10 Best Honeymoon Destinations Around The Globe In 2023-2024

10 Best Honeymoon Destination Around the globe, Here we can term honeymoon as a centuries-old tradition that was celebrated by newlywed couples drinking mead on the first moon after their nuptials. As times evolved, couples started looking at honeymoon destinations as a place where they might unwind from wedding stress and get to know each other a little better.

The abstinence posed by the recent pandemic further compelled the notion of making the best of every moment and celebrating life as an extended honeymoon. In this write-up, we answer your quest for the best place to honeymoon destination in 2023-2024. We can find may more place at USA. Most of these are approved by tourism experts and travel-holics. So, here are the top ten honeymoon destinations that have earned a name for offering once-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences:?

10 Best honeymoon destination

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy ( 10 Best Honeymoon destination)

It is one of the top honeymoon places that fall in almost 8 out of 10 honeymooners? lists. It is a classic romantic town, the one you read about in several novels. Moorish architecture, colourful lounges, azure water, and beaches lined by umbrellas give you enough reasons to unwind with your partner and spend a few lazy hours strolling through streets, dwelling in historical sites or napping on the dark sandy beaches soaking some vitamin D.

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2. Austin, Texas:

If you are a bit of a hipster, your honeymoon ideas are bound to be a bit different from normal couples. How about a place that has some music, some romance, and a very long interesting history that speaks loads if you really care to listen. Austin, Texas can fulfil all your fetishes with its scenic sites, trendy bunglow-style hotels, bucolic stays on the outskirts of the city, food trucks, shows, and window-shopping destinations. Even if you have some calling for honeymoon sports, this is the place to be. 

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3. Maldives:

If you both have a very busy, hectic work schedule that leaves less time for a personal life, you may want to spend your honeymoon in a place that is romantic and completely opposite of the real concrete world. Welcome to the Maldives! It is a remote island chain located in the Indian Ocean and happens to be one of the most sought-after holiday destinations for those who crave a secluded and romantic honeymoon destination. Every resort on these islands offers extravagant services, private bungalows, and super-luxurious cabins standing in the shallow beach waters. If tranquil serenity had a word for itself, it would be the Maldives.

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4. Paris:

An eternally romantic and the best place for honeymoon, Paris is the epitome of culture, sophistication and romance. Whether you are looking for a quite fine dining experience or to visit some breathtaking sites that swoon the wanderer in you, Paris stands tall in all aspects. 

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5. Florence:

Another wedding honeymoon gem from Italy, Florence holds a special place among art and food connoisseurs. Once home to the biggest banking chains in Europe, it gives you ample chance to walk hand in hand in stoned streets, enjoy gazing at Michelangelo?s David, and Duomo?s ornate cupola, or just laze around in the Boboli Gardens. And if you have any love for Italian cuisine, this honeymoon location offers the most delicious and sumptuous array of genuine Italian dishes.?

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6. Bali:

This place is surely among the most soothing destinations for a honeymoon. It?s economical and has the best scenic views while roaming around with your partner. Once known as the ?Isle of the Gods?, it still justifies the title with greenery, beaches, crystal clear water bodies, resorts and villas. A perfect blend of natural and man-made accommodations, to create picture-perfect memories for your visits. Nature in Bali isn’t only limited to the greenery but also has a lot of varieties of birds and animals which you can visit in sanctuaries.

An extra benefit of Bali is the presence of yoga learning and practising sites, which in turn provide you with an experience of connecting with yourself and forgetting about the world while you are on your honeymoon. A touch of spirituality leads you to the culture of Bali, which acts as a magnet for many people around the world.

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7. Turkey:

If your preference is hot air balloons and you love historical destinations, Turkey is the best to opt for. Cappadocia is a place near Turkey?s capital and is famous for balloon rides and amazing sunrise views while floating in the skies, along with views of hills on the ground. There are numerous places to visit, such as landmarks, monuments, historical architecture like the remains of Troy and Apollon temple, castles and museums to learn about the rich history of Turks. 

Honeymoon in Cappadocia, Turkey , August 2021. : r/travel

8. Fiji:

Escaping the crowds of cities and going away from the stress of work to enjoy the beaches and luxury hotels, Fiji sounds like the best place to choose. Extravagant hotels provide great service and have lush green views with oceanic scenery. Attend the Kava ceremony to interact with locals and get to know their culture. Scuba diving, snorkelling, ziplining, paddleboarding, and helicopter rides are some of the fun and popular things to try here. They have a wide variety of food options, which have roots in their history as well. Small villages in Fiji are a great attraction to experience their traditional ways of living.

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9. Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka lies just beneath the border of India. It’s an island famous for big tea plantations, temples, rich biodiversity, beaches, and lush green natural areas. The presence of wildlife is showcased via national parks and sanctuaries. Honeymoon couples love to spend their time on Sri Lankan beaches which have white sands. Among the vast options, balloon rides can be a romantic option to see the greenery beneath and the sun from the air.

