How small can a QR code be?

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How small can a QR code be – Do you remember the recent time you had been out for dinner at a restaurant? You must have been asked to scan a QR to access the menu. Or you must certainly have seen small white and black checked boxes at shops to make contactless payments. What are those patterned barcode-like stickers? Yes, very righteously guessed, they are the QR (Quick Response) Codes.

With the advancement of technology, QR Code has taken a much more giant leap and made things easily accessible, and convenient to use because of its outstanding features such as quick readability, prompt actions and touchless payments. This was when brands and businesses started seeing QR Codes as a powerful marketing tool. Ever since the people in the market started chit-chatting regarding QR Codes, almost all ventures have wanted to upgrade their working tactics wherein they can introduce QR Codes in their business to gain access to an easy and convenient type of payment scheme or give a piece of detailed product information to their customers.?

How big or small QR Codes can be??

The size of the QR Code matters concerning where the Qr Code is to be displayed. Before further escalating the discussion, how small can a QR code be? Consider gaining knowledge about the history, types, uses and characteristics of Qr Codes.

Types of QR Codes

Before we delve into further discussion, let us first take a look at the types of QR Codes. There are two basic types of QR Codes. 

  • Static QR Code 
  • Dynamic QR Code

Static QR Code

This type of QR code can be created using any free QR generator tool. The major function of a Static QR code is that it is created only for a short period of 14 days. After the completion of this period, the QR Code lapsed and becomes inaccessible. 

The major catch of these types of codes is that once this type of QR is generated, one loses the ability to change any information saved in that QR Code.

Dynamic QR Code

This type of QR Code requires an active subscription. But, it comes with many advantages such as it gives access to change data and information behind the QR Code, unlike Static QR Code.

Moreover, they are just only editable but also trackable.

What size and shape should a QR Code be?

The size of the QR Code depends upon one major thing: where you want your QR Code to be printed. If it is on business cards, at restaurants or if it is meant for product information then it has to be minor, lest if they are supposed to be printed on hoardings then the maximum size of the QR code has no bar. But it has to be taken care of so that the pixels stay clear on enlarging.

What is the smallest QR Code Size?

Different sizes and shapes can be used when it comes to keeping the minimum and maximum size and shape of the QR Codes. By employing uniquely sized and shaped QR Codes, you may distinguish your organisation from the other products that likely adopt standard sizes and shapes to appeal.

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Minimum Size of the QR Code 

The QR Codes were formulated keeping in mind the distance-to-size ratio which usually is 10:1. This is to say that the optimal distance of a QR code scanner from a QR code is 10 times the width of the QR code.

The minimum size of QR Codes can easily be generated using the most miniature or the smallest QR generator, which is available on various free websites that let you generate a QR Code be it of minimum size or maximum. 

The point worth considering and taking into account is that the minimum size of a QR Code is 2 cm x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in). 

This is to be adopted as the most standard or minimum size of the QR Code, however, it can be lesser than 2 x 2 cm. But, it is advisable to keep it at least as mentioned above.

Micro QR Code

Micro QR code was yet another invention of Denso Wave which was designed to be smaller and more compact. The minimum size QR code or Micro QR code is 11 x 11 modules. 

Maximum Size of the QR Code 

Just like there is no limit to many things such as getting innovative, becoming prosperous, having a different and unique perspective, and introducing something new in the tech market, similarly, the maximum size of the QR Code has no bar but one thing that has to be considered is you will have to use high-quality images so that the pixels do not get too blurry. 

Unless your QR Code is too informative or complex, it is advisable to keep the minimum or smallest size of the QR Code to 2 x 2 cm

What is the Smallest QR code Size for Print?

For printing, even, yet again, cutting the long story short, unless the data or information behind the QR code is complex, it is advisable to stick to the same format of 2 x 2 cm. 

Size of smallest barcode

The size of the barcodes used to be different in line with their shapes and uses. They came in shapes such as rectangular, square, vertical and horizontal. They were adaptable in size. Their symbol size could be as small as 2.5mm which is counted as the smallest among all 2D barcodes. 

One of the most important things that have to be considered is the scanning distance, it is taken into account concerning the minimum or the maximum size of the QR. 

Are you still confused about the QR codes and their minimum and maximum size? We, at Shoocal, are a one-stop destination for all your problems. We would be happy to serve you 24*7.

small can a QR code be

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