Get Amused by the summer holidays in one of these distinctive Western Australia destinations!

Western Australia is famous for its thriving natural Beauty, Exotic Wildlife, and un-forgetful experiences. The western part of Australia has less population, it is an unchaotic urban population. The off-region of Australia is developed naturally by the utmost beauty of God. The journey will take us a step closer to natural calmness at Western Australia/WA Holiday Destinations. The area has wineries, restaurants, pristine beaches, and numerous eye-grabbing beauty. 

Why would someone deny waterside fun at western Australia Destinations? Sometimes human bodys inherent relaxing scenarios. The best places to visit in Western Australia are the beeches that crash against your legs. And you breathe in the solemn sea breeze directly from your heart. You will find sea whales, dolphins, seals, and sharks in various WA Holiday Destinations

Here you will find every bit of enthusiastic enrichment and the best places to visit in Western Australia. You can make the most of the beach holidays. It would feel like snatching up a moment against scenic beauty. Here are some western Australia Destinations:

let us check out the list of startling Western Australia Tourist attractions:

  1. The tall Pinnacles at, Nambung National Park

Book an awesome scenic drive for 3 long hours, from Perth. And spend your time at the phenomenal juncture of Nambung National Park. Where you will find numerous towering structures of limestone formed in a never-ending desert. The lucky people also get to see the kangaroos jumping insanely. Here is the place where you can go sporty in the desert and also can enjoy swimming, Snorkelling, and Surfing at the hidden beaches of Nambung National Park.

The place is situated in the city of Cervantes and is spread over an area of 192.68 Km square. There are more than 100 campgrounds available in the chintz of the explicatable desert with all basic facilities. The area with caravan, camp and tall pinnacles is one of the top Western Australia Holiday Destinations.

  1. The coral Coast of Cervantes

Cervantes is a town in Western Australia and has a mesmerizing coral coast. Cervantes is known for its pristine beaches, Longs reefs with marine life, and many unknown secrets. It has discoverable places and Blue blind water. You can enjoy diving, boating, and fishing. 

Kangaroo Point and Fishing points are two magnificent places in Western Australia Destination.  The place is situated to the north of Perth. Spring is the best season to visit the coral coast of Cervantes. You will find eye-glooming yellow tail flowers and Banksia. These are a vast variety of wildflowers found in the coral zone of Western Australia. The coral coast of Cervantes has an otherworldly landscape that is enthralling in the evening. 

  1. Broome

Drive 2200 Km to the north of Perth, you will come across Broome. Wherein Direct flights are also available. The place is vividly known as a family spot to relish and recharge family togetherness. You can glance at the wonderful sunset of the Indian Ocean and enjoy a camel ride altogether. Broome is the sea of the Desert, with many unimaginable beauties of nature. The glooming Broome is one of the best places to visit in Western Australia.

You can breathe in fresh fascinating air and give a throwback to a pearling history of the place. The Horizontal falls and Chinatown are two other attractive sites of Broome in Western Australia. The coastline is an enthralling and impenetrable shore, where continuous waves crash against your legs. 

  1. The epic Dinosaur coasts 

The coast is named after the name of Dinosaur as it is 130-million-year-old footsteps of the dinosaur. The place is to the north of Cape Leveque, at Roebuck north. The exact epic dinosaur coast is at Dampier Peninsula. You can march to the road track of Dinosaur by following the footstep.

Dinosaur coast is a remarkable place for a WA holiday Destination. You can enjoy so many incredible fossils and explore the stories of the Djugun-Yawuru people of Broome. There are tidal flats and hovercraft. You will come across the signs of Historical battles that are indeed tough to imagine. 

5. Ferguson Valley

The Ferguson Valley is intensively known for crafts and art galleries. Drive 173 km to the south of Perth to reach Ferguson Valley. The forest is covered with wildflowers and rolling pastures. The enriched history has got a different song to sing. Ferguson valley is one of the best western Australia Tourist Attractions

The tourist spot has 10,000 climbing logs and rock bands that will outswing all flavors of glory. Gnomesville is the best place for family endeavors and kids. While going through bushland walking trails, you will find bike trails and Vineyards. You can engage with the population around you. Ferguson is one of the worthwhile places to visit. 


There are a few things that keep Western Australia in the top draw. You get the enrichment of vibrant and sophisticated feels. The vast desert and the rugged coastline will take your heart to a different universe. Wild rocks and wildflowers are an inexplicable mixture of Western Australia Beauty. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is it really hot in western Australia?

A few times a year, Heat waves occur at a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. The north-easterly winds are the reason that brings hot air to western Australia. The window period of December, January, and February is the best time forwestern Australia Holiday destinations.

2. Why is Western Australia so Unique?

Western Australia is so unique and diversified. There are so many things to narrate about western Australia such as green vineyards, wineries, clear ocean waters, Dinosaur footprints, and many others. The land of endless exploration has a vast range of art and a population to support you all around the trip.

3. What is the best season to visit Western Australia?

The south of Western Australia lies below the Topic of Capricorn hence summer is considered the best season out of all. The time ranges between November to March of the year. The rain is minimal when the temperatures are high, this makes the place dry and a perfect time to visit.

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