Honeymoon tour in srilanka - Picture of Sri Lanka, Asia - Tripadvisor

10. Japan:

If Japan is on your list of ?places to visit?, then planning your honeymoon in Japan can be a great idea. The world-famous cherry blossom trees are a sight to behold while strolling through parks or even the streets of Japan. The cities have shrines and temples, which are calm and peaceful places to visit, and they showcase the traditional ways of Japanese architecture and rich culture. Some of the best things you can do in Japan are travel in bullet trains, try unique restaurants like robots and cat cafes, eat famous foods like sushi and ramen, bathe in hot springs, visit snow monkey park, and try on or buy traditional dresses like kimonos and Samurai suits.

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6 Hot Digital Trends in Tourism Industry (2023)

The tourism industry is in the throes of survival during the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the global tourism industry. Travel restrictions, lockdown, segregation, and closure restrictions have led to a decrease in foreign tourists by 2020 compared to 2019.

Digital Trends in Tourism Industry have dramatically changed the way people travel and experience as tourists, from evolving technologies like the booking process to augmented reality.

According to stats:

?  148.3 million people make online reservations for their hotels, tours, activities, and accommodations.

?  95% of customers read reviews before booking

?  More than 85% love to book digitally because of personalized experience

In this article, we’ve discussed the Digital Trend of the tourism industry and how it’s changing travelers’ experiences worldwide. Let’s begin!

Six Digital Trends in tourism industry (2022)

These are six hot digital trends in tourism industry and providing new experiences to travelers. Let?s see!

#1 The arrival of Virtual Reality in the tourism industry

Virtual reality is that the tourism industry is on the move. Regardless of the destination or hotel, guests can now quickly get to their destination and get a taste of their next vacation. This visual reality is especially interesting for travelers who want to give themselves a unique pre-experience before traveling to a distant land.

Companies understand that customers require lots of information before booking a hotel or holiday in the tourism industry. By using virtual reality, travel companies can help customers experience the complete holiday or hotel environment without physical presence. Many companies are getting benefits from adopting this technology and attracting more customers.

#2 Artificial intelligence with chatbots

Powerful AI chatbots are an expensive but strategic investment in tourism technology that helps increase digital trends in tourism industry because they are available for help 24/7, able to provide customers with answers to their questions in real-time, and help them make better decisions.

It’s one of the best digital trends in tourism industry because customers can easily find solutions to their queries and find better deals. Also, the tourism industry uses chatbots to know more about their potential customers to be more satisfied with their customers.

#3 Create a digital experience with mobile phones

It is no secret that the digital trends in tourism industry is becoming more digital, and it is now commonplace to use digital tools to improve mood. About 68% of visitors search for information on mobile phones instead of using a computer or tablet; In 42% of respondents, on the other hand, the smartphone is essential for sharing their information on social profiles; in the end, 38% use it to leave comments and updates on dedicated apps and sites. Mobiles have a huge impact on visitors’ behavior and decisions, from booking a holiday to buying flights to paying for services on site.

#4 Hotels go Digital

Visitors need more than ever, and their expectations are high. Hotels should live up to these expectations and, in doing so, have the evolving digital styles available. Many hotels have invested in modern digital solutions to make their guests’ stay memorable. For a long time now, smart hotels have also been on the market.

Smart hotels give guests a unique and fresh feel. Guests can adjust their room temperature, open their doors, pay for their accommodation, etc., all by simply swiping a finger on their smartphone. This will allow hotels to improve efficiency and learn directly from customer behavior, which proves to be valuable. As big data becomes increasingly useful for the tourism industry, some hotels’ digital transformation fully enables them to use it.

#5 Powerful packages include ticket sales

Powerful packages that are revolutionary in the online ticketing industry. Suppose you are planning an event in the city center, but with extensive access, you can consider adding to the sales of your events so that you’ll increase the chances of getting more conversions. Travelers are looking for these packages that come with tickets so that they’ve everything pre-planned and they’ll make decisions faster.

#6 Augmented Reality (AR)

Another emerging digital trends in tourism Industry closely related to tangible realities is that of unpopular reality for taxpayers we see. Unlike VR, the basic concept behind AR is to use digital trends in tourism industry to transform real-world information. The Augmented reality of taxpayers we see is particularly appealing to those in the tourism industry, as it provides the ability to develop real estate technically.


Digital trends in tourism Industry opens up new opportunities for growth and development. Companies are adopting new technologies, evolving their hospitality, and improving customer experience. And it’s the right to adapt to the changes and new technologies for a better experience in the tourism industry. We at Shoocal leverage hospitality and tourism businesses to offer cutting-edge, latest technology products to organize, manage and even retain the businesses like a pro. Book a demo to visit our digital products now. Drop your comment and let me know your opinion about the augmented reality experience you?ll get in our products?

