How To Create Social Media QR Code

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Social media QR codes are quite in vogue these days for their ability to get traction in an effortless manner.  User engagement and brand visibility are two of the core reasons behind extensive social media marketing campaigns and strategies. Although the internet is full of guides and articles explaining different QR social media codes are to be created separately. However, a simpler way out is to create a single QR code for all social media channels. It takes away the limitation of being stuck with one or two social media channels but gives the user access to all your social media profiles in one go. 

What Is A Social Media QR Code?

A social media QR code is a small shortcut that directs its users to the link embedded in it. In the case of social media codes, the links to social media profiles of a user are embedded under the QR code.?

Why Use Social Media QR Code? 

One QR code for all social media can serve several purposes and resolve the biggest questions pertaining to social media promotion and marketing. You may customize it by adding colours, summary, headline, background, and welcome screen of your own choice to engage a wider audience. 

How To Use A Social Media QR Code Generator To Create A Social Media QR Code? 

If you surf the internet closely, you will see find a number of social media QR code generators that create the codes. All you need to do is follow a series of a few simple steps:?

  1. Look For A QR Code Generator for social media On Google: You can always begin the process with Google. Just enter the keyword ?QR code for all social media? and it will give you the list of generators most used by people in your area. In case, you are looking for free software, enter the keyword ?QR code for all social media free? and it will enlist the websites offering this service free of cost. Apart from that, there are a few other keywords you may enter such as ?one QR code for all social media profiles?, ?free social media QR code generator?, or ?one QR code for all social media profiles free? to get the desired results. 
  2. Select ?Social Media? from the given QR code category options: Whatever QR code generator you visit, it will give you a few options to select the kind of link you wish to embed in a QR code. To create one QR code for all social media profiles, select the ?social media? option. 
  3. Paste The Links To All Social Media Profiles: The generator will then ask you to enter the links to the social media profiles you wish to give access to via the QR code. 
  4. Click on the ?Generate QR Code? tab: Once you have entered the link to all social media profiles, you will see a Generate QR code tab at the bottom or side of the page. Click on it and the rest will be taken care of by the software. 
  5. Customize: There are some generators that give their users for customizing their QR codes. You may personalize it by adding your logo, changing the design pattern, frame, as well as an image of your choice. 
  6. Scan Test: Once the QR code has been generated, always test the code before you download or print it. See to it that it redirects to all the links you have embedded in it and yields results just the way you want. 
  7. Print, Download And Deploy: Once the scan test gives you satisfactory results, just download them or share them on your website as per your marketing strategy. 

These are a few simple steps to create your own QR code for all social media profiles. You can always create the codes singularly for every platform depending on your requirement. In case, you are looking for recommendations for free QR code generators in 2022, here is a small list that may come in handy: 

  • ForQRCode
  • QRCode Monkey
  • ZebraQR
  • Visualead
  • QR Stuff
  • QR Code Generator
  • QRTiger
  • TEC-IT

These software vary as per the number of steps involved in QR code creation, quality of hard copies, the validity of logos on QR codes, the number of marketing campaigns the QR code is valid for, and so on. So make sure you are well aware of the requirement of your marketing campaign and the benefits offered by the software you are working with.

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