR code from a screenshot on Android:

  1. Google applications are already in-built into the Android
  2. In case, it is not available – Download it from the play store.
  3. Open the application and click on the lens icon on the search bar
  4. Google lens will show the images on your phone
  5. In case you do not see the images on your phone, click on the gallery icon at the bottom left corner of the phone.
  6. Select the screenshot having QR in It
  7. The google lens will automatically scan the QR 
  8. And will show the right result 

Note: You can also add the google widget to the search bar, And the process will get shortened by half. The android has the shortcut option of google widget. Wherein you can also use Google lens for iPhone devices by logging into google.com.

How to Scan QR in a screenshot from a third-party Application?

Besides the above-mentioned methods, you can scan the QR with a third-party application available on the internet. Here are applications for Android and iOS. Whilst some websites help you in scanning a QR in a screenshot/ Image. ‘QR and Barcode scanner’ and ‘QR and Barcode reader’ are two most trustful applications for Android. QR reader for iPhone is a trustworthy application for iOS users. Webqr.com and QRcodescan.in are two guaranteed and useful websites for scanning QR in a Screenshot. It is indeed not required to download an additional application to scan a QR in Image. Sometimes it becomes necessary to visit the web because of some office restrictions. These are useful for personal purposes of interest as these third-party applications have more helpful features besides scanning the QR.


A QR code does not have any expiry date, Instead, they are inbuilt with a quick link. As long as the link is functional the QR code will function. It has no scan limit as it comes with dynamic integrity of unlimited Scan. There are a few limitations to using a QR, it is not accessible in dead Wi-Fi zone or places with no data access or much away from the scanning area. The feature to Scan the QR code from a Screenshot has solved the bigger problem.


1. Can you scan a QR code on a laptop or PC?

Yes, you can scan a QR code on a laptop or PC, by following the same method as above. You can use the feature of google lens to locate the QR and get the resulting link. Further, you can paste the link in the same browser to reach the resulting page. 

2. Can you Scan a QR code from a screenshot or image?

Yes, you can scan a QR code from a screenshot or image by downloading the google lens application. Launch the application and refer to the image. Select it then you can proceed to the results page. The result page will have the link, click on the link and land on the final page. 

How To Create Twitter QR Code To Increase Brand Awareness And Engagement?

Twitter QR Code : No conversation on social media is ever complete without Twitter. Deemed as one of the oldest and most successful social media platforms, it has been on top of the list of branding and marketing managers worldwide. It is a widely accepted and appreciated medium of expression which makes it an excellent tool for connecting and engaging target customers. You can now directly connect with a brand to resolve your queries, send feedback, and stay updated with their new offerings.?

The high usage of this app has compelled companies to refine their strategies to keep up with the changing tastes and preferences of their target consumers. Twitter QR code is one of those strategies that has recently surfaced as a bridge between online and real-world experience. Like all other platforms, Twitter has adopted this change and is now offering its users the option of creating their own Twitter QR code. The following paragraph details the process of creating a QR code for a Twitter account and how to use it to establish better engagement with your followers. 

Step By Step Guide On Creating Twitter QR Code

  • Open the Twitter app on your smartphone and tap the profile icon located in the top left corner of the screen. 
  • You will see a QR code icon at the bottom on the right corner of the screen. 
  •  You will see the Twitter QR code flashing on the screen that can be tapped for changing the background colour. 
  • Apart from this, there are a number of sites that offer Twitter QR code generators separately, you can use them as well to create Twitter customized QR code for your company. Most of these generator software offer advanced options like changing colour, adding pictures, or some text to the QR code to give it a unique appearance. So, if you are looking at it as a unique branding strategy, you may want to use such generators to differentiate yourself from your counterparts.?

Steps To Scan A Twitter QR Code

There may be times when you may need to scan a Twitter QR code, so it is equally important to know how to do it the other way round. There are several apps that work as Twitter QR code scanners, but there is a simpler way to do this directly from the Twitter app. Here is a step by step guide: 

  • Open the Twitter app and click on your profile icon. 
  • Click on the QR code icon on the bottom right of the screen. 
  • You will see a scan option right under the QR code, click on it and it will open your mobile?s camera. 
  • Just keep the camera in front of the Twitter QR code you need to scan and it will scan it automatically and direct it to the link embedded in it. 
  • Many sites use Twitter QR codes as login links for their profile or sometimes to direct to their latest offerings, whatever the reason the information for the same will be given next to the QR code. 

How To Use QR Code On Twitter For Better User Engagement? 

There are several ways to incorporate a Twitter QR code into your branding strategies. The best ones are as follows: 

  • For Tracking And Analyzing Twitter QR Code Campaigns: Several QR generator sites also offer analytics modules that can help keep track of the QR code scans, the number of devices used and locations where the code has been scanned. They create assimilated reports that can then be used to analyze the effect of your efforts and see what more can be done to engage customers with your brand. Apart from that, Google Analytics also offers tools for tracking QR code performance and understanding user demographics and behavior. If you don?t wish to associate yourself with some specific site, you can always use Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your campaign and QR code.?
  • Retargetting Users On Other Social Media Platforms: Twitter QR codes can also be used for re targeting users on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. This practice comes in handy when you need to target those users who are potential leads yet to be converted. The data retrieved from the usage of Twitter QR codes can be used to create personalized campaigns to ensure that potential leads are converted into customers.?
  • Include Twitter In The All-In-One Social Media QR Code For Your Brand: Creating separate QR codes for different social media platforms is a troublesome task. It is better to create a single all-in-one social media QR code that works for all the channels. Most online QR code generators provide this service free of cost and you can always use them to avoid the hassle of multiple codes.?

