The ultimate guide to an electric vehicle Australia Road Trip.

There is no wrong in saying that Australia is full of Eye-locking destinations across time and geographies. But the tourists, Bag-Packers are looking for sustainable and ethical travel choices. Travelers are much conscious about choosing beautiful destinations, Optimum Flights, and green accommodations. But what about electric vehicles?

An Electrical Vehicle (EV) is the most prominent way to cut emissions and contribute to making Australia green. The article will give you a lucrative idea about EV Trip planner Australia. Imagine a breeze crossing after touching your pale cheeks on an Electric Vehicle Road trip to Australia. To embrace the massive change toward sustainability and eco-friendly people are moving to EVs. 

We have discovered all facets of an electric vehicle to have an awesome Western Australia Road trip. Getting lost in the scenic beauty of Australia is like rhythmically dropping song lines. 

Introducing a systematic guide to an Electric Vehicle Road trip in Australia:

How to Hire an EV:

There is a range of EVs available across the Australian Market. All you need to deploy your effort on a few online searches. Wherein NRMA and SXT are two renowned and big players in EVs in Australia. There are rental fleets available with net zero emission targets for Electric vehicle road trips in Australia. The efficient fleets include heroic EVs such as the Hyundai Ioniq, Hyundai Kona, BMW iX3, and Tesla models orientations. You can enjoy the western Australia Road trip over the hilarious beauty of the BMW iX3. 

The Fundamental cost of hiring an EV:

The Australia road trip is phenomenal and staggering. Yes, Somewhere the cost of an Electric vehicle is more than that of a petrol vehicle. The bifurcating margin is $10 more in electric Vehicles. But the benefit lies that you do not have to fuel it up. You can charge it at normal charging stations in Australia. You do not have to return the EV with the complete recharge. You can save your time and money, both ways around. There are two most spread networks in Australia, Charge fox, and NRMA. The best way to book an EV is to book it before the travel date. These types of bookings are cost-efficient.

Plan your EV Road Trip

The EV Trip planner Australia has many applications and sites available to plan your EV road trip. The applications will give you large coverage about charging stations and trip destinations. As per the make and model, you can suitably select the charging point. There is also pre-generated user content where you can check the relevance by checking their images. You can find the charging points most commonly to the regular routes. 

Lets say for a distance of more than 1000 km, you need to plan the charging points at proper intervals. Similar to those of mobile phones which you charge according to your need. Also, check the type of fittings Charger. Western Australia Road Trips will have chargers after every definite kilometer. 

What to Charge an EV on an Australia Road trip

The roads in Australia are Installed with enough Charging stations. But there are myths surrounding the sphere that are not enough charging stations installed. The governments and even the private units are fulfilling the growing need for EVs. Electric Vehicle Road trip in Australia is immensely growing. The government is filling fast turbo-chargers at intervals of 5 Km. You can download the application named PlugShare to check all the charging stations. Where the application will also show free charging points. For example, if you have booked an EV from SIXT, you will get a free charge from Chargefox. 

Is it simple to charge an EV?

Charging an EV is as simple as it sounds. Once you take the EVs on rentals. The provider will give all the legit appliances to charge an EV. With the help of cables, you can charge domestically or from the roadside. The right provider will give you the complete tutorial before you take the electronic vehicle out for the drive. An electric vehicle road trip in Australia is all fun. And for charging the electric vehicle you just need to plug in like those home plugs at home. 

Does it take longer to charge an EV?

EV trip planner Australia is legitimate in the context of government and legal forums. Wherein charging an EV depends upon the make/Model and type of charger used. The DC fast charge options are widely available. The charger comes with a unit of Kilo watts, lets say for DC charges range up to 25 kW- 350 kW. Whereas the AC charger differs from 7kW to 22kW. An AC charger provides a range of 10-30 Km. And a DC charger provides a range of 150 Km with a fast charge of 15 Minutes. The charging panels are available on the east coast route trip in Western Australia Road Trip. 


Road trip in Australia is getting electronically oriented with a massive intake of Electronic Vehicles. With changing times Australian road trips are being looked at with different eyes of Interest. Be it a petrol vehicle or Electronic Vehicle a backup plan is much mandatory. EVs are taking the globe to next level. The expansion over the last few years has proved its intensity in Australia Road Trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is it comfortable to do long road trips Using EVs?

Yes, Indeed EVs are much more comfortable and sustainable. You do not have to worry about long road trips as public chargers are available. Your vehicle can sustain more than 100 Km in one go of a charge. You can plan your trip before to maximize the range.

2. What is the most working strategy of Australian Electric Vehicle?

The Australian Electric Vehicle community is continuously Innovating. With an increase in Charging Infrastructure the EV community is growing immensely. To a vast level, it is saving money and emission. And hence making Australia Green. Local Industries in Australia are the major supporting units.

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