Whatsapp QR Code: Significance, Uses, And Application In Brand Promotion

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Whatsapp is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. The number of users exceeds more than 2 billion worldwide. Thus, creating and adding a Whatsapp QR code will establish faster connectivity on both personal and professional levels. You may leverage the same to spread brand awareness and visibility across various platforms. How? Let?s take the example of Facebook Groups and Marketplace where marketers are linking their Facebook profiles with their personal Whatsapp profiles. The Facebook interface here allows them to showcase their products and services while the Whatsapp profile links allow customers to get in touch with the seller on a one-to-one basis. This inter-platform connectivity works for both sellers and buyers by allowing them better exposure and deals at both ends. The model has worked successfully for thousands since Facebook took over Whatsapp. 

Why Whatsapp? 

Whatsapp is widely accepted and recommended for its easy usage and multi-utility. A single free of cost app allows users to send and receive pictures, audio files, video messages, locations, and documents within a few seconds. You just need a person?s phone number to add them on WhatsApp, it is the reason why this app has been used and preferred by millions for over a decade. 

Its huge customer base presents an opportunity for marketers and allows them to get in direct touch with their target customers using various tools and technologies. The latest addition has been the WhatsApp QR code, which is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

So How does it Works?

WhatsApp QR codes can be used to save contacts, start a conversation chat, and you can even add someone to a group chat by using a Whatsapp QR code scanner. Whatsapp scan has been in trend for quite some time since Facebook gave its users the option to transfer the chat to laptops and desktops using the Whatsapp web scan option. Users who wish to continue their Whatsapp chats on their notebooks or laptops just need to scan their Whatsapp web QR code to connect the mobile version of the app to the desktop screen. It allows them to focus on one screen than jumbling between two different screens just to check or answer messages. Sounds confusing? Let?s understand the ins and outs of Whatsapp scan process. 

The addition of contact to WhatsApp QR code has been made easier with the Scanning QR process. This helps in saving the time of adding a contact in the old way by manually entering the name and number. And it also helps businesses and marketing individuals to start a conversation rapidly without taking the longer route.

How to Use WhatsApp Web Scan Code

Here is a step by step guide to transferring all your Whatsapp chat to your desktop or laptop screen: 

  1. Open Google Chrome or any web browser on your laptop and type www.web.whatsapp.com
  2. It will show you a QR code that needs to be scanned by your phone.
  3. Open WhatsApp on your phone and click on settings
  4. Select the WhatsApp QR code icon displayed next to your name
  5. Tap Scan Code – OK
  6. Put your phone above the QR code to scan
  7. You will see all your Whatsapp messages being displayed on your laptop screen within a few seconds. 

How To Add A New Contact Using A WhatsApp QR Code Scan through the WhatsApp Camera??

  1. Open the WhatsApp application and click on the camera icon.
  2. Put your smartphone over the QR Code to do the scan
  3. Select Add to Contacts

Note: iPhone 6S and newer version users need to select and hold the WhatsApp icon on the home screen to see the quick action menu. Tap on the Camera icon to open the WhatsApp cam to scan the WhatsApp QR Code.

How Businesses can take advantage of WhatsApp QR Codes? 

There aren?t many platforms that give marketers and businesses the option of starting a direct conversation with their end and target users. WhatsApp has a customer base of more than 2 billion users which makes it a lucrative platform for all kinds of marketing activities. According to Meta, the WhatsApp Business app has an active user base of over 50 million. This app can help you in: 

  1. Catalogue creation, display, and promotion
  2. Creation of business profiles with complete contact details and business description
  3. Quick moderation of enquiries and feedback with standard answers 
  4. Simple yet effective organization of chats and contacts with labels that makes it easy to find them
  5. Ability to send automated messages when you are offline or away from the phone. 

Final Word
Just like all other social media channels, Whatsapp has huge potential to further any cause, business or brand provided you have the right strategy to carry it forward. Apart from using the default QR code generated by the app, you can always generate a customized QR code from a Whatsapp web code generator. The third-party code generators are equipped with several advanced features like tracking, customization, error correction, and multiple formats for downloading the QR code. Either way, it is a simple medium with great potential that deserves to be on top of your list for all valid reasons.

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