Discover the 15 Best Fun-Filled Things to Do in Jacksonville

Things to Do in Jacksonville

Are you searching for an adventure-packed destination that offers a wide range of exciting activities? Look no further than Jacksonville, NC! This vibrant city is filled with endless opportunities for fun and entertainment, making it an ideal place for both locals and tourists. Things to Do in Jacksonville you’re an adult seeking thrilling experiences or someone looking for things to do this weekend, Jacksonville, NC has got you covered. In this article, we will unveil the 15 best fun-filled activities in the area, ensuring you have an unforgettable time. So, let’s dive right in!

15 Things to Do in Jacksonville, NC

  1. Explore the Lejeune Memorial Gardens: Immerse yourself in the rich history and honor the sacrifices of our armed forces as you stroll through the beautiful Lejeune Memorial Gardens. Admire the stunning memorials and pay your respects to the heroes who served the nation.

  2. Discover the Lynnwood Park Zoo: Get up close and personal with fascinating animals at the Lynnwood Park Zoo. This family-friendly attraction offers a chance to interact with a variety of species, including lions, lemurs, and monkeys.

  3. Visit the Museum of the Marine: Step into the Museum of the Marine and delve into the captivating stories of the Marine Corps. Witness the extensive collection of artifacts, exhibits, and displays that depict the legacy and heroism of the Things to Do in Jacksonville.

  4. Embark on a Kayaking Adventure: Experience the thrill of kayaking as you navigate the scenic waters of Jacksonville, NC. Paddle along the New River or explore the coastal beauty, taking in the picturesque views and enjoying the tranquility of nature.

  5. Indulge in Retail Therapy: Spend an afternoon shopping at the Jacksonville Mall, where you’ll find a wide array of stores, boutiques, and eateries. Discover the latest fashion trends, shop for unique souvenirs, or savor a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants.

  6. Enjoy Water Sports at Onslow Beach: Head to Onslow Beach and dive into a world of water sports. Try your hand at surfing, paddleboarding, or jet skiing, and feel the adrenaline rush as you ride the waves Things to Do in Jacksonville.

  7. Take a Scenic Hike at Huffman: Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a picturesque hike through the trails of Huffman Vineyards. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and reward yourself with a glass of their Things to Do in Jacksonville.

  8. Unleash Your Inner Gamer at Kaboom: If you’re a fan of video games and virtual reality, Kaboom is the perfect place for you. Enjoy a wide range of gaming options, from classic arcade games to cutting-edge VR experiences.

  9. Attend a Live Performance at the Jacksonville Performing Arts Center: Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene of Jacksonville by attending a live performance at the Jacksonville Performing Arts Center. From theater productions to musical concerts, there’s always something captivating happening here Things to Do in Jacksonville.

  10. Discover History at the Onslow County Museum: Step back in time and explore the captivating history of Onslow County at the Onslow County Museum. Learn about the area’s heritage through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and educational programs.

  11. Unwind at Pelletier House: Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find solace at Pelletier House. This beautifully restored historic home offers a serene environment, perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

  12. Savor Local Cuisine at The Osprey Grill: Treat your taste buds to a culinary adventure at The Osprey Grill. This renowned restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring delicious seafood dishes and other culinary Things to Do in Jacksonville.

  13. Enjoy a Round of Golf at Bear Trail Golf Club: Grab your golf clubs and tee off at Bear Trail Golf Club. This well-maintained course offers a challenging yet enjoyable golfing experience amidst scenic Things to Do in Jacksonville.

  14. Immerse Yourself in Nature at Lynnwood Park: Spend quality time with nature at Lynnwood Park, a vast green space that offers picnic areas, walking trails, and serene ponds. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxing day outdoors.

  15. Attend Local Festivals and Events: Stay updated with the vibrant community spirit of Jacksonville by attending local festivals and events. From music festivals to food fairs, there’s always something happening in this lively city.

Things to Do in Jacksonville, NC for Adults

Jacksonville, NC caters to the interests of adults, ensuring they have a fantastic time. Here are a few activities specifically tailored for adult enjoyment:

  • Tasting at Walton’s Distillery: Indulge in a delightful tasting experience at Walton’s Distillery, where you can sample a wide range of locally produced and spirits.

