What are Contactless Hotels?


Minimizing the interaction between the staff and guests by digitalizing the hotel check-in, in-room dining, and service booking is the definition of a Contactless Hotel.

The desire for minimal contact and social distancing has lead to a complete overhauling of hotels. Hoteliers have had to change many of their operating procedures, staffing patterns, and marketing tactics.

New SOPs are being created in hotels around the world to enforce social distancing, to keep guests and staff safe, and to stay in compliance with local, state, and national guidelines. But the one thing that can?t change is a hotel?s ability to offer superior service. Contactless hospitality enables hoteliers to meet guest expectations.

How to make your Hotel Contactless?

  1. Contactless Check-In

Let?s imagine a guest entering your hotel lobby and wasting no time at the front desk by filling the digital room booking form prior to their arrival. Automatically checked in, they head to their room, never interacting with a front desk staff. A quick check-in for guests by removing the wait time at the front desk leads to happier guests and a blissful experience.

  1. Keyless Entry

Eliminating room keys is environmentally friendly, and it?s one less thing guests need to handle. Now, with a press of a button on their phone, guests can unlock their doors and gain access to their rooms without having to visit the reception desk. Keyless entry is a step closer to offering a seamless hotel stay for guests while on vacation or on business trips. The ease and comfort is unmatched and unparalleled.

  1. Contactless In-Room Dining

Physical menus are difficult to maintain and often offer no visibility into the cuisines offered by hotels at different times of the year. Changing menus every season is almost unheard of and is logistically and financially challenging. QR code menus can be placed inside rooms, enabling guests to scan the QR and browse and order dishes of their choice. Thereby, offering a touchless in-room ordering experience.

  1. Contactless Service Booking

Spa, Salon, Laundry, Excursion, Taxi reservations are often the most booked services by guests during their stay at a hotel. Offering an easy booking experience to guests via a QR code service directory could result in bumper revenue and higher reservations across the various services offered at the hotel.

There is no doubt COVID19 has sped up the adoption of contactless technologies in the hotel sector. As hotels re-open, they?ll make every effort to assure travelers of their safety. Contactless solutions offer a multi-prong approach.

How Shoocal Works

Shoocal offers a comprehensive contactless solution for hotels to transform them into? future-proof and guest-friendly businesses. To have a detailed view of our contactless hotel solution, book a demo with us.

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