Final Word

QR codes offer an all-in-one solution for different marketing and promotional purposes. If you are into aggressive marketing and need to engage a wider circle of customers in an effective way, no other medium will do it faster than a simple QR code. It allows you to leverage both online and offline marketing mediums in the most economic manner. There is no reason why you should delay adopting one for your own company.

Twitter QR Code

How QR Codes Are Shaping The Future Of Marketing?

QR codes have been around for a long time. But it took pandemic-era to get the required traction from consumers. Now, marketers all over the world are rushing in to make the best of it and establish a direct connection with end-users. QR codes facilitate enhancement and interaction with consumers through widely use digital gadgets such as smartphones. There are several other uses of QR codes in marketing and in this blog, we will be taking a detailed look into how these unusual-looking square-shaped boxes are shaping the future of the marketing world.

Why Use QR Codes In Marketing? 

  • Enhances User Convenience: QR codes simplify the process by cutting short everything into one simple scan. Companies can use them to direct consumers to their official site, contact information, phones, promotional offers, and any other kind of useful information. 
  • Eco-Friendly: QR codes are digital signs that are ingrained and transferred within digital gadgets. This eliminates the need for any kind of paper trail allowing companies to go paperless and help save the environment. 
  • Affordability: They are easy to create, use, and reuse as many times as you need. The only restriction is the marketing strategy behind their creation. 
  • Diverse: QR codes can be easily integrated into different marketing materials ranging from outdoor displays to payment pages, print collaterals, and so on.?
  • Device Independent: All QR codes can easily be viewed from any digital gadget along with the pages or information they are linked to. It reduces the need for the creation of any special platform and saves a lot of hassle for companies using them. 
  • Measurable: One of the best use of QR codes is in marketing campaigns as they allow vendors to monitor and measure the metrics of campaigns in the simplest possible way. 

What Are The Uses of QR Codes In Marketing

  • Getting User To Website?s Landing Page: Users can now reach the landing page of a website using its QR code. It eliminates the need to navigate through search engines, result pages, and several other links to get to the destination. The only thing that marketers need to ensure is to match the URL with the QR code for accurate measurement. 
  • Send Message: It is an interesting use of QR code where the user can see the message by scanning the QR code. It is the next step in mobile marketing and can be beneficial in increasing sales, helping users with on-request upgrades, providing customer service, and implementing an SMS registration plan. 
  • Download Apps: A number of businesses are now using QR codes for marketing and promotional purposes. The user just needs to scan the QR code and then reach the download page for the app. It is a creative way to get traction online.?
  • Share Business Location: If any user wants to visit a company?s office, they can scan the QR code from the company?s official site and connect the location with their personal navigation app. The directions encrypted in QR code will let the navigation app direct the user in real-time to the desired location. 
  • Online and Offline Shopping: QR codes have proven to be one of the most effective mediums for connecting offline and online users. For example, if a user enters a restaurant and wishes to check the menu, they can just scan the restaurant?s QR code and then get the menu on their smartphone screen instantly. There are several other marketing strategies where QR codes can be used to share information with a customer, all you need to do is provide the user with a clear Call-To-Action (CTA). Don?t leave it to the user to decode the purpose of a given QR. 

Examples Of QR Code In Marketing

  • Taco Bell: QR codes have been part of Taco Bell?s promotional campaigns for almost a decade now. They launched a campaign called Doritos Locos Tacos in 2012. They placed QR codes on their Taco holster packages to engage with customers. In case, you haven?t checked them yet, make sure you check next time. 
  • Nissan: Nissan came up with an interesting marketing campaign where they placed QR codes as stickers on their vehicle?s window for a complete product lineup. Any user who wanted information on features, specifications, and or gets a product overview could just scan the QR code and get it all on their mobile phone. 
  • L?oreal: Not long back, L?oreal partnered with Glamour and installed QR code stickers in cabs to get traction from people stuck in traffic jams. The campaign was successful as it generated lots of leads and helped the companies promote their Yves Saint Laurent and Lacome product lines. During the campaign, L?oreal app downloads increased by 80 per cent. 
  • Paypal: QR codes have the biggest use in simplification of payments. If you wish to see its magic on a massive scale visit Asia. It played a key role in the digitalization of the economy in developing countries. Paypal did the same and helped speed up transactions on national and international levels. 
  • Starbucks: Like millions of others, Starbucks too digitized its engagement model by adding QR codes to its marketing strategy. They incorporated these codes in both their online and print ads in major US cities. And seeing the response, they took things a step further and printed their QR codes on flyers. The company left no stone unturned and enjoyed the returns during, before, and after the pandemic.

How QR Codes Are Shaping The Future Of Marketing

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