Trends That Will Be Game Changer For The US Restaurant Industry In 2023

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US Restaurant Industry

Technology is a core member of so many industries in the last few decades. Quick adaption to the tech is the key to a successful business and those who get equipped with the latest technological trends stay ahead in the market. As the endemic started, more and more places around the world started opening up for tourists. And restaurant industry are one of the sectors that had an absence of customers on their premises but they have adapted themselves to newer ways to serve. Faster delivery, good packaging, hot food and new tech have raised customer expectations to a higher level. Let?s have a read on what restaurant industry are trending in the USA market:

1) Ghost Kitchen: Ghost kitchens are commercial kitchens that are created to only deliver to the customers. They don?t have any storefronts but have a digital presence. People can look up the names of such restaurants, and they will get the order delivered via their own delivery system or through a third-party website delivery service. The staff prepares only those dishes from the menu that are available for delivery. It acts like a virtual restaurant industry, which only has back-of-house staff doing all the required tasks. The cost of a ghost kitchen is comparatively much low, as the staff is less and there is no expenditure in putting up a setup for customers to sit and dine.

Let?s go through some of the most trendy restaurant industry out there in the USA:

  1. Digital Kitchen Displays: Putting display screens in the kitchen helps in boosting the accuracy of working. The screens can be connected with POS, and Point of Sale systems, to facilitate a faster order preparation process. The screen displays orders digitally and saves time for the chef and food preparation staff, for which they usually have to wait till the server arrives with a list of orders. The screen displays are much clearer than the handwritten notes and more information can be displayed if the customer has put on extra notes about his orders, like timing, spice levels. or customized service.
  2. Cashless Payments: Many restaurants are transforming their systems to receive payments digitally, and minimize cash exchange. This has been a practice since the pandemic times, and many want to continue the same. QR codes have been a popular mode to scan and pay bills, pay with just a swipe of their cards or phone wallets.
  3. Digital Menu: This is a simplified menu system that can be put in many attractive ways and is very easy to manage. The manager just has to use software to add, remove or display any kind of menu, prices and offers as per their availability. They can make use of different themes, and attractive visuals to attract the eyes of customers. This is a cost-saving option, as restaurant industry don?t need to spend money on printing menus whenever they change something in availability or due to changes in prices.
  4. Home delivery: Online ordering has been in trend for many years. Some restaurants have an in-house delivery system, while most opt for third-party integrations for faster delivery services and to strengthen their online presence. This allows them to focus on food preparation and offline customers easily, as the other tasks are taken care of by the third-party website that handles web portal, customer engagement, delivery tracking, ordering, payments, delivery persons, rating system, reviews, online customer support, and many such tasks. The orders can be made from mobile apps or websites, and the delivery persons get the addresses on their phones to complete the order. This option gives the facility of ordering from anywhere without visiting any restaurant industry, and the system ensures an effortless manner to get their required meals delivered to their specified location. Customers can even manage their delivery timings, so it’s easier to get your food exactly when you want. It saves time to go to the restaurant via traffic, explain the order to the waiter, and then wait for the food to arrive at your table. Increased delivery options ease customers to eat at the place and food of their choice. It’s an easier process for the restaurant industry management as well, as they get the orders on their systems and it’s a simple process to follow.

Green Kitchen: The concept of a green kitchen involves the preparation of food in energy-efficient ways and utilizing ways that help in sustainability without using a lot of resources. Green Kitchen is focusing on eco-friendly products, decreasing energy use, using biodegradable cutlery, and encouraging less wastage of food and resources on all ends. There are several other practices that are on the rise like the use of digital menus, moving back to traditional cooking techniques, reducing portion sizes, better monitoring of perishables, choosing local food supplies, and going for more efficient storage systems. Apart from that, the restaurants are also catering to different diet requirements like adding light and healthy options for health-conscious food lovers, keto-lovers, vegans, and so forth.

Us Restaurant Industry

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