How QR Codes Are Shaping The Future Of Marketing?

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QR codes have been around for a long time. But it took pandemic-era to get the required traction from consumers. Now, marketers all over the world are rushing in to make the best of it and establish a direct connection with end-users. QR codes facilitate enhancement and interaction with consumers through widely use digital gadgets such as smartphones. There are several other uses of QR codes in marketing and in this blog, we will be taking a detailed look into how these unusual-looking square-shaped boxes are shaping the future of the marketing world.

Why Use QR Codes In Marketing? 

  • Enhances User Convenience: QR codes simplify the process by cutting short everything into one simple scan. Companies can use them to direct consumers to their official site, contact information, phones, promotional offers, and any other kind of useful information. 
  • Eco-Friendly: QR codes are digital signs that are ingrained and transferred within digital gadgets. This eliminates the need for any kind of paper trail allowing companies to go paperless and help save the environment. 
  • Affordability: They are easy to create, use, and reuse as many times as you need. The only restriction is the marketing strategy behind their creation. 
  • Diverse: QR codes can be easily integrated into different marketing materials ranging from outdoor displays to payment pages, print collaterals, and so on.?
  • Device Independent: All QR codes can easily be viewed from any digital gadget along with the pages or information they are linked to. It reduces the need for the creation of any special platform and saves a lot of hassle for companies using them. 
  • Measurable: One of the best use of QR codes is in marketing campaigns as they allow vendors to monitor and measure the metrics of campaigns in the simplest possible way. 

What Are The Uses of QR Codes In Marketing

  • Getting User To Website?s Landing Page: Users can now reach the landing page of a website using its QR code. It eliminates the need to navigate through search engines, result pages, and several other links to get to the destination. The only thing that marketers need to ensure is to match the URL with the QR code for accurate measurement. 
  • Send Message: It is an interesting use of QR code where the user can see the message by scanning the QR code. It is the next step in mobile marketing and can be beneficial in increasing sales, helping users with on-request upgrades, providing customer service, and implementing an SMS registration plan. 
  • Download Apps: A number of businesses are now using QR codes for marketing and promotional purposes. The user just needs to scan the QR code and then reach the download page for the app. It is a creative way to get traction online.?
  • Share Business Location: If any user wants to visit a company?s office, they can scan the QR code from the company?s official site and connect the location with their personal navigation app. The directions encrypted in QR code will let the navigation app direct the user in real-time to the desired location. 
  • Online and Offline Shopping: QR codes have proven to be one of the most effective mediums for connecting offline and online users. For example, if a user enters a restaurant and wishes to check the menu, they can just scan the restaurant?s QR code and then get the menu on their smartphone screen instantly. There are several other marketing strategies where QR codes can be used to share information with a customer, all you need to do is provide the user with a clear Call-To-Action (CTA). Don?t leave it to the user to decode the purpose of a given QR. 

Examples Of QR Code In Marketing

  • Taco Bell: QR codes have been part of Taco Bell?s promotional campaigns for almost a decade now. They launched a campaign called Doritos Locos Tacos in 2012. They placed QR codes on their Taco holster packages to engage with customers. In case, you haven?t checked them yet, make sure you check next time. 
  • Nissan: Nissan came up with an interesting marketing campaign where they placed QR codes as stickers on their vehicle?s window for a complete product lineup. Any user who wanted information on features, specifications, and or gets a product overview could just scan the QR code and get it all on their mobile phone. 
  • L?oreal: Not long back, L?oreal partnered with Glamour and installed QR code stickers in cabs to get traction from people stuck in traffic jams. The campaign was successful as it generated lots of leads and helped the companies promote their Yves Saint Laurent and Lacome product lines. During the campaign, L?oreal app downloads increased by 80 per cent. 
  • Paypal: QR codes have the biggest use in simplification of payments. If you wish to see its magic on a massive scale visit Asia. It played a key role in the digitalization of the economy in developing countries. Paypal did the same and helped speed up transactions on national and international levels. 
  • Starbucks: Like millions of others, Starbucks too digitized its engagement model by adding QR codes to its marketing strategy. They incorporated these codes in both their online and print ads in major US cities. And seeing the response, they took things a step further and printed their QR codes on flyers. The company left no stone unturned and enjoyed the returns during, before, and after the pandemic.

How QR Codes Are Shaping The Future Of Marketing

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