  • Nightlife at Club Rio: Dance the night away and enjoy live music at Club Rio, a popular nightlife venue in Jacksonville, NC. Experience the vibrant atmosphere and create lasting memories with friends.

  • Take a Brewery Tour: Explore the thriving scene in Jacksonville, NC, by taking a brewery tour. Visit local breweries like Onslow County Brewery and enjoy tasting sessions of their unique brews.

Things to Do in Jacksonville, NC on This Weekend

Planning your weekend in Jacksonville, NC? Here are a few activities to make the most of your time:

  • Saturday Morning Market: Start your weekend by exploring the Saturday Morning Market, where you’ll find a wide variety of fresh produce, local crafts, and delicious treats.

  • Outdoor Yoga: Join a refreshing outdoor yoga session at one of the picturesque parks in Jacksonville, NC. Engage your mind and body while enjoying the serenity of nature.

  • Live Music at Riverwalk Park: Experience the vibrant energy of live music performances at Riverwalk Park. Grab a blanket, sit back, and enjoy the melodies while basking in the beautiful waterfront views.

Free Things to Do in Jacksonville, NC Today

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, Jacksonville, NC offers several free activities to enjoy today:

  • Explore the Jacksonville Commons Recreation Complex: Take advantage of the free amenities at the Jacksonville Commons Recreation Complex, including walking trails, playgrounds, and sports fields.

  • Stroll Along the Jacksonville Landing Marina: Enjoy a leisurely walk along the Jacksonville Landing Marina and soak up the stunning views of the marina, boats, and waterfront.

  • Visit the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Pay tribute to the heroes at the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a poignant and meaningful site that honors those who served in the Vietnam War.

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What are some fun things to do in Jacksonville, NC on this weekend?

Some fun activities to enjoy on the weekend in Jacksonville, NC include visiting the Saturday Morning Market, engaging in outdoor yoga, and enjoying live music at Riverwalk Park.

Are there any free things to do in Jacksonville, NC today?

Yes, there are! You can explore the Jacksonville Commons Recreation Complex, take a stroll along the Jacksonville Landing Marina, or visit the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial, all of which are free.

What are the top attractions for adults in Jacksonville, NC?

Adults can enjoy tasting at Walton’s Distillery, experience the vibrant nightlife at Club Rio, and take brewery tours to explore the local craft scene.

Are there any museums in Jacksonville, NC?

Yes, there are museums in Jacksonville, NC. The Museum of the Marine and the Onslow County Museum are two notable options where you can learn about the area’s history and heritage.

Is kayaking available in Jacksonville, NC?

Absolutely! Jacksonville, NC offers kayaking opportunities along the New River and the coastal areas, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature while paddling through the scenic waters.

Where can I shop in Jacksonville, NC?

The Jacksonville Mall is a popular shopping destination in the city, featuring a wide range of stores, boutiques, and dining options.

What outdoor activities can I enjoy in Jacksonville, NC?

You can indulge in water sports at Onslow Beach, go hiking at Huffman Vineyards, and explore Lynnwood Park for picnics and walking trails.

Are there any wildlife attractions in Jacksonville, NC?

Yes, the Lynnwood Park Zoo is a great place to experience wildlife up close and personal. You can interact with various animal species, making it an enjoyable family-friendly activity.

Are there any live performances or theaters in Jacksonville, NC?

Yes, the Jacksonville Performing Arts Center hosts live performances, including theater productions and musical concerts, providing entertainment for theater enthusiasts.

Can I play golf in Jacksonville, NC?

Certainly! Bear Trail Golf Club offers a challenging golf course where you can enjoy a round of golf amidst beautiful surroundings.Certainly! Bear Trail Golf Club offers a challenging golf course where you can enjoy a round of golf amidst beautiful surroundings.


Jacksonville, NC is a treasure trove of exciting activities for individuals of all ages. From exploring the Lejeune Memorial Gardens and Lynnwood Park Zoo to engaging in thrilling water sports and enjoying live performances, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. Whether you’re an adult seeking adventure or looking for weekend plans, Jacksonville, NC has an array of options to suit your preferences. So pack your bags, embark on a memorable journey, and make the most of the 15 best fun-filled things to do in Jacksonville, NC!

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