What is Contactless Ordering for Restaurants?


COVID-19 has impacted the restaurant industry beyond any repair in the real sense. The dwindling sales have lead to the foreclosure of many small and big restaurant chains around the world. 

Changes have been made throughout the industry to mitigate the impact of COVID and grow confidence among customers to visit the restaurants and eat outside. Thereby bringing some life into the market.

There has been a lot of noise around Contactless Ordering, as to what it is and how it can grow confidence among customers to dine outside at restaurants.

So, let?s understand what it means.


As the name suggests, contactless ordering is a dine-in experience that involves no close contact with restaurant staff and minimal touching of shared surfaces. This means that guests can view the menu, place their order, and pay for their meal all on their own with the help of technology such as QR codes.

As per a study conducted in the U.S.A by a research firm,82% of customers said that contactless payments would make them feel safe dining in, and 81% said the same about contactless ordering options.

Countries like China have been using QR code ordering for several years because it offers many benefits for both diners and restaurants.

How does Contactless Ordering work?

Using contactless ordering is extremely simple and easy. Let?s see how through the following steps:

  1. The customer scans a custom QR code with the built-in camera of their mobile device or via hiqr. in. This immediately redirects the customer to the restaurant?s contactless menu.
  2. After browsing the digital menu, the customer selects the items they wish to order.
  3. An order is sent to the restaurant manager application and the kitchen
  4. After placing their order, the customer can complete a contactless payment using a payment mode of their choice like Paypal, Stripe, etc.

How to set up a contactless ordering experience for guests at your restaurant?

Shoocal offers a comprehensive system to restaurants to provide a seamless ordering experience to their guests. Scanning a QR code, receiving the ordering information to soliciting guests? feedback, all can be done easily via Shoocal?s Contactless Ordering solution. To have a detailed view of our product, schedule a demo.

Contactless Ordering

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