What Is The Use Of ICT In Hotel Management?

Information system Used in Hotel Industry

Information technology in hospitality industry – Before discussing the role of information technology in hospitality industry, let?s first know what ICT stands for? The abbreviation ?ICT? stands for Information and Communication Technologies that represents a set of all communication technologies integrated with necessary enterprise software, computers, middleware, storage, and audiovisual devices. In this, one can easily store, access, understand, manipulate, and transmit information from one place to another place in digital form.

Now, let?s start discussing the impact of technology in the hospitality industry in brief, here in this blog post. Take your coffee mug and keep reading!

3 Reasons To Use ICT In Hospitality Industry

The Integration of ICT in the hotel industry is an essential for exploding the hotel business development, minimization of cost, revenue generation, and reaching the customers.

Information technology in hospitality industry can be seen as a strategic asset on which a whole hospitality ecosystem turns around and rapidly grows. From touchless check-in to a digital concierge, these wacky tech implementations are worth investing the money for a long marathon run.

Although upgraded high torch hotels and resorts are already in-trend for millennial travelers. There are also many other reasons to integrate ICT software in hotels. Out of which, have a look at the three main reasons stating the use of information technology in hospitality industry, mentioned below:

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1.     Leverage with Useful Insight

According to a study conducted with Phocuswright by Google, 60% of U.S. travellers do impulsive bookings in hotels that pursue higher ratings and good online reviews.

As hotel business is closely related to the travel industry. The impulsive traveller?s booking is an untapped market for the hospitality industry. Here comes the impact of technology in the hospitality industry, hoteliers and restaurant owners need to brainstorm.

The ICT AI-powered tools and machine learning software helps to retrieve traveller-intent insights such as his purchase, search history, location, and much more. Or in other words, these ICT tools facilitate an individual to gain the traveller?s tourism information technology in hospitality industry from anywhere at any time.

Using which one (in this case, obviously hotels) can improvise the mobile-focused search results for one?s hotel or restaurant and enhance the guest experience for better business. So it?s best to use ICT in the hospitality industry if you are still not using it. Think about it!

2.     Ultimately Cut Cost

The second reason is ? that high-speed ICT software applications have become an undetachable part of the hospitality industry for business development that no one can deny.

Effective ICTs applications facilitate a variety of operations such as customer-management relations, supply chain management, etc. and amazingly, all these tasks one can manage under one roof. Now, what does it mean? It means that tasks such as hotel selection and booking, ordering, acquisition, tracking payment, and report, etc. are now undertaken by ICT.

So, it helps the hotel to run efficiently with limited staff. Now, hotels directly get connected to the guests offering personalized leisure and hospitality behavior. Likewise, ICT equipment ultimately helps hotel businesses to cut down the costs by enhancing the efficiency of staff, notably while doing online reservations.

3.     Uplift Facilities

Till now, we have covered how the use of ICTs is a cost-effective move while managing the whole property. Now, understand why it is a masterstroke: successful hotels, restaurants, and resorts love to play. The trigger point is – after the Covid-19 pandemic, the change in guests? behaviour raised a demand for contactless, technology-driven revolutions. For example- contactless check-in/check-out, automated switch ON/OFF lights, ACs, fans, voice-search commands, automated blinds & window coverings, and equipment as much as it can be in the hospitality service. Furthermore, the use of a digital menu card while ordering, hassles-free QR code scan, and robot staff encourage a contactless, safe experience that every guest looks for.

In today?s date, guests start digging out on electronic media to search a sophisticated destination relying on high-tech ICT products and equipment, and the wireless internet connectivity with fast speed. I am sure only 1% of the readers will disagree with the last one stated. Isn?t it?


No doubt, the impact of technology in the hospitality industry is crucial. It offers a common platform for both, visiting guests and hotel management. Remember, the hotel?s website and app need to be updated and upgraded with the latest technological advancements. One of the common loopholes observed is most of the top management and staff are not trained to utilise the information technology at its maximum.  Most of them are still using the old, traditional tools.

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information technology in hospitality industry

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