Smartphones on Vacation: Lights and Shadows

Smartphones on VacationUndoubtedly, smartphones have become the number one travel accessory. There is nothing bad about it until we use our devices to manage our holidays. Unfortunately, even 58% of surveyed Americans regret overusing mobile phones during their most recent holiday. Moreover, 62% of respondents agree or strongly agree that using a smartphone for work during their vacation made them unable to relax and recharge their batteries. Should we start to worry?

A recent study by Passport Photo Online shows that we should seriously consider reducing our smartphone addiction, especially on holidays. Let’s start with work-life balance issues.

Working on vacation

According to 60% of respondents, using a smartphone for work forced them to change their vacation schedule. In other words, they have to work more than they wanted. Inability to disconnect at a time when we should focus on relaxation has an adverse influence on our mental health. Who is to blame for this?

The answer is not clear-cut. On the one hand, three out of five respondents admitted that their bosses expect them to stay connected during their most recent time away. But on the other hand, almost the same number (55%) feel pressure to respond to work emails even if their employers don’t require it.

Interestingly, the younger generation, the more people use their smartphones for work-related issues while vacationing. Among Gen Zers, it’s an alarming 78%. Millennials are just slightly less connected – 71  of respondents the age of 26 – 38 years old admitted using their mobile devices for work on their most recent holidays.

What about social media?

We can’t talk about smartphones without mentioning social media usage – the two go hand-in-hand. According to the research, 89% of surveyed Americans use social media on holidays. Most (55%) spend between 30 – 120 minutes scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

More than a half of respondents indicated that the most important factors that make them use social media on vacation are:

  • to take photos and/or videos (63%),
  • to stay up-to-date with friends’ or families’ news while away (58%),
  • to stay in touch with news and current events (56%),
  • to see how many likes and comments one’s latest vacation posts have (51%).
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What’s sad is that the desire to generate envy plays a significant role in social media use on vacation. Almost half of the holidaymakers (46%) say they d sired to enrage their followers by showcasing their trip. Simultaneously, 50% of travelers take photographs on social media just to show off.

Not only cons

The abovementioned data show that there are more cons than pros when it comes to smartphone use on vacation. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that our devices give us a lot of pleasure while traveling. How?

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Smartphones help us stay organized and save time. 59% of respondents look for shopping areas and restaurants on their mobile phones. More than a half of vacationing Americans use their devices to search for nearby activities and attractions (57%), as well as to check the weather (52%).

We shouldn’t also forget the blessing of online maps that make finding our way around strange places easier. 64% of surveyed look up directions on Google Maps and similar apps.

Last but not least, our mobile phones let us document and share memories. Over three-quarters of respondents (79%) take photos and videos with their smartphones on vacation.

To sum up

The use of smartphones has become so ubiquitous that we can’t even imagine going on a vacation without them. Nevertheless, their overuse might lead to some serious consequences like work-life balance issues or social media addiction. Let’s be more mindful about the time we spend staring at our screens while being on holiday. Our mental health will thank us for it!

Smartphones on Vacation

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