Guide To Creating A Facebook QR Code In Some Simple Steps

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A Facebook QR code will help you connect faster and saves time. Among the most widely used social media platforms, Facebook stands tall with ranks among the top 3 for over a decade now. With nearly 2.5 billion users all over the world, its presence is in the minds of anyone who uses the internet. It is a user-empowering tool that allows them to share, like, and react to social content like videos, anecdotes, stories, news, trends, and whatever is leading the headlines in various segments. It is a new version of television that allows two-way interaction.?

Its wide reach and influence have turned it into an effective marketing and promotional medium. And considering the stats, Facebook is one of the most affordable branding and marketing channels as compared to other advertising mediums.  If you look at the last few years trends, you will note how Facebook has evolved with changing marketing dynamics and kept itself updated with new trends and tools. Facebook QR code is one of the latest additions to its directory. 

A Facebook QR code will help you connect faster and saves time and energy that would otherwise be spent on finding someone. Businesses looking for growth and options to engage audiences through social media use Facebook as their top option to advertise and connect to its users. You may encash these benefits by creating a simple Facebook page QR code.?

Understanding The Meaning Of a Facebook QR Code and how it serves your marketing goals?

When you create a Facebook QR code for a Facebook page, you are giving your target audience a shortcut to reach your page. So, it is a smart tool that can increase the traffic on your business page and get you the required traction from various other sources. It is short, simple, and effective in engaging an audience that will otherwise pass or just skip your promotional efforts.?

How To Create A QR Code Using Facebook QR Code Generator

Steps to generate a Facebook QR code using a third-party QR code generator:

  1. Search for a third-party QR code generator on Google. 
  2. Open the generator you believe will cater for your needs. Most generators enlist different social media platforms to choose from for generating a QR code. 
  3. Select ?Facebook? from that list.
  4. It will further enquire if you wish to create a static or a dynamic code. Choose whatever goes best with your marketing goals. 
  5. Next, you will see a ?Generate QR code? tab, click on it.
  6. Almost all generators give the option to customize the dynamic QR code to your convenience. So, if you have generated a dynamic FB QR code, you may customize it as per your requirement. 
  7. Test the Facebook QR code once before sharing or printing.?
  8. Download it and place it wherever you see fit. 

What?s The Difference Between Static And Dynamic QR Code? 

Static QR Code:

  1. You can create as many as you like
  2. It’s free of any charges
  3. You can scan it as many times as you want
  4. It can be customized to your convenience and preference
  5. Doesn’t come with an expiry date
  6. It can?t be tracked or edited
  7. It doesn?t direct directly to the Facebook page instead lands on the browser page

Dynamic QR Code:

  1. It’s available on a subscription basis
  2. You can track the clicks, scans, and downloads made on your QR code.
  3. The URL can be edited as per your choice.
  4. It saves money on regeneration or re-printing of the QR code 
  5. It directly lands on the Facebook app on your smartphone

Why Dynamic QR Codes Are Better Than Static Codes? 

As the above points clarify, dynamic codes are better in every sense than their static counterparts. They are highly effective if you are running a measurable marketing campaign which is mostly the reason for the generation of Facebook QR codes. Static codes do not have much scope in marketing goals as they fail to provide relevant data or statistics on the reach of code. Also, they fail to serve their basic purpose – landing the user directly on your Facebook profile. So, before you debate between static or dynamic QR codes, here are a few questions you need to ask: 

  • Can you work without tracking the traction your QR code is getting? 
  • Can you identify the points of improvement without relevant data or information? 
  • Can you carry on your marketing efforts without getting sufficient growth and sales? 


QR codes are a fun and simple way to bring traction to your social media profiles. It is a smart marketing tool that can serve specific promotional purposes like events, and special offers, elevating your social media presence, improving brand visibility, and keeping up with changing audience preferences and expectations. It is worth a try and consideration as social media marketing tools are often fairly technical, a little complicated and need some training. QR codes are an exception to those criteria and can serve the purpose without consuming too much of your time, energy or money.

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