How To Make A QR Code For A Google Form: A Step-By-Step Guide

create qr code of google form

Google forms have become a major tool for data collection owing to their affordability and ease of use. And as the use of smartphones is rising, it is important to channel this medium for data collection. People don?t want to open their laptops just to fill up forms when the same can be done on their smartphones. These forms are usually embedded in web pages or shared through emails, but if you want to connect them directly with a physical world experience you can always use Google Form QR Code. 

Using QR codes for Google form allows users to scan, download, respond, share feedback, schedule appointments, and RSVP for invitations as per their convenience. In short, it enhances the level of convenience for both parties. QR codes are simple to deploy and can be used at any touch points giving the responders enough time to access forms seamlessly in real-time. Let?s learn a little more about it.?

What Are Google Form QR Codes??

Simply put, a Google Form QR code is a simple QR (Quick Response) code that connects online data collection tools (forms, surveys, etc) with the real world. It cuts down a lot of hassle and simplifies the process with a simple single-step scan. And the best part – these codes can easily be accessed with a smartphone camera. 

Benefits Of Creating A QR Code For A Google Form

  1. Editable: QR codes can easily be modified or rectified whenever you make a change to your Google form. It saves a lot of time and hassle for form creators. The QR codes in Google forms instantly reflect the changes without any need for recreating the code.
  2. Trackable: A QR code associated with a Google form allows the creators to track the response from the users. If the form is being used for a marketing campaign, it allows the users to track the progress of the campaign and keep a check on response.?
  3. Target Potential Users: QR codes simplify targeting non-convertible leads with several online tools like Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.?

How To Create A QR Code For A Google Form? 

Those who choose to make a QR code for a Google Form should remember that, for now, QR codes aren?t an in-built feature for these forms. However, you can always leverage third-party QR code creators online for adding the code. They provide the codes as form add-ons or extra widgets that can be added to the form as per requirement. Let?s jump to the step-by-step process of how it should be done:?

  • Step 1: If you are looking to add a QR code then you must be well aware of the process of creating a Google Form. So let?s jump that part and move on to the last step. Since the code is to be taken from a QR code generator app for Google form you need to paste the URL of your form into the online QR Code generator. 
  • Step 2: Once the URL has been copied in the QR Code Generator, you need to select the kind of code you wish to add – Static or Dynamic. Static QR codes are very stagnant in nature. They just redirect the user to a single URL and can?t be changed once created. Also, they offer zero data tracking. Dynamic codes, on the other hand, can be tracked for data results, changed after creation, and can easily be updated anytime if one wishes to download or print them. 
  • Step 3: Once you have chosen the kind of code you want, you need to click on Generate QR code tab. Most online QR code generators allow the users to select their data patterns, add frames, select the eyes on the code, add an icon, a logo or even a call-to-action to give the code a noticeable and appealing look. 
  • Step 4: If you wish, you may save the QR code template and download the code after you click the ?done editing? tab. The QR code file will be in your system automatically. If you wish to print the code, you may download it in PNG format as well. 
  • Step 5: If you wish, you may drag the QR code directly from the third-party site and have it in downloads. Once you have printed the QR code make sure you place it at spots that have good visibility. Make sure you add a call-to-action to prompt the customers to take a look at it and scan it. QR codes are known for catching target customers? interest and increasing their engagement by 80%. 
  • Step 6: And once you have created and embedded the QR code in the form and posted it, you may track the data of the code using the track data tab on the QR code generator. The data tracking page allows the users to keep a track of the target audience?s response and learn what more can be done to improve the figures.

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