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Ever since the internet kept on flourishing, it did not miss a chance to leave us in awe. Bringing the world closer with one click and getting the thing done in a micro-second is nothing new for the netizens. Yes, rightly guessed, it goes for QR Codes as well.

Before we look into how to scan a QR code on Samsung, it is of supreme importance that we learn why it is important to know how to scan a QR Code on smartphones, QR code scanning, and its history. In the era, where we do not have time to make small or big transactions through a tedious process or exchange detailed information on a website, application or any such thing is exactly where the QR (Quick Response) Code made a leap. However, it was still a question of how to scan a QR Code.

Every time, some new technology crawls in, businesses do not fail to upgrade their game to keep up with the trends besides giving tough competition to their competitors. Similarly, when the QR codes entered the market and became the talk of the town, businessmen, restaurant owners, application developers, masterminds behind startups, etc were completely amped up to introduce QR Codes in their organizations.

People fancied the QR Code because of its quality of universalities such as prompt readability, quick response, and touch-less actions.

Before we escalate the topic of how to scan a QR Code on Samsung, take a quick read and try to answer this question, ?Do not QR (Quick Response) codes resemble the very famous Japanese Pac-Man 99 video games? maze (pathway)???

Yes, right?

Now, that we have caught your attention, try to reflect upon this thought;

Is QR code new in the market?

Well, to your surprise, QR Codes or Matrix Codes also known as Two Dimensional Codes were developed by Japanese automotive company Denso Wave around 1994, with a motto to replace barcodes, and it has only been a couple of years that it has successfully crept into the market and now could be seen at the most minuscule to the grandest of places.

At some point in time, you must have been over-flooded by several questions like, ?How does a QR code work??, ?How to scan a QR code??, ?Do QR codes function from all devices??

Buckle up, because you have landed in the absolute correct place to kill the inquisitiveness of all your questions regarding scanning QR codes on Samsung or any other device.

How to scan a QR Code on Samsung

An advantage of your Samsung Galaxy phone is that you do not need to install any application to scan a QR code on your Samsung Galaxy.

There are multiple ways through which you can scan QR codes on Samsung, we often choose the easiest of them all. Read the full article to find out how to scan QR Code on Samsung Galaxy.

Scan QR Code on Samsung Galaxy via Camera App

From small shops to gigantic restaurants, from getting the information one is seeking to be able to make payments, everywhere we have been occupied by QR Codes. People of all age who uses any smartphone like Samsung Galaxy or other, need to know how to scan QR codes via camera.

Scanning a QR code on Samsung Galaxy via Camera is as easy as pie and almost gets done in five quick steps.

All you need to do is;

Step 1: Open the camera on your phone

Step 2: Point the camera toward the QR code

Step 3: Do not hit the click button (Remember)

Step 4: Soon shall you see a link to the webpage followed by an arrow

Step 5: Hit the arrow button to get started

The above step guide is not only for scanning QR codes on Samsung but all the other phones as well.

Here is when it gets interesting, Samsung gives one shortcut feature to its users. On double clicking on the power button, directly takes you to the Camera, which means now it is even easier to scan a QR code on Samsung.

Quickest Action

  • Double Click on the Power Button (remember to enable this feature)
  • Place your Samsung Galaxy Phone towards the QR Code
  • Hit the arrow button and you are good to go

Scan QR Code on Samsung via Samsung QR Reader

Where there is technology, glitch remains an uninvited guest. Hence, if your Samsung Galaxy Camera doesn?t respond to the above steps then you may switch to Samsung QR Reader quick action too.

Here?s a quick guide and an alternate way to scan the QR code through Samsung QR Reader

Step 1: Swipe down on the main screen of your Samsung Galaxy phone

Step 2: In the quick action menu, you?ll find the Scan QR Code

Step 3: Tap on it, and you?ll be taken to the Camera

Step 4: Point your phone toward the QR Code

Step 5: Once it detects the QR Code, you are good to go

Scan the QR code on Samsung Photo Gallery via Google Lens

Unfortunately, Samsung?s camera and gallery cannot process locally saved images on your phone. Here is when Google?s Lens App comes to your help.

Follow the three-step guide to scan QR codes on Samsung Gallery via Google Lens.

Step 1: Open Google Lens

Step 2: Attach the image that contains the QR code from Gallery

Step 3: Tap the circle to interact with the QR Code

Other alternative ways to scan QR Codes on Samsung are through Samsung Internet and Bixby Vision. The above-mentioned step guides come in handy and are easy to follow.

Here, at Shoocal, we make sure to help you by providing an easy and unique step-by-step guide. Hence, if you land up in any trouble you know whom to contact! Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to connect.

scan qr code on samsung

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