Top 7 Reasons To Integrate Workflow Automation In Your Travel Business

Automation is swiftly making its way into our daily lives. Whether you are scrolling through Instagram reels or booking tickets for a complicated travel plan, the partial credit for giving you exactly what you want goes to automated systems. Speaking of the latter, travel marketing automation system are intuitive and easy-to-use technologies that excel in streamlining multifaceted tasks and yielding expected results in no time. 

So who benefits most from this technology? Well, both sides. The end-users, as well as the service providers, are leveraging automation in travel industry. To what end? Here are the top seven effects of automation in travel industry that highlight both its significance and need: 

Turnaround Time While Responding To Reservation Related Inquiries:

Most customers that make booking related inquiries with travel agencies expect answers within 2-3 hours. It means the company that responds in minimum time gets a lead over its competitors. Chatbots have surfaced as a potential solution to this problem as it replies back to most basic inquiries whenever the client makes a contact. Integrate it with an AI-based system and it will answer most questions that a traveller may have. If the question is complicated, the chatbot can offer a timeline within which a real member of the team will get back to them. 

Boosting Cost-Efficiency:

The foundation of new machinery lies in the costs it saves. No new system or machinery would ever be hailed if it failed to meet this basic need. And the same is taken off by travel automation systems. Setting and integrating pre-existing systems with automated software is a costly and time-consuming task. But, it pays off in a long term. It saves time, cost, resources while transforming the business. If stats are to be believed then an automation system can save 40-70% of business costs, especially for a travel agency. It also saves time and reduces the chances of human errors which again diverts the point back to cost savings. 

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Improved Sales:

Speed is crucial when it comes to sales in the travel world. Automation of research and booking processes can help tour operators respond promptly to potential customers and make fast bookings. Other benefits of automation include better reservation management, fast creation of complicated itineraries, speedy booking with third party suppliers, better communication at all ends, and a global distribution system. 

Satisfied Employees:

Shifting through masses of data for hours is definitely a mundane task. Your employees might be doing it as a job responsibility but stay assured they would want to give it over at the first chance they get. This monotonous problem can easily be resolved through automated systems. The travel automation processes use AI to streamline the research, analysis, and booking process. They can take care of every small detail right from the dates, venues, expense calculator to an analysis of yearly data and allows the workers to focus on human-driven aspects of this job. 

Better Experience For Business Travelers:

People who need to travel often for professional reasons have extra needs and demands. Since a considerable part of their lives is being spent in travelling, they want to make most of it. So, they have no desire to compromise on travel experience and convenience. Automation plays a key role in this case as it empowers the traveler by giving them better control over their trip. It allows the travel company to show how it values their career goals and dedication to their profession. Automation has the power to make a big difference to your regular customers. 

Added Safety And Security:

In the present day world, all online businesses hold a collective responsibility towards their clients and travel agencies are not an exception to that. A good travel management strategy works to minimize the risk for its corporate clients. Automation offers a reliable risk strategy. The GPS tracking systems and up to last minute risk reports improve communication between travelers and companies. The data from these systems also narrows down the high-risk areas and ensures the safety of its employees in the field. 

Simplification of Expense Management:

Corporate travel automation excels in simplifying the matter of travel expenses to quite an extent. The matter was previous a nightmare for many, however, it has been turned into a painless and smooth process with such seamless software. The automated systems allow the employees to monitor expenditures in real time and get access to travel expenses reports from a location. These systems allow business travelers to take reign of their travel expenses and self-booking in their own hands and frees up several resources in the system. 

Final Words

Big companies and technocrats led the way in the beginning of this century. However, small start ups and young entrepreneurs weren?t happy and didn?t want to surrender the market to these big players. They developed new technologies and algorithms that challenged the market dynamics and levelled the playing ground for all players. Automation is the combined result of some of those strategies that works on machine learning, AI, VR, and AR technologies.

For travel agencies, business travelers, and tourists all over the world, automation has proved to be a cornerstone for everyday work. Adoption of various automation like travel marketing automation systems, automated booking systems, etc wouldn?t be a leap of faith. It is just a fundamental step to stay ahead in the fierce competition in travel world.

10 Most Safe Destinations For Solo Female Traveler In 2023

Many women prefer to travel alone to explore different countries and their cultures. In fact, according to a report, 32 million American women are traveling alone to foreign countries. The number of safe destinations for solo female traveler is increasing daily.

If you’re an adventurous woman planning for a solo trip with safety, then I’ve good news for you. There are so many Safe Destinations For Solo Female Traveler in the world and experience the beauty of the places. 

In this article, we’ve picked the Top 10 safest countries where you can do a solo trip and enjoy the destinations.

