Top 10 Best Beaches vacation in the US

Top 10 beaches in the us

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Top 10 Beaches vacation in the US That You Must Add To Your List. Beaches have a different calling irrespective of the season. Whether it’s the sweet summer or the nerve-wracking winter, you know spending a weekend or a few days next to waves will calm all your nerves. It is the reason why searches for the best US beaches, best beach vacation in US or beaches in United States is always on top. So, if you have a similar craving for hitting the waves next vacation, here are the 10 best beaches in America that you must give a thought to:?

Here Are List The Best Beaches vacation in the US:

Coronado Beach at San Diego – This beach has a stretch of 1.5 miles with shiny sand, attracting families to visit from all over the world. It’s a very popular choice of outing in the city for a beach vacation, and its Mediterranean weather makes it easy for people to visit all throughout the year. The beach also has Hotel Del Coronado, which has been standing on the spot for over a century and attracts a lot of people with its unique build. Some major attractions to do at the beacj are tide pooling, watching the sunken ship, surfing, paddle boarding, and enjoying Coronado ferry rides.

Coligny Beach in South Carolina: It?s known as one of the best beaches to visit in America, and it’s a great place to get lost in. Apart from the beach, Coligny beach park is a famous spot near it and is equipped with outdoor showers, beach matting for people with wheelchairs, and washrooms. Another famous spot is the Coligny Theater, where you get to watch movies by independent filmmakers being scheduled at different times of the year. The beach has amazing weather throughout the year, thus making it an anytime go-to place for vacations.

Poipu Beach in Hawaii: If we talk about the best beaches in the US, there is no way we can keep Hawaii out of the list. Located at the southern tip of Kuaui, Poipu beach has two beaches which are separated by a sandbar. One side of the beach is very popular for adventure sports like snorkelling, windsurfing, surfing, and boogie boarding. The other side of the beach is called Baby Beach, which has shallow water. But the common factor for both of them is the mesmerizing views of the ocean and sun.?

Ruby Beach in Washington: Situated in the Olympic National Park, this beach attracts a lot of tourists for its amazing landscapes, rock formations and piles of wood that are brought onto the sands by the tides. The name of the beach is derived from the reddish sand it has, which happens due to the presence of garnet crystals. One of the most astonishing features of this beach is the presence of sea rocks, which have distinctive shapes and are known to be homes for local birds. The beach also has Abbey Island, which you can easily spot as it’s near the shore. This beach can easily fit into the list of the most dazzling beaches in the USA.

La Chiva Beach in Puerto Rico: This beach can surely be made into? the list of the best beaches in the USA for vacations. It’s a perfect spot for those who wish to stay away from crowds and relax in silence. Apart from taking pictures of the breathtaking views of this beach, you can also snorkel and see a lot of varieties of fish. The beach has another name: Blue beach, which was given by the Navy, but the locals prefer the usual name.?

Coopers Beach in Southampton: Coopers beach floats into the best beaches in America for viewing sands and astonishing views of the ocean. The beach has a 500-foot stretch alongside the seacoast of the Atlantic, which flaunts an amazing set of views. It is known for its amazing surfing practices, and during the winter you will also get to see a lot of seagulls around. The sound of birds and waves together is like music to beach lovers.

Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina: On the vast coastline of North Carolina, about 301 miles, lies the charismatic Wrightsville Beach. It’s among the best beaches on the East Coast. The beach is easily reachable from any point on the island. The most popular things to try here are surfing, golfing, biking and kayaking. If you are punctual for sightseeing, then the sunrise and sunset views are astounding on this beach.

Sand Beach in Maine: Arctic Park in Maine has one of the best places with beaches in the US. The length of this beach is only 290 yards, but don’t let the size of the beach stop you from visiting. This is the only sandy beach in the whole Arcadia National Park. It has water on both sides and gives scenic views of the Arctic Ocean, There is a Beehive trail available near the beach for those who love to hike. And on top of that, the view is majestic of the beach and the waters beyond. So, make sure you pack your cameras as you set fo the trip.?

Hapuna Beach State park, Hawaii: Located in the Big State of Hawaii, it is one of the most recommended beaches in United States for summer vacation. A paradise for kids, it is perfect for scuba diving, snorkels, and taking a swim in crystal and clean waters. And it is also a winter destination, just make sure you get assistance from well-trained lifeguards at the state park.?

Ocracoke lifeguard Beach: Located on the North Carolina Outer Banks, it was once the home of the famous pirate, Blackbeard. So, in many ways it is a very special place and also happens to be one of the most preferred getaway beaches in the country. But Ritz is meant for beachcombing and swimming, make sure you don?t waste your time playing golf. You may want to book your tickets a bit early as the bookings get filed up fast for both summer and winter.


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