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Instagram QR Code – There is hardly anyone who is not under the charm of social media in the last decade. Companies and marketers have been devising new strategies and plans to allure their target audience and engage them in the best possible way. The channel has worked both ways, while it increased the relatability and visibility of brands, it raised the level of awareness and exposure for the users. Therefore, social media channels keep aligning their interface with the latest tools and techniques to keep up with the trends and changing needs of users. QR codes are one of those latest tools that is being for all possible reasons out there.?

Since social media channels are early adopters of every new trend, there is a growing trend of Instagram QR codes. Brands can now create Instagram QR codes as a direct shortcut to their feeds and ease the way for users to reach their IG feeds. It’s not just brands, any user who wishes to get some traction on Instagram can incorporate a QR code to take their user engagement to next level. How? Let?s find out.?

Understanding The Need For Instagram QR Codes

Some may question the purpose and usability of this feature. However, any influencer, company or startup that targets youth can leverage this tool to appeal to its audience. All you need to do is create a QR code and post it on websites, print ads, websites, and any platform you are using to promote your business. The interested person just needs to scan the Instagram QR code and reach the page instantly. 

How To Make A QR Code For Instagram

It is very easy to create QR code for Instagram. Here are a few simple steps you need to follow to get your own QR code for your Instagram account:?

  • Just go to the Instagram app on your phone and click on your profile icon located in the bottom right corner. 
  • Once the profile option opens up, click the icon on the top right corner (three parallel horizontal lines). It will open up a sidebar with some options including QR codes. 
  • As you click the QR code option, it will present you with your personal QR code. Just take a screenshot of that code and you are all set to go. 
  • If you don?t know how to take a screenshot, you can always click on the Share icon located in the top right corner. It will open up a complete list of installed sharing apps on your phone where you can share the code. 
  • Just pick the app you wish to use to share your Instagram QR code so that people can reach your Instagram feed without any difficulty. 

If you wish to customize your QR code for IG, the platform gives you enough options to do that as well. You can easily add your favorite background colors or a selfie to the code for a distinct look. There are two types of QR codes that can be created for the promotion of your business through this channel – dynamic and static.?

Dynamic QR codes can be tracked easily and you may monitor their performance on various platforms. When you use a dynamic code for promotion, you can easily know how many scanned it to reach your feeds. The static QR code has no such advantage. 

How To Generate QR Code For Instagram Account

Apart from using the QR code generated by the IG app, you can generate your own code using a third-party Instagram QR code generator. The internet is full of QR code generators for Instagram, you can always do some research to find the top-listed generators and go for the one that seems ideal for your requirement. Here is a small example of how you can create an Instagram barcode or QR code using a standard QR code generator: 

  • Just go to the chosen QR code Instagram generator and there you will see a Create QR code option. 
  • The site may provide you with a list of categories of QR codes to choose from. Select the website URL QR code option. Add the URL link to your Instagram page. 
  • Select continue and you will see the QR code details where you may enter the name you wish to give to your QR code and some advanced details like GPS location, password protection, etc.?
  • The generator may present you with multiple QR code designs that may be customized with the background and logo of your company. You may proceed with either as per your marketing strategy. Customization of QR codes is recommended when it is being used for promotional campaigns as it acts as your CTA tool to enhance engagement. 
  • Once you have entered all details, just click enter or Done to generate the code. Download the generated QR code and post it where you believe your target audience will scan the Instagram QR code. 

Final Word

QR codes are not just promotional tools but can be used as an effective CTA channel on your product packaging and business page to ease direct interaction with your end-users. Instagram has proved its worth time and again in engaging users. Approx. 28.88% of 4.8 billion active users are on Instagram for leisure or business purposes. It is not easy to get your page traction on this platform therefore, you can?t just ask? people to follow or visit your page. QR codes provide a simple and catchy way to engage the users in a trendy and appealing way.

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