In terms of safety, we’ve picked these Safe Destinations For Solo Female Traveler based on these key factors:

?     Safe to walk alone at night

?     Non-partner sexual violence

?     Intimate partner violence

?     Legal discrimination

?     Gender inequality index

?     Global gender gap

?     Violence against women attitudes

Let’s find out the best countries safe destinations for solo female travel!

Top 10 Safest Countries Safe Destinations For Solo Female Traveler

#1 Spain

For solo female travelers, Spain can be one of the best places. Also, Spain has been the second most visited country globally for years.

In Spain, you’ll see many things like museums, history, beautiful architecture, amazing foods, beaches, and many things to do for solo female travelers. In this country, people are open-minded, and women feel safer, and that’s why the crime rate is lowest in Spain. The best cities for female solo travel, Spain can be one of their favorite places to visit.

#2 Switzerland

Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe. And definitely, this beautiful place will steal your heart with its beautiful scenes, lakes, museum, galleries, buildings, amazing festivals, and fun-loving activities like hiking, biking, climbing, paragliding, and skiing.

As a solo female travel destination, this place is full of enjoyment. And you can have some beautiful moments in Switzerland. If you’re a nature lover and want to spend time with nature, gorgeous lakes, and scenes, you’ll surely like Switzerland.

#3 Singapore

Singapore is a great city of futuristic marvels & beautiful buildings. And it’s the safest Asian country on the planet. You’ll see beautiful and modern places like high-class shopping malls, luxury hotels, beautiful restaurants, and other attractions.

And women love to go shopping, go to restaurants and luxury malls. And it’s mainly popular because of public transportation that makes safe destinations solo female travelers’ journeys smoother. There are a lot more surprises hidden in Singapore for you to visit.

#4 Iceland

Iceland is a fabulous place to visit, and you can experience so many beautiful locations & lots of adventures. Here you’ll see volcanoes, ice, waterfalls, glaciers, and a colorful city that could be the best fit safe destinations for solo female travelers.

This place is also popularly known as “The land of Fire & Ice”. The nightlife of Iceland is jaw-dropping, and you’ll see beautiful scenes that steal your heart.

#5 Japan

For modern women, Japan is one of the best countries to travel alone as a woman where you’ll see high-tech, modern cities with friendly people. Everything is attractive, fascinating, and shocking in this country, and for women, this can be an amazing place for shopping. And it’s one of the safest places for women.

Some major cities of Japan that you need to travel to, i.e., Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka are the best cities of Japan where you can explore so many things.

#6 Belgium

A country where you can explore historical monuments, beautiful environments, and many attractions with complete safety in Belgium. It’s a real gem that must be visited once to see beautiful scenery and attractions. In this country, you’ll find many middle ages architecture like vintage castles, mansions, churches, and museums.

#7 France

France is another perfect match safe destinations for solo female travelers who want to explore the real beauty of this world. You’ll see the Eiffel tower, fairytale castles, glorious cathedrals, beautiful villages, museums, and colorful nightlife.

Wines and cheeses are so popular in France. So if you’re a cheese lover, then surely try this place. France shows its rich culture with wine and food, so it’s an amazing place for you to visit and see the glory.

#8 Austria

Austria has the highest living standards, and it’s completely safe destinations for solo female travelers. As a female traveler, you’ll not find any problems because everything is well standard and makes your journey easier. You can enjoy a quality life in Austria.

There are so many eye-catching attractions you’ll explore in Austria, like snow-capped mountain peaks, beautiful green forests, crystal clear lakes, and many more.

#9 Indonesia

In Indonesia, Bali is the top destination for solo female travelers. It’s an Island of Gods, and you’ll explore the beauty of this nature with a safe environment.

Bali is synonyms of spirituality, yoga, wellness, and you’ll feel everything similarly when you travel here – the beauty of nature, fresh food, peace, veganism, etc. The environment is so friendly, and it?s the best country to travel alone female.

#10 Chile

This county is for those who want to experience the whole world in one place because Chile is one of those best countries for solo female where you can travel full of natural beauty, most arid desert, historical monuments, beaches, camping spots, and beautiful mountains that could make you feel heaven in one place. Chile is one of the safest places for solo female travelers.


We hope solo female travelers find this article helpful, and now they’re ready to go and explore another beautiful country with safety. Drop your comment and let me know your next country to visit?

Top 9 Most-Emerging Tourism Technology Trends In 2023

Prior to discussing the latest tourism technology trends in the travel industry in the running year; let?s start a natural conversation – Think about spending your one day – Without Technology and Equipment! It seems quite impossible. Doesn?t it? Right! We literally forget how to live without our mobile phones and gadgets. This statement remains unchanged even when we travel. Whenever we need to move from one place to another, the very first thing we do is ? take out our mobile phones and start scrolling the best options available for us. From direct bookings from airlines to hassle-free accommodation, we usually end up using the latest fintech innovation and other alternative payment methods, right?

