How to Make QR Menu for the Restaurant?

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COVID-19 has forced restaurants around the world to innovate by going digital, ensuring the safety and hygiene of their customers in QR menu. Regulations have been made compulsory when it comes to dine-in, and social distancing practices have been observed among restaurants to avoid virus contraction. Physical menus often get exchanged among customers at restaurants and can potentially cross-contaminate. To mitigate such a risk, QR Menu, or Digital Menu offers a touchless experience wherein customers access the menu digitally using their smartphones. How to Scan a QR code for Menu details the complete guide to QR code usage for restaurants. Now, it?s important at first to know what is a QR code menu before creating one for yourself.

What is a QR Code menu?

QR Codez menus are digital menus that allow diners to scan and access the menu that is displayed on their smartphone once scanned. To ensure the safety of guests and employees, governments around the world encourage restaurants to offer contactless menus and ordering systems to communicate and conduct business with reduced need for close contact. Now let?s understand how can you create a QR menu for your restaurant.

How to make a QR menu for your restaurant?

You can make a QR menu for your restaurant in a JPEG or a PDF format.Its very simple to create a menu in JPEG or PDF and you can follow the procedure to create one for yourself.You can download QR codes in two types: Static QR code and Dynamic QR code.


Dynamic or Static QR codes?

Dynamic QR codes are generally better than Static QR codes as they are flexible and offer you to change your destination address to another by updating the data of your QR code. For ? example, if you have some changes in your menu, you can update the data of the generated QR code. Some other benefits of a dynamic QR code are:

  • the scans are trackable.
  • update all your QR codes at once whenever you want.
  • better for marketing, and advertisement and is perfect for long-term use.

As customers are expected to proceed with more caution, restaurants can implement QR codes and set clear expectations to guide customers to navigate to ?new normal in a restaurant?.

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How to make your MENU in PDF?

  • Go to
  • Upload your PDF menu in the ?File? category.
  • Customize & design your QR code as per your restaurant theme.
  • Add Basic Information & Welcome Screen details as per your liking.
  • Choose a Frame, QR code, Restaurant Logo.
  • Download and deploy the QR codes.

With its many use-cases not limiting to restaurants and contact tracing but also in payment, and other services, it is without a doubt, that QR codes are becoming the present and the future in the new normal society which has only been realized not until today.

QR codes are here to stay in the foreseeable future, giving birth to a faster and contactless interaction in the new framework of the new normal society.

QR code menus can be easily scanned by almost all smartphone cameras. Even if the camera app fails to scan the QR code menu, there are tons of QR Scanner apps available on the Google Play Store & iOS store. and QR code scanners allow us to scan from farther away and at numerous angles. Read our How to Scan a QR code menu to understand the complete process.

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