The Best Road Trips in the USA

Best road trips in USA

The United States of America is a blessed land, blooming with detours and destinations that can be explored by RVs, cars and bikes. Whether you are looking for the ideal American road trips in summer and winter entailing a dramatic cross-country road trips or a small detour through some of the most picturesque National Parks. A myriad of options can be availed of in each case. You can rediscover that lost side of you that somewhere went into oblivion during the Covid-19 lockdowns, from history-filled routes to distant coastal drives.

Here we have assimilated some of the best road trips in USA that deserve a place on your list:

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway, The Carolinas and Virginia: The spread of this path is almost 500 miles, and it offers majestic views of the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Park in USA. This could be a great road trips idea since the path is open for all seasons, which showcases forest shades in the summer heat, skiing in the winter, and the marvellous colours in the autumn. This path is home to over 50 species of birds and has thick biodiversity. Visitors should halt at the Appalachian Mountains, which are rich in minerals like topaz, emeralds, rubies and amethyst.
  2. Anchorage to Valdez, Alaska: This is undoubtedly the best road trips in USA. You get to see astonishing views of Alaska on this brief drive of 300 miles. It goes via the Glenn and Richardson highways, where you get a chance to see shiny glaciers and a range of peaks that might attract you to stop and glare. You should definitely try for 7 hour hike to acknowledge Eklutna village, the natural sites of Last Frontier, and Matanuska Glacier Scenic Turnout. Another hike that attracts tourists is adjacent to Thunderbird Fall Trail which has an amazing 200 feet waterfall.?
  3. US 1, Florida Keys: This is a famous route that can be seen in many automobile commercials and in movies like True Lies which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. This island chain is a 120-mile-long road and is said to be the best road trips with cars you can take. The visitors get to see heavenly views of the water on both sides, and the place has plenty of water sports and beach bars. This series of islands connect like beads with each other via the 7 Mile Bridge, which is one of the longest segmental bridges in the world. They also have underwater parks of coral reefs and beautiful lighthouses.
  4. Bluebonnet Trail, Texas: This path lies between Houston and Austin in the Lone Star State in USA. This is one of the most scenic routes you will ever ride on the US road trips map. This path becomes a flower field from March to May when it gets surrounded by bluebonnets. They bloom all around in these months, and you get to see the flower fields all along the path. There are 7 linked lakes on the Colorado River, which you will get to see while taking a road trips on this trail. You can make a stop at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, which has more than 900 species of plants that are native to Texas.
  5. Boise to Sun Valley: This short trip is a package of adventure, delicious meals, landscapes and hypnotising views in USA. The driving period is 6 hours, but it is highly recommended that you spend a few days exploring what this path has to offer on its sides. It is never harmful to take some diversion and seek out the beautiful spots alongside. One of the famous spots is Kirkham Hot Springs, where you can rest beneath a waterfall. It’s definitely the best of the road trips in USA.?
  6. Olympic Peninsula Loop, Washington: It’s a treat for all the Twilight fans as it is home to the town of forks. Highway 101 is the only major route through this peninsula that brims with scenic beauty as it loops around the largest roadless area on the continent called the US. It begins in Seattle and then heads North-West to the Hoh River rainforest which is dominated by western hemlock and ancient Sitka spruce. If you reach the top of Hurricane Ridge, you can catch a glimpse of San Juan, and if the tide is low, you will be able to see the pools on Olympic Beaches. These beaches are rife with crabs, sand dollars and starfish.
  7. Going to the Sun Road, Montana: The main reason for the creation of this path was to promote tourism and increase the interest of people in the National Parks of America. And since 1932, it has been successfully doing so. This could be a great addition to your road trips planner. This route is spread over 50 miles and it goes via Montana?s Glacier National Park, cruising through the Rocky Mountains and over the Logan Pass. It’s a big no to trying this road in winter, as the snow is very heavy in the region and the snowbanks may climb up to 80 feet. But in summer, be sure to try out Logan Pass which is full of mountains and meadows with flowers all around.?
  8. Hana Highway, Maui: It is not an easy trip, as we are going to warn you.? That is why you will get a number of T-shirts with the quote ?I survived the road to Hana?. It is a 52-mile stretch from Kahului to Hana in USA that snakes through steep sea cliffs, green with blooming mango trees on both sides. While on the road, you may want to pull over for Jurassic vistas or some banana bread from roadside stalls. The road ends at Hana Town, which is a small establishment on eastern Maui, and is well known for its red sand beaches, endangered monk seals and cinder cone shields.
  9. Chicago to Los Angeles: It is a 2000-mile road trips that stretches along the entirety of Route 66 and the deal cannot get more American than this. It’s a perfect option for those who plan to take their cross-country trip to another level. While on the way, you can stop by craft distilleries in the USA and enjoy some premium quality whisky. Ensure that you drink responsibly because you need to keep driving and moving ahead.

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