Let?s peer into the future- take a look at some latest technology trends in the tourism industry that are emerging this year.

A-List Of 9 Tourism Technology Trends In Travel Industry For 2022

1.   Travel APIs

There are many travel APIs available on which you can send and receive data of the destination properties that are listed on those connectivity APIs. No doubt, backed with data power, such travel APIs are the backbone of the travel and tourism industry. The modular design of these interfaces helps travellers to customise their booking journey with a lot of ease by managing room availability, accommodation booking, prices, and many more things in a few minutes.

2.   Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Interactive ads with engaging information are augmented reality experiences that are revolutionising the travel industry like never before. These AR and VR technologies and  travel tech trends have boundless potential in introducing more interactive elements in the search results of travellers? mobile phones. In the crux, virtual reality is a powerful marketing tool that offers virtual tours to satiate the wanderlust of travellers.

3.   IOT Things

Reap the rewards by delivering a safe, superior customer experience- Using the Internet of Things (IoT). The primary benefit to add IOTs here is- it leverages the travel industry by saving energy costs and delivering a better guest experience. Connected guest?s room appliances, wearable devices, wireless inventory trackers, biometric cyber security scanners, etc. are some examples of IoT things that we will use in 2022.

4.  Ultra-High-Speed WiFi

Now, coming up too ? the high-speed internet. The best wireless travel is what frequent travelers always wander for. A poor WiFi or internet service can lead to bad online reviews for the hospitality and travel industry. As travellers are leaner to search out a destination where they can enjoy a faster internet speed. Amazingly, tourism technology trends keep upgrading every year but the need for faster internet is going nowhere. It remains a hotshot requirement of all time.

5.   Voice Searches & Voice Control

With products like Google?s Home, Apple?s Siri, Amazon?s Echo, and Microsoft Cortana, voice recognition has become the next-gen travel trend to include in 2022. Imagine how high-quality, multi-lingual interactions offer a huge potential to convert random multi-culture visitors to liable guests of a property. That?s why marketers always pen down this while discussing the travel tourism technology trends.

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6.   Big DATA

Although Big Data should lead the chart by offering endless information about the competitors and travelers to businesses. Hotels can pinpoint to spot the market gap between rival competitors and themselves. So that they can anticipate the future demand by optimizing the pricing strategies and doing the target marketing with a lot of precision. Travel companies that believe in the potential of technology trends in the tourism industry use cookies and other third-party technologies to collect technical data.  

7.   Cyber Security Practices

Now, where is DATA, then obviously, there must be high chances of facing vulnerability associated with it i.e. DATA Breaches. For decades, the hospitality and tourism industry have been remaining on the radar of intruders and cybercriminals. Hackers send fraudulent communications using tactics together with deceptive emails, websites links, telephones, and text messages to businesses and high-profile organisations. They can steal confidential personal data for instance login credentials, bank account details, credit card numbers, and other corporate information.

Hence, it?s better to be updated and upgraded with all the latest cyber security practises at all times.

8.   Robot Technology

Robots are one of those interesting technology trends in travel and hospitality industry that offer tourist attractions advantageously. No matter, if hotels and other tourism organisations use them as the receptionist and informational providers or in-room assistants. Robots provide 24/7 support in extremely swift response time. The hospitality and travel industries want to lead the way by offering a memorable trip to the tourists. They should add this quirky and futuristic technology to surprise their travellers.

9.   Contactless Payment Options

Amid the Covid-19 virus and its ever-changing variants coming these days, the demand for contactless payment options has been raised these days. A secure, fast, and hygienic manner accepting and processing credit card payments is getting popular day by day. Regarding the present global health situation, it is a must to go for an extremely convenient, fast, and secure payment method. So it?s better to delve into bespoken smartphone payment applications and end up adopting any of them.


It is excellent that new technology trends in the travel and hospitality industry offer sustainable business transformations like never before. It makes tourism businesses run smoothly and efficiently. If you want to upgrade your travel and hospitality business, then contact our technical assistant today! We at Shoocal are best known to deliver hospitality technologies to hotels, restaurants, and other travel businesses.


7 Best Solo Travel Destinations In The U.S. For 2023

We all have that unsaid nerve to escape the world and go on an unplanned, solo travel trip. But where? In this blog, we answer this question in 15 amazing ways and within the confines of the USA. Come and explore with is the best places to travel alone in the U.S. and decide where your longing for solitude should conclude next. 

The Florida Keys:

All you need to pack is a pair of flip-flops, a few t-shirts, and some swimming shorts and reach Florida keys. It is a heaven for solo travelers as the place is easy to navigate, has a lot of history, endless places to visit, and a chain of islands where you can spend your days in quiet in the lap of mother nature.  

