Dragon Ball Legends QR code: Scan and Generate

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Are you interested in redeeming the dragon ball legends QR code in 2023?

Most people are fascinated by earning the Chrono crystals and Dragon Balls. The freebies can redeem lots of dragon ball legends QR codes. To the world of mobile gamers, the DB legend QR code was introduced as a popular anime franchise. Ranging from brilliant graphics to core building mechanisms, the game had everything that gamers expect from an action-oriented game. Dragon ball legends are action-based anime gameplay, the game includes fights and a card-based strategy. The game is valuably presented in 3D animation that makes you live in an anime world. Here the players accumulate their friends as fighters and fight as a team. They get a reward for the same. And Even at the time of the anniversary, gamers get Dragon ball legends QR code. That is an exchange in the form of rewards to maintain the game’s progress. 

Unlike other redeemable games, redeem codes are not in Dragon ball legends. Wherein gamers can scan their QR code during events conducted in anniversary events such as Energy tickets, Chrono Crystals, and Other exclusive rewards. The article includes everything you want about Dragon ball legends QR codes. 

What is the Dragon ball legends QR code?

The annual event starts on May 31, it lasts for one month. The Dragon ball legends codes come during the anniversary event every year. The game launched in the year 2018. And in May the players get a reward during the events. As of now, there are no dragon ball legends codes. And you might not get the ability to redeem it for freebies. The codes are released in May. Similarly, it was released in May, Dragon ball legends QR codes 2022. 

 The correct method to scan the dragon ball legends QR code:

  1. Launch the game on your device
  2. To the bottom right corner of the screen, click on the menu bar
  3. press on the scan option
  4. Automatically the camera feature will switch ON, including the gallery images
  5. Make sure to allow permission to camera and gallery of your phone
  6. Now you can scan the friends code from the camera
  7. Similarly, you can reload it from the camera 
  8. The game provides the in-game ability to scan
  9. Make sure you are scanning the valid code
  10. After a successful scan, you will receive a reward such as Dragon balls and Chrono crystals.

Note: You can only redeem the code from your in-game friends. But no need to worry, if you have not established friendship in DB legends. They also share the Dragon ball legend codes from their official Twitter account. Whensoever the 2023 anniversary is announced, jump to their Twitter handles and you can make just many friends. Everyone seeks a DB legend QR code. 

Here are the right ways to summon the Shenron in Dragon ball legends QR code:

Shenron is the magical creature developed for the Dragon ball franchise. You can summon the Shenron only during the anniversary as the feature is developed only during the anniversary event. By collecting and scanning the DB legends QR code, you can summon and make the wish fulfill. 

 1. Scan a minimum of 3 codes every day with the same methods as mentioned above.

2. Collect the balls that are rewarded for scanning

3. You can collect them after performing in event challenges

4. Once you have got around seven dragon balls

5. You will be able to summon the Shenron in the game

List of some valid rewards that you get from scanning QR codes in Dragon balls legends:

 There is indeed a valid list of rewards that you get after scanning the QR codes of each other during the coming anniversary (May 2023). The rewards mentioned below are Dragon ball legends QR codes 2022 rewards. Hence, we can guess the fifth anniversary in the year 2023 will comprise similar rewards:

  • A star contained a mysterious ball
  • Six Star Dragon ball/ Five Star Dragon ball/ Three-star Dragon ball
  • The Chrono Crystals (The most favorite by gamers)
  • Sparking Medak and EN tank
  • Multi Z power

Here is the list of some expected wishes which were also part of Dragon ball legends QR codes 2022:

  • The group of 1000 Chrono Crystals
  • 40 crores of Zeni
  • An exclusive title for the Event
  • The collection of EN Tanks

Some of the important points to note down below:

  • The date of event commencement and completion may change without prior notice. 
  • Codes can only be redeemed up to three times a day
  • The codes expire after 60 minutes
  • The dragon balls will disappear from the screen once you have summoned the Shenron. But you can view them still by clicking on memories
  • After every new event begins, the last dragon balls will reset automatically. 


  1. What is the role of QR codes in Dragon ball legends?

The QR codes in Dragon ball legends are used to earn valid rewards. Which helps you in in-game progress. Unlike the other successful games, dragon ball has not to feature to redeem via the codes. Instead, it provides a QR scan facility that helps in decoding rewards from the QR.

  1. What is the right method to redeem QR in the dragon ball legends code?

As mentioned above in the article, you can redeem QR by the following method:

  1. Launch the Dragon Ball legends game
  2. Click on the redeem button
  3. Input the QR shared by your friend


 The main conclave of the Dragon ball legend QR code is that you and your in-game friends share the QR code during the anniversary event conducted annually in May. Once you scan you get some optimum in-game rewards for the same. The same can be used to summon Shenron. You get these valuable rewards and in-game items for free. You can collect the rewards through three methods QR codes, annual events, and surveys. 

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