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The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital adoption across almost all verticals and needless to say, Hospitality hasn?t been far behind for guest experience. The pandemic has pushed hotels to offer and present their services in a touch less and digital way. In this era of cutting-edge technology, traveling and hospitality as we know it, are changing forever.

The new ?Touch less Guest Experience? is not only in the interests of travelers but also of corporations sending employees back on the road.

Guest Experience has often been touted as the most important metric for the hospitality industry. An efficient staff is considered the most important ingredient of a high-quality guest experience, but what is often overlooked, is the role that technology can play in it. More importantly, the guest experience isn?t only limited to the time of their stay at a hotel but even beyond it. How communication is maintained with the guest?s post-departure, can have a huge knock-on effect on sales.

Shoocal offers a comprehensive solution to hotels to enhance their guest experience. Guests can avoid standing in a queue or waiting in the lobby to check in to their hotel room via Shoocal?s Digital Check-in.?

A Touchless In-Room Ordering enabled via QR code is a step towards easing the process of browsing menu and showcasing lip-smacking gourmet cuisines along with the enticing pictures and snaps of the dishes.

Intercom-less hotel rooms are almost impossible to imagine but a touchless way to raise requests is the new normal. Shoocal offers a touchless Ask Assistance feature enabled via QR code to hotel guests for assistance on laundry, cleaning, etc.

One key and often overlooked aspect of the guest experience is information accessibility.Many times, guests aren?t really aware of the services provided by the hotel. For this, Shoocal offers a customizable Services Directory for guests to view and book slots for a service of their choice.

Spa, Salon, Fitness Centre, Dinner dates, Taxi booking, etc are some of the different types of services that hotels offer to their guests. Offering a seamless way to view & book these services can drive value & growth for the hospitality industry.

Shoocal also enables hotels to display WiFi details, Emergency services, TV channels, Nearby attractions, Famous places, etc to its guests. 

Smartphones offer a gateway to a seamless and touchless universe where interaction can be restricted to a level of guest?s ease & comfort. With guests becoming increasingly tech-savvy, the time has come for the hotel industry to embrace the technology at hand, to take advantage of the continued growth of big data, to put guests first.

Only then can guests across the globe enjoy a fully seamless and personalized experience, rather than pulling their hair out dealing with a broken hotel experience.

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How to Enable Contactless In-Room Dining?

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The move towards a contactless guest experience is spreading like wildfire. Many hotels around the world now use technology to automate their check-in, in-room dining, and checkout experiences for visitors. COVID-19 has normalized contactless technology due to the increasing awareness about possible risks that can be linked to physical contact and touch. That is why hoteliers are investing in more innovative ways?to deliver a touchless experience to guests.

However, the concept of contactless hotels is entirely not new. Over the last few years, many players in the hospitality industry have implemented smartphone door locks, instant communication, and other self-service technologies. Hoteliers review all the multiple touchpoints between staff and guests in their customer journey. They also map out areas where contactless technology could be used to reduce exposure while simultaneously preserving the brand?s uniqueness at the same time.

To enable Contactless In-Room Dining, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Create a unique QR code for every room dining of your hotel.
  • Link the QR codes with your digital menu.
  • Incorporate the digital menu with ordering system.
  • Integrate payment options along with the ordering system

This complete process can be extremely daunting for your organization to comprehend and complete on its own. This is where SHOOCAL can be of great value to your business. Shoocal offers a complete Contactless In-Room Dining solution packed with add-on features like Feedback, Loyalty & Marketing. Book a demo In-Room dining with us to see our product in detail.

As remote working and freelancing continue to gain popularity and acceptance, there?s also an ever-increasing demand for hotels to deliver comfortable and safe experiences for digital nomads who are willing to travel across the world. Millennials and the Gen Z population prefer a high-level contactless experience from hoteliers, especially since contactless hospitality can still have a personal touch.

While guests want hotels to offer automated services for them to feel safe and secure, they also crave personalized hospitality.As you design your hotel experience, make every effort to understand your ideal guests. There?s an ROI in implementing technology that can improve the guest experience. By serving personalized, contactless experiences, you will have more guests eager to return. Your lobby and other spaces should be warm, inviting, and welcoming.

QR code menus can be easily scanned by almost all smartphone cameras. Even if the camera app fails to scan the QR code menu, there are tons of QR Scanner apps available on the Google Play Store & iOS store. and QR code scanners allow us to scan from farther away and at numerous angles. Read our How to Scan a QR code menu to understand the complete process.

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