Things to Do: You can take a walk to the beach, shop from small local shops, visit various museums, and visit different islands. The place has several notable museums including the Shipwreck Treasure Museum and Ernest Hemingway Museum. You can bundle museum tickets and save some money to hit some of its best islands like Key Largo, Islamorada, Key West, etc. And if you wish to get busy with adventurous activities you can sign up for snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, etc. 

Salt Lake City, Utah:

The safety standards of this city make it the best destination for solo travelling. You can wander all by yourself and you will return home with bags, baggage, and pink health. As for the scenery, it is a picturesque city bordered by mountains and full of warm small-town vibes.

Things to Do: You can visit museums, take notes of its state-of-the-art architecture and explore the history and landmarks of the first settlers. You can begin the tour from Temple Square and then make your way through its grand buildings and amazing grounds. If you are an adventurer, you can always sign up for hiking or skiing at Park City or take a quick ride to Gilgal Garden. 

Door County, Wisconsin:

Another coastal area recommended as a solo travel destination, it gets its identity from its extremely hospitable locals. You might be solo travelling on your own but here you wouldn?t feel alone as the locals know how to make someone feel at home. What further adds to the charm is the scenic beauty of this place. Door County is bordered by Green Bay on one side and Lake Michigan on the other. It is heaven for explorers all along the year. You can easily take a pick from 19 communities here including Egg Harbor, Sister Bay, Ephraim, Sturgeon Bay and so forth. There are several independent bed and breakfast lodges, so staying in budget-friendly places is not a problem. 

Things To Do: You can begin by tasting the in-season apples or cherries from local orchards, bask in the warmth of any of its public beaches, hike in the Peninsula State Park, take a ferry to Washington Island, visit lavender farms if you are here in summers, or hop through the rocky Schoolhouse Beach. 

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Mobile Alabama:

If you are looking for a calm and quieter solo travel destination, then Mobile Alabama is your place. People here are extremely friendly and excel in striking conversations even with strangers. The place is a serene version of New Orleans without any violence and excessive partying of course! 

Things To Do: The French architecture of this city well-explains its foundation. If you are a lover of historical buildings then you will enjoy its wrought-iron balconies and antebellum mansions that were originally owned by plantation owners. If you time your visit you can enjoy Mardi Gras here as well as the parades sprint here for two weeks to finally conclude on Fat Tuesday. The celebration is shortly followed by another festival of lights – the Azalea Trail Festival. You can also explore the USS Alabama battleship, historic Fort Conde, local cuisine, and much more. 

Portland, Oregon:

Portland is considered the best place to solo travel alone in the U.S. for its special laid-back vibes. It is blessed with a highly welcoming community that loves solo travelers. The best part is you can travel through this city on foot and when tired, just hop on to a Portland Streetcar. 

Things To Do: There is an infinite number of things to be pursued in this city depending on your taste. If you are a book lover, you can begin the tour from Powell?s City of Books which is the biggest independent bookstore in the U.S. Hikers can take a trip to Forest Park and if you are an art connoisseur then you have to visit its local galleries and meet the artists who know how to turn their ideas into a reality. As for recreational activities, you can take leisurely strolls through the International Rose Treat Garden or bike through the roads of this city. 

Honolulu, Hawaii:

If you scan through Instagram posts with an alert eye you will find several accounts of the best solo travel vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. The place is a melting pot of nationalities and cultures that keep coming and submerging into it from all over the world. Honolulu offers Aloha to all its visitors including all solo travel trip enthusiasts. 

Things To Do: Honolulu is an urban oasis surrounded by green tropical regions that are full of cultural sites, natural landscapes, and breathtaking vista points. There is literally no end to things to do, you can ride as well as walk through the city. Public transportation is available to reach everywhere and if you like to make it exclusive you can have Uber rides to the outer regions. You want to bask in the sun visit Pearl Harbour, Diamond Harbour, take a trip to the historic downtown, Chinatown museums, the Capitol buildings, the Lolani palace, etc.

The city also has a recreational infrastructure that allows tourists to go for scuba diving, siling, Kayaking, Snorkeling, mountain climbing, biking, and hiking. If you are a foodie, you can explore the farmers? market, food courts, oceanside bars, splendid dining venues, food truck venues, and local restaurants. 

New Orleans, Louisiana:

New Orleans has long held a reputation for being one of the best places for solo travel trips in the U.S. It is a dream come true for every art and culture lover. Also known as one of the friendliest cities in the U.S., it offers endless music, raucous parties, and dancing corners. If you want to explore from a historical perspective, you can always sign up for a guided tour through the city. The old Victorian homes and cemeteries are a sight to hold. 

Things To Do: New Orleans is all about exploration. You can begin by hitting the Bourbon Street that is lined up by Jazz clubs or dwells into its history by taking a trip to the Jazz Museum. And along with all other destinations, do not forget to take a peek into the French Quarter which offers plenty of shopping and eating venues. If you have a taste for beignets you can always try Caf? du Monde.

