How Contactless Technology Creating BUZZ In Restaurant Ordering System 2023

Since the COVID-19 was enforced, face-to-face communication stuns everyone. Restaurant Ordering System – A weird risk to get contagious with coronavirus and its ever-mutating strains daunt enough to get more touchless experience in the daily life. In a nutshell, this aggregates a steep inclination towards getting untainted contactless experience safely and hygienically. And as you know, with each passing day, we are learning new normal. Starts with Face Mask, Hand-Sanitizer, Disinfectant Spray, Social-Distancing, & now Contactless Hospitality!

Yes, Contactless technology in hospitality industry is creating a buzz these days in the restaurant ordering system. It offers holistic, safe, and digitally-enabled experiences to guests. Want to know more? If yes, then this blog post acts as a road map to explore what exactly contactless technology is; how useful it is (especially for the hospitality industry); and why American consumers comfortably rely on it while paying bills when dining out now in the future.

What Is Contactless Technology?

As its name indicates, Contactless technology is a sum of all the latest technological advancements that give typically touchless experiences to its users. Millennials and the Gen Z population are trendsetters for such technologies. For example- acquisition of voice search & voice control in mobile and devices, automated accommodation while making reservations, keyless hotel room entry, automated in-room service, contactless menu viewing and ordering, automated assistant, chatbots, robots for cleaning, the Internet of Things, and most importantly, contactless payment system. Such touchless technology in hotels is a seamless, useful, and innovative way to attract more guests.

However a nuance between technology objectives and contactless requirements is being noticed, the latter being more popular across the world. Specifically, touchless payment system! Although it speeds up bill payments and improves customer satisfaction, putting the icing on the top, contactless hospitality also serves loyalty programs and a personalized ? experience to guests. In outline, this Millennial and Gen Z payment technology makes it possible to GO CASHLESS. Woahhh!!

Why Is Contactless Technology Future Of The Hospitality Industry?

Do you know that contactless payments are gaining monument nowadays? The story begins combating the spread of Covid-19; the shift in guests? behavior is being noticed. Diners even want to go cashless to avoid any contamination with viruses, germs, and bacteria. Here are tipping points of contactless technology in hospitality industry ? It is much more

–          Fast,

–          Safe,

–          & lastly, It Is Convenient.

These are three main reasons why merchants, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in the U.S. and across the globe start embracing touchless tech solutions – such as deploying QR codes for contactless menu viewing and ordering, making smart payment options, etc.

As per a survey, 7 out of 10 restaurants opt to enable mobile pay and QR codes. And no wonder, these QR Codes are exploding in popularity these days and it is going nowhere in upcoming years. As the hospitality industry is leveraging itself with easy-to-use QR code technology like never before. Moreover, 70% of the Gen Z guests also feel safe and comfortable while using such flexible payment options (over traditional payments).

It also looks like most of the hotels, restaurants, resorts, bars, and cafes understand how to STAND OUT. They are empowering their business and brands by delivering the same level of quality as they were delivering before the pandemic. Consider minimizing contact between employees and guests, hoteliers and restaurant owners are including some form of contactless payments that ensure a safe new experience. That is why a wave of the latest innovative contactless technology trends in the hospitality industry is being noticed in recent times.

One field in which tap-to-pay QR code technology has procured a significant foothold in the hospitality industry, where augmented technology and the Internet of Things are being deployed to give an enhanced touchless guest experience, at its best. Contactless payment systems, keyless hotel room entry, in-room digital menu viewing, ordering, etc. are some examples of these next-gen technologies that are wide-spreading their footprint into the latest restaurant ordering system. Using with, guests and staff spend less face-to-face interaction with one another; likewise, reduce the risk of infection. 


As the hospitality industry is so fierce. Competition in this industry can poise your immense growth at any time. Technological advancements adaptation and catering guest?s behavior are the main two aspects which every smart hotelier should take care of. It?s always right to be in-trend when you want to take significant advantage of your competitors. Invest your time and money wisely!

If you are one of those smart hoteliers who want to implement this touchless technology in hotels, then feel FREE to contact us. We at SHOOCAL offer a comprehensive contactless dining solution for restaurants. Our assistants are 24*7 ready to answer your calls. Be ready, opt for convenient QR code innovations and a digital menu!

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