6 Hot Digital Trends in Tourism Industry (2023)

The tourism industry is in the throes of survival during the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the global tourism industry. Travel restrictions, lockdown, segregation, and closure restrictions have led to a decrease in foreign tourists by 2020 compared to 2019.

Digital Trends in Tourism Industry have dramatically changed the way people travel and experience as tourists, from evolving technologies like the booking process to augmented reality.

According to stats:

?  148.3 million people make online reservations for their hotels, tours, activities, and accommodations.

?  95% of customers read reviews before booking

?  More than 85% love to book digitally because of personalized experience

In this article, we’ve discussed the Digital Trend of the tourism industry and how it’s changing travelers’ experiences worldwide. Let’s begin!

Six Digital Trends in tourism industry (2022)

These are six hot digital trends in tourism industry and providing new experiences to travelers. Let?s see!

#1 The arrival of Virtual Reality in the tourism industry

Virtual reality is that the tourism industry is on the move. Regardless of the destination or hotel, guests can now quickly get to their destination and get a taste of their next vacation. This visual reality is especially interesting for travelers who want to give themselves a unique pre-experience before traveling to a distant land.

Companies understand that customers require lots of information before booking a hotel or holiday in the tourism industry. By using virtual reality, travel companies can help customers experience the complete holiday or hotel environment without physical presence. Many companies are getting benefits from adopting this technology and attracting more customers.

#2 Artificial intelligence with chatbots

Powerful AI chatbots are an expensive but strategic investment in tourism technology that helps increase digital trends in tourism industry because they are available for help 24/7, able to provide customers with answers to their questions in real-time, and help them make better decisions.

It’s one of the best digital trends in tourism industry because customers can easily find solutions to their queries and find better deals. Also, the tourism industry uses chatbots to know more about their potential customers to be more satisfied with their customers.

#3 Create a digital experience with mobile phones

It is no secret that the digital trends in tourism industry is becoming more digital, and it is now commonplace to use digital tools to improve mood. About 68% of visitors search for information on mobile phones instead of using a computer or tablet; In 42% of respondents, on the other hand, the smartphone is essential for sharing their information on social profiles; in the end, 38% use it to leave comments and updates on dedicated apps and sites. Mobiles have a huge impact on visitors’ behavior and decisions, from booking a holiday to buying flights to paying for services on site.

#4 Hotels go Digital

Visitors need more than ever, and their expectations are high. Hotels should live up to these expectations and, in doing so, have the evolving digital styles available. Many hotels have invested in modern digital solutions to make their guests’ stay memorable. For a long time now, smart hotels have also been on the market.

Smart hotels give guests a unique and fresh feel. Guests can adjust their room temperature, open their doors, pay for their accommodation, etc., all by simply swiping a finger on their smartphone. This will allow hotels to improve efficiency and learn directly from customer behavior, which proves to be valuable. As big data becomes increasingly useful for the tourism industry, some hotels’ digital transformation fully enables them to use it.

#5 Powerful packages include ticket sales

Powerful packages that are revolutionary in the online ticketing industry. Suppose you are planning an event in the city center, but with extensive access, you can consider adding to the sales of your events so that you’ll increase the chances of getting more conversions. Travelers are looking for these packages that come with tickets so that they’ve everything pre-planned and they’ll make decisions faster.

#6 Augmented Reality (AR)

Another emerging digital trends in tourism Industry closely related to tangible realities is that of unpopular reality for taxpayers we see. Unlike VR, the basic concept behind AR is to use digital trends in tourism industry to transform real-world information. The Augmented reality of taxpayers we see is particularly appealing to those in the tourism industry, as it provides the ability to develop real estate technically.


Digital trends in tourism Industry opens up new opportunities for growth and development. Companies are adopting new technologies, evolving their hospitality, and improving customer experience. And it’s the right to adapt to the changes and new technologies for a better experience in the tourism industry. We at Shoocal leverage hospitality and tourism businesses to offer cutting-edge, latest technology products to organize, manage and even retain the businesses like a pro. Book a demo to visit our digital products now. Drop your comment and let me know your opinion about the augmented reality experience you?ll get in our products?

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