How Tourism Technology Are Working Hand-In-Hand To Simplify Post-COVID Travel Needs?

Tourism Technology – We are living in a society that is rapidly evolving with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Every single part of our existence from education to personal relationships carries a deep impression of these innovations. And the tourism sector is very much at the heart of it.?

The exponential rise in tourism also generated the need for efficient, fast, and safer means of travel. The online travel market leveraged this demand and soared into a full-blown industry whose net worth currently exceeds 3 Billion U.S. Dollars. 

Cloud computing, machine learning, smart rooms, robots, and Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) are some of the latest tourism technologies redefining travel norms all over the world. COVID-19 restricted human interaction and pushed these systems deeper into hospitality and tourism practices.?

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What Kinds of Innovations Are Bridging The Gap Between Technology And Tourism Industry


A travel software designing company that offers tourism technology solutions for B2B travel. The APIs used in its software simplify booking and payment through integration with travel portals.?


If you are looking for the latest updates on travel and tourism technology, you need to check out Skift regularly. It is a media company that provides the current news on tourism tech, trends, and movements that are defining the post-COVID norms in this industry. It answers all queries and questions related to global travel and tourism technology.?


A unique platform launched by Firebird Tours, it provides users with a toolset for efficient, fast, and fully-tailored trip planning. The complexity of trips isn?t an issue with this platform, it uses some serious algorithms to simplify searches for destinations, experiences, best routes, and bookings.  


Another product from Firebird Tours, it takes care of railway bookings around the world. A highly optimized platform, it can take care of all new traveling needs that have come into play since the beginning of the pandemic. It offers top-grade service with a network of well-informed travel agents, risk mitigation, enhanced safety, and guidance for traveling to all parts of this planet.?


It is a travel company that excels in providing the best vacation packages, cruise trips, car rentals, hotels, flight tickets, and so forth. Additionally, it has a chatbot that syncs with Facebook, Amazon Alexa, AI voice recognition, and all other latest technologies. 


It is a camping booking site that expanded during the pandemic. It leveraged the need for social distancing by creating a smart network of local landowners across the U.S.. The company brought in some smart systems to predict requirements in a specific area and provided the hosts with tools to list their sites on this platform. Another feature called the ?extras? was launched to allow hosts to highlight additional offerings like firewood, food, rentals, and different experiences. So, next time you have plans to leave the world behind and go off the radar, you know where to begin. 


Getaway is a six-year-old company and it excels in providing single-room cabins next to the perifery of highly urbanized zones in the U.S.. you can count on Getaway for special features like full bathrooms, sleek kitchenettes, outdoor fire pits, gallery windows, and picnic tables. Charry on the cake, these cabins are devoid of any Wi-Fi and television sets. It is a heaven for those who want a real getaway from the regular world and teach their kids to live without technological distractions. 

Intrepid Travel:

Ecotourism has been in play long before Greta Thunberg decided to take things in her hands. Intrepid has been a carbon-neutral company for almost a decade now and it redefined its operations during the pandemic. Currently, it owns the title for being the first tour operator in the world to set its emission reduction targets according to the Science Based Targets initiative. This initiative was conceptualized under the partnership of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Intrepid plans to shift its offices to renewable energy by 2025 and will cut down its business trips to meet the above-mentioned targets.  


A mobile-only platform, it is a travel booking site that uses a price-prediction algorithm that allows its users to book hotels and flights at the lowest prices. The app is evolving with new add-ons, intuitive features, and user-friendly tabs that peaks its appeal. Hopper guarantees the best price drops to its customers, in-app cancellations, and an option to skip unwanted lineup in customer services. 

Arrive Outdoors:

Arrive Outdoors is a travel-gear rental company that generated a 439% increase in sales during the pandemic. It aims to simplify outdoor experiences by making them more sustainable and affordable. It celebrated its exceptional growth by bringing in new categories of camping gear, improving its customer service, and streamlining its in-house logistics and distribution network. It is also working on a minimum wastage model that includes corrugated packaging and reusable boxes. 


Another hospitality giant that made the best out of pandemic stagnation. Ennismore earned a name for its rapid decisions to remodel its properties as gleaming retreats for staycations and flexible check-in and check-out timings. Even the food and drink spaces were utilized to their best as the hotel offered them as safe corners to the locals. Now, Accor is planning to partner with Ennismore to enlist all its properties under this new kind of hospitality. 

These are just a few examples to show how technology is playing a pivotal role in transforming travel and tourism technology trends. All said and done, the recent pandemic taught many to make the best of now and it will bring a hike in tourism all over the world in the coming years. Better hygiene, healthy practices, and seamless experiences will be the key to staying in business and giving people a reason to return. And only those who play their cards in accord with these new demands will stay ahead in the game.?

