How To Make A QR Code To Share Your Wi-Fi Password: A Step By Step Guide

Scan QR Code Wi Fi connect

Sharing a Wi-Fi password is a tricky thing especially if you have a complicated code in place. It becomes more cumbersome when you need to type it often for guests, friends, or customers who visit your place. However, there is a simple way out of this – a Wi-Fi QR Code.

It is a simple task that can be finished within a few steps without much hassle. There are a number of third party WiFi QR code generator sites that can be used for this purpose. Here are the usual steps involved in the creation of QR codes for WiFi passwords:

  1. Bring All The WiFi Details In One Place: To initiate the process, you will need an encryption type, password, and a network name for your WiFi connection (SSID). If you haven?t checked these details yet you can see and note down the default details written on the router/modem of your Internet service. If there are any issues with that you can always check the details from your desktop, laptop or Mac. Just find out what kind of encryption type it uses: WEP, WPA2, or WPA. And if that seems difficult contact the internet service provider customer service and they will let you in all related information.
  2. Go To The Third Party QR Code Generator For WiFi Password: A number of sites like,,, etc provide tools to create QR codes for sharing WiFi password. Just log in to any of these sites and you will find the tab for the same.
  3. Find And Select The Encryption Type: WiFi QR code generators without passwords or with passwords begin the process by taking in the WiFi details like the encryption type. Just check your router, internet connection details or information provided by the internet service provider customer service to see the encryption type used by your connection.
  4. Enter The Network Name: Once you have selected the encryption type you need to enter your network name in a bar labelled ?SSID?. Interestingly, you can give the network any name you like.
  5. Enter The Wi-Fi Password: Next, you need to enter the password in the box titled ?key?.
  6. Click Generate: Just press the Generate tab and you will have a QR code to connect to WiFi for others with or without a password.
  7. Print The QR Code: If you are making your WiFi connection for public or customer access, just print out the QR code and stick it on the wall or in a place where your incomers can see it. And if you wish to print it later you can always press the Export button and then print it whenever you want.
  8. Display The Code Wherever You Want: Make sure you share Wifi QR code by placing it where your trusted visitors can see it. If the users are getting it through an iPhone, they can just click open their camera app open and use it as a WiFi QR code scanner. Scan the code and then click Connect or Join whenever you want. The same works for Android phones.

Use Cases of WiFi QR Codes

  1. Metro Stations: As the simplicity of QR codes is becoming apparent more and more metro stations are installing these to share WiFi with travellers. Travellers can just scan WiFi passwords with their phones and connect with the WiFi without battling the hassle of typing passwords. Both Delhi and Shanghai Metro have installed WiFi QR codes recently to simplify the travel experience for their customers. People no longer need to go through the hassle of remembering and typing passwords every time they travel, they can simply scan the code and go ahead.
  2. Hotels: The hospitality industry is one of the earliest adopters of trends and technologies. They leave no stone unturned to ensure that their customers get the best experience and comfort during their stay. Since WiFi is a basic requirement now, hotels are using the easiest ways to give customers access to their hotel?s internet. And what can be better than a QR code WiFi password that works within a few clicks and saves time and energy?
  3. Restaurants: Apart from digital menus, QR codes are now also being used to give customers easy access to restaurants? internet. The codes are placed on every table and can easily be scanned by the user?s phone for simple access.
  4. Public Places: Free internet access in public places is rapidly becoming a sign of good governance. And QR code WiFi passwords present the simplest way to give the public easy access to the internet.
  5. Departmental Stores, Malls, and Shops: Just like all the above examples, shops malls, and other business enterprises are using QR codes to simplify access to the internet for users that walk into their space.

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