How to create a LinkedIn QR Code

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How to create a LinkedIn QR Code – LinkedIn QR Code is becoming popular nowadays, and many professionals have created personalized QR Codes for their LinkedIn profiles to share their details for the opportunity and build connections easily.

QR code is the smartest way to promote themselves in a unique way for job seekers, content creators, and building connections.

The reason behind creating a QR Code for a LinkedIn profile, i.e., anyone can easily see the details by redirecting to a LinkedIn Profile.

Creating a LinkedIn QR Code comes with numerous benefits and if you’re also planning to create your LinkedIn QR Code, keep reading this complete guide.

In this guide, we’ve covered everything about LinkedIn QR codes, their benefits, and how you can create a LinkedIn QR code.

Without any further delay, Let’s begin!

What is a LinkedIn QR Code?

LinkedIn QR Code is a QR code that stores a LinkedIn profile link, and whenever any user scans the QR Code, then it’s redirected to an allocated LinkedIn profile.
This QR Code is helpful for job seekers, business owners, and creators who want to connect with the professional community.
QR Codes are used to store information and call-to-action, but now people are using QR codes to promote themselves by creating QR codes for their LinkedIn profiles.

How to create a LinkedIn QR Code Complete Guide?

To create a QR Code, there are so many Linkedin QR Code generator platforms available that help you to generate unlimited QR Codes for your LinkedIn Profile. First, you need to clarify which type of QR Code you want to generate, whether static or dynamic, as per your requirements. Once you’ve selected then follow the give step-by-step process to generate your QR Code:

  • Step 1 – Go to your LinkedIn Profile & Copy URL
    First, make sure you’ve copied the URL of your LinkedIn Profile that you want to store in the QR Code.
    Go to your official LinkedIn Profile and scroll down to copy the link to your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Step 2 – Choose a QR Code generator platform
    There are so many amazing Linkedin QR Code generator platforms available. You can pick anyone and start creating your LinkedIn QR Code.
    Some best QR Code generator platforms:
  • QR stuff
  • QRcode-Tiger
  • The QR Code generator
  • Qrcode-monkey

    These are some best pick QR Code generator platforms, and you can pick as per your requirements. Once you’ve selected the platform, go to the next step.
  • Step 3 – Paste your LinkedIn Profile URL
    Now open the platform you’ve selected and paste your LinkedIn profile URL into the platform.
  • Step 4 – Select Static or Dynamic (as per your needs)
    You need to select which type of QR Code you require, whether static or dynamic.
  • Step 5 – Do Customization and add a LinkedIn logo
    Do the customization in your QR Code accordingly and add the LinkedIn logo to look like a LinkedIn QR Code.
  • Step 6 – Scan your QR Code (Test)
    Scan your generated QR Code, and if it’s working perfectly, you’ve successfully generated a LinkedIn QR Code.
    You need to follow the six-step process to generate a LinkedIn QR Code.

How to scan a LinkedIn QR Code using a Smartphone? Click here to scan Linkedin QR Code

If you want to find your own LinkedIn Profile QR Code, then go to the search bar and tap on “My Code” to see your QR Code.

Where to use a LinkedIn QR Code?

QR Codes can be used in different places for different purposes. If you want to create and use QR Code, then you can use:

  • Use to build connections with Professionals
  • Use as your CV or Resume
  • Use it on your Visiting card.
  • Use it in your meetings, conferences, or events.
  • Use in brochures, magazines, and marketing campaigns.
  • Use it in your email signature.
  • Use as a company QRCode LinkedIn.

And there are many other ways to use LinkedIn QR codes. So it’s completely dependent on your needs and how you want to use this QR Code.

Final Verdict

QR Code is the most effective way to share your LinkedIn profile with others and build connections faster. In the future, almost all users will have their LinkedIn Profile QR Code to build connections, apply for jobs and build a business. The demand for QR codes will be high, and it’s the right time to adopt this technology and start using QR Codes to become more effective. We hope this article helps you know everything about LinkedIn Profile QR Code, its benefits, and how you can create a LinkedIn BarCode. Drop your comment and let me know the use of the QRCode LinkedIn?

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