Tourism Technology

What’s The Best Approach To Travel Automation?

Automation is redefining time, resources, and operational management for all business verticals. The travel industry is one of the first ones to adopt and implement this innovation.?

However, business transformation and upgrade isn?t as simple as it sounds on paper. Travel automation is the future but it needs careful consideration at several levels. For example, automation of a travel booking site needs integration of occupancy sensors, inventory analyzers, chatbots, GDSs, marketing monitors, pre and post-sale service travel automation, and much more.?

You need to see if you have enough funds and resources to implement full-scale travel automation. Also, check if you know how to prioritize the process and align it with your business objectives? See if your business is ready for it. And this is just the preliminary process, to begin with.

Operational optimization is a step by step approach that involves careful screening of every small and big process before deciding if it needs travel automation or not. Then you need to work on skill gaps, manage funds, hire new talent, and establish technology partnerships to make it a fully-functional part of your business cycle.?

So, what?s the best approach to travel automation in tourism industry??

A simple approach is to assess the impact of travel automation on various stages of the business. Let?s begin from the basics:?

Travel Automation Of The Pricing Strategy:

It is not easy to chart and market a pricing strategy in the fiercely competitive online world. All deals and discounts are constantly screened and compared by end-users. You can?t risk going for random pricing or overlooking standard prices set by your competitors. An automated price tracking software will allow you to monitor all competitors? pricing and devise your own strategy to counter those figures. Make sure that you feed your software with correct data from time to time otherwise it may present you with wrong figures setting a path for new disasters. 

Establish 24/7 Support:

It is one of those things that can?t be left entirely to automated software. Chatbots and widgets are all good till you need to answer simple queries but travel automation plans seldom go as planned. So, can you leave it on a machine to resolve any last-moment crisis? Maybe with lots of machine-learning and AI inputs over a period of time. But then, can a business survive so many rounds of hits and trials??

 If your services transcend time zones, boundaries, and last-minute scheduling, you will need a strong support team round the clock to resolve major obstructions in the process. You will need software that sends an alert to its human agents as soon as something goes wrong. Lacking good customer support can lead to serious repercussions and easily drop your ratings within a few days. Make sure you find the right balance between human and machine support on this front. 

Find A Consolidated Platform:

Travel management is a multi-faceted process that needs simplification at both ends. For example, signing up for a travel package should not entail opening and closing multiple tabs, emails, SMSs and messages. It is not easy to locate emails and messages in a cluttered inbox, act on them, and then bypass multiple password setups,  and checks to finalize one purchase. 

A consolidated travel management system means centralization of all relevant information in one place. The user should be able to see all bookings, schedulings, fares, and plan comparisons in one place. And as a service provider, it must show you all bookings, schedules, expenses, and traveller?s information in one place. Expense tracking has been one of the most sought-after features for travel automation in travel industry, make sure the platform you select has one.?

Set Up Policies To Optimize Operational Efficiency:

It is important to create a setup that employees can follow during the booking process. It also clarifies the options to a traveller who knows which plan works under a specified set of conditions. 

For instance, for your own employees, an upper limit can be set for hotel charges for business travel along with a maximum number of days. Once the parameters are in place, the hotel booking automation tool wouldn?t let users bypass the set limit. 

Policy setup is a complicated task that needs provision for various scenarios like emergencies, holidays, season discounts, etc. But once you accomplish the task, the automated travel management would work as per your expectations. 

Automate Pre and Post Booking Services:

Post booking period is a labor intensive phase with endless tasks like queue management, fare comparison after ticket booking, staying in touch with the client, keeping hotels in the loop, checking reservation accuracy, and so on. It only seems rational to bring in a scalable Global Distribution System (GDS) that supports all your post-sale services. Automation of these tasks will reduce the effort of your team and prevent human errors to a considerable extent. Travel marketing automation is another version of this system that is equally effective in reducing laborious tasks like sending trip notifications, best offers, and relevant information to subscribed users.?

What?s The Best Time To Pursue Automation?

Automation is an advanced stage measure that works only when your business has a firm foothold in your niche. If you automate in the beginning, you may end up exhausting a big part of your budget on something that wasn?t ready to yield a return on your investment. Therefore, a better approach is to create engagement through Ad campaigns, SEO, social media, blogging, and other means and get a head start on your consumer base. 

You can think of travel automation when your portal starts getting decent traction and maintains it at an accelerating pace for some time. Till then keep working on traditional inexpensive, low-risk solutions to optimize your operational efficiency.?

Proper knowledge of where your company stands on the travel automation map and where it will be in near future can save you from committing blunders in terms of investment. Lastly, make sure to test the automated process for some time before full-scale implementation. More importantly, take it slow, understand the process, its implications and change if you find a better version of the technology you are using.?

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